Lenormand Card Meaning

15 Jul

An Updated Version of The Lenormand Card Meanings and I’ve also added the Cards in relation to Houses and Astrological Signs. This is Much Better and More Comprehensive Than The Previous Version 😆

These are my own self made cards…enjoy😄

1. The Rider


Oracle Divination: Don’t fear change but don’t forget the tradition that led you to where you are.

Keywords:  News, messages, movement, travel, visits, guest. Thoughts and new ideas, distant, foreign person.

Symbolizes news on the way, a journey started for the person being read for. The card is active, and a positive symbol. Energetic movement. Someone brings positive news. Events are developing. message, young man, means of transport. Thoughts, news, hunches, dynamic processes.

A good messenger, whatever you intend will go well. Young man, activity. Sports, agility, News from a foreign country or from far away. New situations or people are coming towards you. A change is coming via a visitor or news.

Person Description: The Cavalier is also a man of foreign origin, intelligent, lively, dynamic and independent travel, love adventure. Character is intuitive and impulsive, reserved, shrouded in mystery. Protects his privacy and live in a mystery.

Daily tendency: You have charisma, others like you, you are a good entertainer and you will have a marvelous time. It will be a busy and sociable day.

Love: A little affair is coming around. You will encounter a person that will turn your head. A flirtatious situation is going to take place, it’s also possible for one to receive a declaration of love. 

Work: Your effort will be crowned with success. You will get an acceptance for a new occupation. If you apply for a job, you can expect a positive answer. This relates to everything in the communications field and sports – if you have applied somewhere, then you will be hired.

Health: The Rider / The Cavalier is connected with movement and symbolizes a warning. Take care of your joints, ligaments, and sinews- take a rest. Too much sport could end up in an injury.

Characteristics/Qualities:communicative, social, athletic, young or younger looking, well-dressed.

Medicine: Joints, tendons and ligaments

House No.1:

No. 1. THE PROJECT IN HAND – Present Purpose. Refers to whatever is on querant mind.

Time House: within two days – fast

Lenormand: No.1 “The Horseman“ – The 3rd House primarily addresses the superficial and relates to the Self, which needs a suitable stage for presentation. The scenes themselves can look completely different from one another—either a real stage, on the field (sports), or at a bar.

2. The Clover


Oracle Divination: Be grateful to the heavans for your fortune and use the accumulated capital for new undertakings 

Keywords: Fortune, surprise, new hopes, construction, small winnings..

Immediate. A lucky card, very blooming and positive. A positive time, fortunate events, you are in a comfortable position. Simplicity, Hope, good luck, wealth and opportunities.

A new twist brings new possibilities. You can take a chance. All things natural, the clover works instantly!

If surrounded by negative cards it suggests sadness, disappointment or concerns.

Clover leaf represents an individual patient, loving, emotional, precise and specific in its objectives.

Daily tendency: The Clover is your joker. Today is your lucky day and you should try and play games. It should not necessarily be a casino, but you are ready to win something today. You are having a good time.

Love: You feel like you have a crush on someone. This might point out that you will experience a second spring with your partner or surprisingly be in a relationship after a long time of loneliness. short term happiness. Sometimes something bigger can develop out of it, but not necessarily. It’s rather an indication of a flirt.

If surrounded by negative cards it suggests sadness, disappointment or concerns.

Clover leaf represents an individual patient, loving, emotional, precise and specific in its objectives.

Daily tendency:  The Clover is your joker.  Today is your lucky day and you should try and play games.  It should not necessarily be a casino, but you are ready to win something today.  You are having a good time.   

Love:  You feel like you have a crush on someone.  This might point out that you will experience a second spring with your partner or surprisingly be in a relationship after a long time of loneliness. short term happiness. Sometimes something bigger can develop out of it, but not necessarily. It’s rather an indication of a flirt.

Work:  A sudden event is going to take place that you did not hope for.  You don’t have to work for it- others mediate to you.  Perhaps a promotion, gratification or a lucrative offer. Call-Center, Sales, Service Industry – unexpected, on-the-job luck.

Health:  An illness will end luckily, this might sound banal, in fact symbolizes a huge relief.  As a precaution, you should have a diet with plenty of iron. 

Characteristics/Qualities: merry and humorous 

Medicine: Recovery from an illness. Tip: eat more food containing iron. Timing 

House No.2:

No. 2. SATISFACTION – Accomplishments. What may be accomplished and what querant can expect to gain from the present purpose.

Time House: suddenly and unexpectedly, within four days

The Clover: Jupiter – planet for luck and expansion

Lenormand: No.2 “The Clover“ – The ultimate planet of luck! Expansion is the keyword here. Luck and success in business and social areas can also be expected. Not only in one’s job, but also in one’s free time, as well as other secondary matter. Breakthroughs and success are a safe bet.

3. The Ship


Oracle Divination: Depart without regrets. Its time to discover new horizons

Keywords: Travel (which can also be spiritual), new directions, change, trade, wealth, progress, expansion, financial benefits, inheritance.

Travel, and overseas connections. Can also mean affairs are moving rather than stagnant. Profitable events are moving according to schedule and big things underway. Journey, business dealings, independence, inheritance, truck.

On a soul level: Desire, hope, dreams, spiritual growth.

On a material level: incoming wealth, material gain. Traveling, good opportunities arising. A strong overseas connection. Exploration and change. Or loss, depending on neighbouring cards.

Daily tendency: A smaller or bigger journey is going to take place or is planned and finally made. You are going on holiday; you go on a trip for a day or the weekend. It is also possible that you withdraw and win new ideas by letting your thoughts allow free rein.

