Situation Of A Marriage – Cartomancy Using Answer Spread

30 Jan

Question: A friend wants to know the situation of her marriage so I made an Answer spread using Playing Cards that I made.

1st Row – 1] indicate past influences, or the premise of the question. 2]provides background information regarding the question. May reveal the circumstances leading up to the question, or show the reason why the question is being asked.

THis row reveals 2 kings (2 men) or could it be 1 man playing 2 different roles? King of Spades could represent her husband (a source for her question-source of her problem?). Perhaps the King Of Hearts is representing her husband as the King of Hearts towards another woman? or could it be her having 2 men in her life? I asked her and she denied having another man besides her husband…anyway I believe what she said because looking at the Pivot Cards indicating the crux of the problem in her marriage, it shows a 3rd party involvement or there is a 3rd person in the equation. Because the 3 rd row normally points to something the querant is unaware of so I come to believe that the the 2 Kings is representing her husband!

2nd Row – 1] indicate present influences, and answers the question.  2] answers the question based on the current conditions, taking the past influences into account.

6 of Hearts denotes a love relationship. Something that feels so right. It points to a goos strong emotional bond and topped by the 8 of Spades definately speak of a relationship that is unable to reach full bloom because of boundaries and restrictions and feeling of frustrations…Definately this strong emotional ties is not talking about my friends marriage! So the answer would be that her marriage is in trouble, since its not her having a relationship with someone else, than the feeling of frustrations, self pity and sorrow is being felt by the husband..he feels cloistered by their marriage because he loves another woman…

3rd Row 1] indicate future influences, or contributing factors.  2] indicates future influences or consequences surrounding the situation. Also added information that the querent may not be aware of yet.

Hmm looks like the marriage has its fair share of troubles. The 2 of Spades indicates that the couple are not seeing things eye to eye…lots of quarrel and misunderstanding there, They are stuck in an unhappy relationship. Topped by the 3 of Spades does not bode well for the marriage because it does show the deterioration of the marriage is also because of a 3rd party…Perhaps because of a long conflict with his wife, has found another love and this also indirectly contribute to further deteriorate their marriage..

Overall I must say that all is not well in this marriage and no light at the end of the tunnel as yet….

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