Whats Going On? Using Comparative Grand Tableau With Silver Gypsy Oracle Card and Gilded Reverie Lenormand

Hi friends…It is no exaggeration to say that Malaysia is paradise for food-lovers, whether appeasing your hunger in a high-end restaurant or the hundreds of thousands of street vendors. Because of our diverse multitude of cultures living together, Malaysia has a kaleidoscope of food to offer!

Over the weekend I had a sumptuous tea spread of local delicacies with my favourite “Teh Tarik” or “Pulled Bubble Milk Tea”. Teh Tarik is a hot Indian milk tea beverage. Its name is derived from the pouring process of “pulling” the drink during preparation. It is made from black tea, condensed milk and evaporated milk. It is also considered as the national drink of Malaysia. Love this sweet creamy hot drink👍




The mixture of tea and milk is poured back and forth repeatedly between two vessels from a height, giving it a thick frothy top. This process cools the tea to optimal drinking temperatures, and helps to thoroughly mix the tea with the condensed milk. It is also done to give the tea a better flavour.


At the Street Vendors you will see this.

As we were enjoying our cakes and treats, my girlfriend Suzy suddenly blurted about her unhappiness. She suspects her husband has another love and its been going on for quite awhile. She says that Its just her feelings and she can’t get any evidence of it. Her husband and the other lady conducts the affair very discreetly. Teary eyed she recalls how distant she feels their relationship has become over the years. Suzy’s been married 40+ years. She request I do a reading for her and get some info.


I decided to do the reading using my own self made set of oracle cards. I made these cards myself and name it “Silver Gypsy Oracle Cards”. These cards gives amazing details regarding any relationship readings


METHOD: I did 2 Grand Tableau for Suzy using my own Silver Gypsy Oracle Cards and The Gilded Reverie Lenormand. Then I did 2 Grand Tableau for Suzy’s husband (3rd Party Reading) using the same cards and answering the same question.

*Normally when it comes to relationship readings I would do a 3rd party reading for the absent partner. This to me is important because in all relationships the dynamics of 2 different people interacting is what determine the relationship. Therefore to truly study a relationship, its nuances and hidden elements a reading for both parties concerned is important.


Question: What Is The Situation Of Suzy and Her Husband’s Relationship? (Significator is Suzy)


The Significant card that is looked at is:

The Lady card signifying Suzy. The Man card is her husband. The Heart card is Suzy’s heart and feelings and The Diamond Card signifying their marriage.


Lady Card: The Lady card is between Cupid and Book. This shows her attention and concerns regarding a secret passion and love that is hurting her and causing her pain and anguish. Look a how the book is behind the lady showing that at the back of her mind she feels that there is a secret. The Lady card looking straight at cupid with a knife next to it indicate Yes, she is currently facing a painful situation regarding love and desire.


Man Card: Man card is between A Female cards and the Mermaid. Suzy’s husband is shown here being in an addictive relationship with a femme fatale and he is definitely in love with her and have her close to his heart. A Female card can denote another female or another female’s love. I won’t consider it Suzy’s because right next to the A Female card is the Bunnies card and this indicate lust, sex and flirtation.


Heart Card: The Heart card here is between the Owl card and the A Male card denoting that Suzy loves her husband but at the same time she is detached from him. Being aloof, detached and vigilant and too careful and “old” is no fun in love! These characteristics does not bode well in an intimate relationship
akin to a sourpuss😖 Below the Heart card is the Missile card showing her anger at her husband.


Diamond Card: This card is between the Bird card and the Shield card. Bird here indicates communication and partnership, however on closer look we can see the Bleeding Heart an A Male card above it and The Lady card below it indicating that this marriage is void of communication. Both husband and wife are not having good communication neither is their closeness and bonding or loving partnership between them. THe Shield card next to The Diamond card shows theres is blockage, coldness and distance in this marriage. Above the Diamond card is the Jackel and Hyde card which brings our attention to the fact that there is elements of deception and inner struggles within the relationship.


*Note how the Lady card and The Man card are turned against each other. This shows that husband and wife do not harbour good feelings of love and affection with each other.


As Usual, with questions of this nature I always do another reading for the other partner. A Third party reading.


Question: What Is The Situation Of Suzy’s Husband and Her In Their Relationship? (Significator is Suzy’s Husband)


The Significant card that is looked at is:

The Man card signifying Suzy’s husband. The Lady card is her. The Heart card is Suzy’s husbands heart and feelings and The Diamond Card signifying their marriage.


Man Card: This card is between the Rose and the Diamond card. There is love, attraction and a sensual gift (Rose card) but this is not love and attraction for Suzy because right next to the Rose card is the Snake card indicating deceit and betrayal and 3rd party influence. Look at how the man is looking at the diamond, this indicate that Suzy’s husband is looking closely at their marriage but not in a good benevolent way because the knife card next to it can mean that her husband is unhappy in their marriage. He feels that he wants to let go of it and start anew. Interestingly above the Man card is the Cherry card. Cherry indicates choice and also temptations, strong desire and lust. Being above the Man card indicates that Suzy’s husband while looking at his unhappy marriage is also thinking of starting anew with his current love interest.


