Tarot Of Dreams(Celtic Cross Spread) – Lady A’s Lover Feelings For Her

15 Jul

Question – Lady A ask What her Lover Feels For Her?

Position 1 (The Situation) and 2(The additional impulse)  – With Knight Of Wands and The Devil in these positions, I must say shes got him well hooked! He loves her with such intensity and passion. THere is also an element of deep bonding because the devil in this position in a relationship question has his most exiting aspect! The most promising temptations -titillating, passionate and sensitive.  On a heavier note this card here can forewarn emotional entanglements and lustfulness and if things goes bad, if perhaps she decides to let go of the wont bode well for him! These 2 cards together is rather gripping and can cause unhealthy fixation and dependance. Otherwise WOW fantastic!

Position 3 (The Conscious Level) –  THe 10 of Wand here denotes, On the conscious level her lover with all the love and bonding he feels for her yet he experience this bond with much worry and despondency. This card indicates his mental depression about the relationship (The questioner is a married lady and the lover is a married man – the lady does not want to leave her marriage for the time being., hence the utmost unhappiness experienced by the lover).

Position 4 (The Unconscious Level – The Foundation) – With The Queen Of Pentacles here which is a good stable card hence we can say that there is enough trust, constancy and power available to overcome difficult obstacles. In comparison, If the cards here are critical cards (such as all swords with the exception of Ace, 6, King and Queen) show a dubious and weak foundation and this will set the tone of the reading to be less auspicious eventhough the overall impression of the reading is good. The Q of Pentacles here denotes that her lover truly is enjoying the warmth, sensuality and joys of their loving relationship. It denotes his genuine loyalty and commitment to her.

Position 5 (Recent Past) – The 4 of Swords here denotes that the lover was Finding peace within a problematic union. trying to remain calm and collected. Pushing the problem aside and trying to remain optimistic.

Position 6 (Near Future) – The Page Of Cups here denotes that the lover would continue giving her love, affection and he will try his best to win more of her love and hope she will leave her marriage and marry him.Page oc Cups can denote proposal of marriage.

Position 7 (Attitude Of Querant) – Yes, true enough her lover is keen and not giving up in wanting her. He’s willing to fight for her!

Psoition 8 (The surrounding) – The situation of their relationship seems to be very positive. It shows working to building their friendship and bond, with prospects for the future. Can also be their working hard to make the relationship work despite of their not so conducive situation. Trying their very best.

Position 9 (Hopes and Fears) –  4 of Wands here shows that her lover hopes to one day their relationship can be secure and safe. They being able to take their relationship out in the open and live happily together.

Position 10 (Long term outlook) – 5 of Pentacles here means the lover will feel desolated and deprived. He will experience the feeling of isolation and deep hopelessness. Maybe perhaps with all that he wants to offer her and fight for her yet..perhaps the lady refuse to leave her marriage and be with him.

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