General Reading For Julie (Part 2) – Lenormand Grand Tableau

30 Jan

This is the 2nd part of the interpretation for a reading I did for Julie. She wants to have a general reading about a man she loves. The 1st Part is found here.

I used the Petite Lenormand Cards.

Spread: The Grand Tableau.

Method: I incorporate both Treppner’s and Britta’s Method as well as my own personal experience and intuition with the cards.

Using the method of Counting..Lets look again at his Marriage. Using the Ring card to represent Marriage (Please refer to Figure 1 below):

Figure 1

There are major blockages (Mountain) in this marriage. Its a depressive marriage void of closeness/emotions (Moon), void of sexual feelings(Lily), looks like there are also unhapiness in Monetary aspects (Fish). And yes this marriage is facing troubles and anxiety(Birds) because a new path, finally there is happiness found with a new love!

Still Using the method of Counting..Lets look at whats most important in his mind/life right now. Using the Gentleman card to represent Him (Please refer to Figure 2 below):

Figure 2

He is at the moment preoccupied with wanting to make changes (Stork) and improvement to his career (Anchor). He is exploring all avenues and using his network including overseas connection (Ship) with friends(Dog). Looks like yes, he will finally be able to make a decision (Path) that will bring happiness to him (Bouquet).

Lets Look at the Situation of the man now:(Refer Figure 3)

Figure 3

In the past he was disillusioned and depressed about ever finding happiness (Card 16/8/9) but suddenly the future for him seem bright. He found sexual satisfaction in a passionate commited relationship (Combination of cards 11/24/25). It is however a secret relationship (Ring+Book) and it seems he is moving closer to the new relationship and make improvements ..if given the opportunity perhaps he wants to make a physical move forward….

Lets now look at the situation of his wife. Using the counting method and taking the Lady card to represent his wife: (Refer Figure 4)

Figure 4

His wife is feeling very depressed (Cross), unhappy, moody and confused (Clouds). Theres some wishy washy disagreements and the wife feels unhappy about matters at home..there is some suspicion of something not right going on at home……

For curiosity sake, lets have a look at this new woman in this mans life. (Please refer to Figure 5 )

Figure 5

Looks like the relationship between the man and this woman is going to last a life time!

Figure 6

Referring to Figure 6 above, using Treppners System of “The Fours” we get the above combination. From here we can see that the reason why the blockage of the man ever going to be with this new woman that he loves and is committed to is because this woman (Snake) has a family..stable married woman and committed to her home! Phew what a love story!!!

The beauty of the Grand Tableau can bee seen with this fact I can make so many more combinations..REAL BEAUTY….

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