Lady Card: Suzy’s card being sandwiched between the Missile card and the Shark card shows her fuming anger and desire to destroy. Could it be that by such strong animosity in her she is actually helping the destruction of her own marriage while pushing her husband closer to the other lady. Suzy must watch out because this love interest of her husband is not a passing lust or fancy, the threat to her is real (Shark card).


Heart Card: Suzy’s husband’s Heart card has the Book card on its right indicating a secret love, The Cupid card below it indicating love and desire but forbidden and illicit (Devil card next to Cupid card). Above the Heart card is the Bleeding Heart card and next to it is the Mermaid card indicating something about this secret love that is causing suffering to him. I must say that he is very much attracted and being seduced by this femme fatale

Lets see whats making him suffer in this much coveted relationship? Look above the Bleeding Heart card we see the A Male card. This indicate that another man is the cause of his pain. He has a rival and that the femme fatale has another mans love too😳. Perhaps his new lover is a married woman? Nevertheless Suzy’s husband is willing to take a chance (indicated by the Dice card next to A Male card).


Diamond Card: With the Knife card next to this card does not bode well for Suzy’s marriage. There can be an ending or letting go or separation (can be emotional separation). With the Ship card above it can possibly be an indication that her husband is thinking for the right timing to set sail and move off
 The Friends card beneath the Diamond card also indicates that the marriage is only for public display, i.e. there is no more intimacy or any emotional involvement

between Suzy and her husband. *Friends card is similar to the Garden card of Lenormand.


Lets now compare each of the above Grand Tableau with The Grand Tableau of The Gilded Reverie Lenormand


Question: What Is The Situation Of Suzy and Her Husband’s Relationship? (Significator is Suzy) – Comparing 2 different Oracle


*We shall only be looking at the Ring card of the Lenormand Cards and The Diamond card of The Silver Gypsy Oracle.


From the Lenormand system:

▶The Ring card is sandwiched between the Coffin and the Snake card indicating that Suzy’s marriage is ending (can be an emotional ending) and that there is infidelity, betrayal and 3rd party involvement.

▶Above and Below The Ring card is the Sun and the Child card denoting there is happiness with a new relationship or happiness with a Rival.

▶By knighting the Ring card is combined with the Key and the Mountain indicating its affirmed that there is blockage in the marriage. Coldness and Separateness characterises this marriage. *This is also indicated by the Silver Gypsy Oracle above.

▶Method of Reflection shows a combination of : Ring+Dog+Heart+Child – This combination speaks about A new Love and passion for a younger woman and that the younger lady has another man. Incidentally look at the Bear next to the Gentleman card and the Dog. These 3 cards in a row can mean that Lucy’s husband harbours jealousy for his rival.


The 2 oracle reading are in congruence.


Now Lets look at Suzy’s husband:


*We shall only be looking at the Ring card of the Lenormand Cards and The Diamond card of The Silver Gypsy Oracle.


From the Lenormand system:

▶The Ring card is sandwiched between the Love and the Home card. This can mean that Suzy’s husband is in a loving, harmonious and mutually satisfying committed relationship. I can safely say that this satisfying relationship is definitely not with Suzy but with someone else because diagonally the Ring card is combined with the Snake and the Fox..a sure sign of betrayal and deceit.

▶Below the Ring is the Bouquet and the Child card. This combination speaks about Suzy’s husband having a committed relationship with a beautiful, loving and younger lady.

▶By knighting, the Ring is combined with the Tower + Garden + Cloud. Suzy and her husband are isolated and separated (Tower) if not physically it can denote emotionally. Their union is on a superficial level and for external appearances only (Garden). At present the relationship is ambiguous, uncertain and muddled (Cloud).

▶Reflection gives the combination: Ring + Dog + Rod + Scythe. It denotes that a friendship has brought about quarrels and conflict and the marriage is threatened.


A lot more can be gleamed by studying and comparing the 2 oracle system together using the Grand Tableau. But I just highlight these salient point so as not to have a long winded blog post.😛


As a conclusion, using a 5 card Lenormand spread I did another reading to confirm Suzy’s husbands love for the Other Lady.


Question: How is Suzy’s Husbands Love For Her Rival?

Unknown copy

Middle Card: The theme of the reading being the Fish cards denotes great depth of feelings for the other lady.


❖Combination Man + Heart denotes this man being truly in love with Suzy’s rival.

❖Combination Anchor + Moon speaks about strong emotional ties and he is strongly anchored to her. There is elements of strong romance and great appreciation for her.

❖Combination of Moon + Heart indicates an almost magical magnetic attraction. There is passionate romance, happiness and deep true feelings.


CONCLUSION: Wow, looking at all these cards, I would say there is no way Suzy can break the bond between her husband and the other lady😰. He can’t be with her for now because there is another man in the picture and this breaks his heart. Nevertheless he is not giving up on her and will continue with this love and romance


PS: This is a long post. Hope you enjoy reading, mulling and deciphering it. I’ve left you with a long post this week because I’m going for a holiday and won’t be updating this blog till I get back home. Till we meet again in my next post, I wish all my readers peace and good tidings.



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