7 Cards Lenormand Answer Spread – Will they form a romantic relationship?

15 Jul

Background: A friend recently divorced will be meeting a man during a dinner function tomorrow. She wants to know what are the potential of them having a romantic relationship?

I did a 7 Cards Lenormand Answer Spread.

The Focus card being Mountain denotes that there will be big barrier for them to form a romantic relationship. The Bird and The Mice sandwiching The Mountain card does not bode well for starting a romantic relationship between this lady and the man. There will be anxiety and frustrations, stress and worries. Hmm not good.

Looking at the position of background information: The man has previous relationship with a lady and looks like there were problems between them (Yes, this is expected because the man is a divorcee with a child).

Position Of the near future: The Mice beside the Dog and the Book can denote stress or hidden problems in a secret relationship with a friend..a man perhaps? Is this man that my friend shall be meeting bisexual perhaps?

Guess I will have to tell my friend that she shoudn’t put too much hope for wanting to have a romantic relationship with this man that she shall be meeting during dinner. There would be a very big barrier because he already have a secret relationship with somebody..another man perhaps.:-(

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