General Reading For Julie (Part 1) – Lenormand Grand Tableau

14 Jan

Today I did a reading for a friend Julie. She wants to have a general reading about a man she loves.

I use the Petite Lenormand Cards.

Spread: The Grand Tableau.

Method: I incorporate both Treppner’s and Britta’s Method as well as my own personal experience and intuition with the cards.

We start with by Looking at the Four Corners, whats important in his life right now is he’s awaiting for some news (Rider) regarding some financial deals (Fish). Looks like he could be in for some luck (clover). A boss or an employer/someone of authority is also playing a major part in his life right now – Work/Money/Stability seems to foremost important in his life right now.

His thoughts are about his relationship with a woman (snake). Looks like its a “on the sly” relationship(Fox)..perhaps an affair? An affair that is sexual and makes him feel good and alive (Lily). However, he seems to feel sad and quite depress about the nature of the relationship and that there is nothing he can do about it…a fated relationship (The CRoss). He cant get out of it because he doenst want to neither can he move forward in the relationship…perhaps there are barriers for them being together.

Figure 1

Diagonally cards position 1/5/9  and 3/5/7 shows that at present he’s in a stable job (Anchor) in a long standing good career (Tree). He is however having anxiety and some troubles (Bird) and also facing a blockage or insurmountable opposition (Mountain). Cards position 1/2 and 1/4 shows a situation where a long standing relationship (close relationship or bond – Tree) with a lovely, pleasant lady that makes him happy is also a source of saddness in his life (hmm looks like its in congruent with Figure 1 -albeit giving more detail). Cards position 2/5 and2/3 denotes the man facing something that he’s anxious about as well as something that is fated and cannot change. Cards position  4/7 shows that there is definate blockage (Mountain) with him being together with the woman that he is emotionally close to (Bouquet card is beside the Gentleman card). Card position 6/9 denotes there is some quarrels or arguments (Rod)  at work (Anchor)

Figure 2 (Yellow Numbers denote card position)

Using the method of knighting, the yellow colored cards shows that the man has good friendship with a younger person (Child) or the young person is also his good friend (Dog). This young person is also someone that he loves (Heart card underneath the Child card)..Possibility a reference with the forbidden relationship with the snake. Could the snake be a woman much younger than him? Looking at all the six cards, gives me an impression that the man has found happiness with this younger woman who has a deep bond of friendship with him.

Figure 3

Lets look at his Love Life (Refer Figure 4)

Card 13 above the Heart card denotes his love for a much younger lady. Cards 12/24/27 and Cards 22/24/35 shows that they are a close couple and always communicating with one another. Looks like he is also finding alternative routes, finding ways in wanting to stabilize and anchor his love for her. Cards 12/11 and cards 12/13 further shows the emotional closeness and that they are always exchanging thoughts and ideas and debating news with each other. Cards 13/24 and cards 13/22 shows a situation where there had been a decision made regarding his love and it shows that he decided to focus his love and bond to this younger lady (look at the card 22, this card denotes a crossroad at look where it had branch out to, ie towards the young lady and the card 25 the ring card denotes a bond.

Cards 11/35 denotes talk or debate about work/career, could also denote here that his communication with the young lady is also work and career related (I must say that this young lady is his confidante). Cards 25/27 shows that this relationship is not a superficial one..there definitely is a strong commitment between the two people involved.

Figure 4

Referring to the large Grand Tableau above, by knighting we can see further about his love life:

Hmm..there seem to be lies and deceit going on at home…Yes, he is in love and having a committed relationship with this young lady..but they cant be together and this is also a main “Pain” in his life…..

Lets Look At His Marriage (Refer to Figure 5)

Cards 13/25/32 denotes that he has found a new commited relationship with a younger lady and he is “over the moon” about it… Cards 33/25/10 shows that he is thinking of finding a solution to end his present marriage? Hmm the card 22 above the Ring card does denote the thought of wanting to split, at a crossroad. The Scythe card close to the Letter card situated below the Ring card does indicate a desire to end a legal contract…perhaps a separation? Furthermore the Heart card followed by the Ring card followed by the Book card shows us the depth of his relationship with the young lady where love and commitment is strongly binded, followed by the book denotes the fact that love and commitment is not within his present marriage or with his wife because this strong bond of love and commitment is a secret one! 


Figure 5

Look at Figure 6:

By Knighting we can see the relationship between Cards 3/29/25…Looks like he want to separate or he wants to physically distance himself from his wife.

Figure 6

Look at Figure 7:

By Knighting we can see the relationship between Cards 12/6/25…Here it shows that the marriage is facing disappointments, stress and uncertainty.

Figure 7

Lets look at his Home Life (Refer Figure Below)

Here we see him having a secret love that his family doesn’t know of its existence.


Figure 8


Figure 9 below shows relationship between Cards 4/12/6 which denotes stress, anxiety, troubles, unhappiness and uncertainties at home.

Figure 9

There is plenty more to see with this method. That why I love using the Lenormand cards in a Grand Tableau because theres so much things we can find out about.

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