Love: You will have a special meeting with your loved one today. Are you perhaps going out to an exclusive restaurant? If you are unattached, you will encounter an amazing man or wonderful woman. One is longing for love, and this will be fulfilled if one is patient. For the short term: a romantic date will go well.

Work: This card promises good luck in business, perhaps also in international business and encourages your road to independence. Success will happen for sure because you own potential in all areas. self-employment, management positions, and everything that has to do with the trade and travel industries – good business is to be expected. 

Health: Minerals and natural salts should not be seen as spices but as an indispensable informational value for human organism. Refrain from normal salt and use natural products, which will help to preserve a long lasting physical vitality.

Characteristics/Qualities: intellectual, slender and eager to travel

Medicine: Minerals and natural salts should be preferred and natural products, in general.

House No.3:

No. 3. SUCCESS – Recognition. Prestige that you can gain through your effort and achievement

Time House: within three years

The Ship: 9th House = understanding, tolerance and expansion

Lenormand: No.3 “The Ship“ – The dissolution of connections (from the 8th House) take place in the 9th House. Global and holistic thinking and understanding, freedom and tolerance, as well as going abroad and expansion (mental and material) are the order of the day.

4. The House


Oracle Divination: Set aside fears and whims and confront each test rationally and realistically

Keywords: Stability, security, balance, home, intimacy, solid, happy meeting, celebration.

One’s home, but also property or, if accompanied by certain cards, something solid and secure. Your place of security, where you can feel strongest and be most protected. dwelling, home, The home, fruitful projects. Domestic affairs and intimate life.

Real estate, home businesses and small businesses. family, family ties, homeland, stability, responsibility.

Daily tendency: Cosiness is the motto. Cooking and eating together, finally some movies at home or plays in circle of family or friends. You might also feel like at the fireplace with your partner.

Love: The time has come to settle down. The right partner is already accompanying you or will soon step in your life and specific plans for future life are made. Topics like marriage, pregnancy, or buying a house are on your mind and will soon be declared a favorite topic. Everything is running stably, cuddle-time is likewise to be expected or a nice candlelight dinner in a relaxing setting

Work: Your wish becomes true and you are able to work from home. You build an atelier or bureau, receive your clients, work for a big company with the phone or internet, or do another joyful work. Craftsman, custodian, housewife, housework – and stability!

Health: Reduce fat food and test your cholesterol level. It is possible that your opulent meals are too much at the moment. Raw vegetables and fruit and whole meal products should be number one on your menu

Characteristics/Qualities: the calm type, connected to one’s homeland, ponderous, stay-at-home/domestically-inclined

Medicine: avoid fatty meals, consider raw foods (watch your cholesterol levels)

House No.4:

No. 4. HOPE – Expectation. What you expect to happen.Not necessarily what will occur.

Time House: mornings

The House: 2nd House = security

Lenormand: No.4 “The House“ – This is where security is found and it is collected and hoarded – the motto: you only have what you have. And this is only given up reluctantly, because in the 2nd House one is always afraid of getting caught up in bad times. Contracts are signed, in order to make things more secure.

5. The Tree


Oracle Divination: Before relying on others count on yourself

Keywords: vitality, energy, loyalty, the past, their heritage. Discretion.

Symbolises thoughts, worries, affairs becoming more nebulous & difficult to understand.

Symbolic of growth, a state of affairs still growing and becoming stronger. long term well-being, positive growth and wellness.

Daily tendency: Something is on your mind for a long time. Now you will be able to explore these things like Sherlock Holmes or Miss Marple.

Love: A crush becomes true love. You have to be patient and care for the semen of the little affair or flirt. It is a process of ripening which cannot be fastened by anything. True love will be able to develop over the years. an eternal love, but one also learn to practice some patients in regards to a particular person.

Work: Your, discipline and reliability that plays a decisive role in the company’s success is appreciated by comrades. If you are your own boss, you will receive a payoff for your constancy and lead a successful business. Everything in the medical field – additionally, means that one may have to wait for a transfer or approval and/or may have to work harder for it.

Health: Go into the green. Woods, fields, lakes and mountains invite you to wander around. You need compensation. Enjoy green spots in your city, calm down, and spoil your senses with a celebration of incomparable colours and smells that you can only find in nature.

Characteristics/Qualities: analytical, but also pessimistic and pedantic

Medicine: spend as much time outdoors as possible – also indicates a longer lasting illness.

House No.5:

No. 5. CHANCE-LUCK-Speculation. Deals with risk, especially financial. Is luck on your side? Are you likely to be a winner or a loser?

Time House: in five years

The Tree: Chiron – planet of the healing arts, analysis and thriftiness/modesty

Lenormand: No.5 “The Tree“ – This planet was discovered relatively recently (1976). It was also recently realised that this planet contains analytic energies. How can you picture that? Chemist, criminologists and writers usual have a strong Chiron influence. You do as well, especially if you are trying very hard to examine something.

6. The Clouds


Oracle Divination: Don’t give up; the obstacles holding you back won’t last long

Keywords: Uncertainties, envy, of danger, worry, instability.

Influence which makes you feel unsure. Hindrances, Secret worries, doubts, fears and weakness, negative period of time, throwbacks, Obstacles and unpleasant events.

Complications, uncertainties and troubles. Be patient. Disturbed people around you. an old man (often dastard), ex-husband.

Daily tendency: This is not the time for decisions or changes. You should wait in relaxation and await things to come.

Love: Your encounter of a potential new partner and your idea of him / her as the big love is wrong. Today is not good to start a new relationship. You can rely on the fact that today troubles are abolished in an existing relationship. not the best time of matters of the heart – not much is going on Career:Research, science, technology, humanities and philosophy – additionally, the clouds are responsible for rejection and setbacks on the job

Work: Do mobbing, failure, and setbacks accompany your way at work at the moment? Clouds never stand still. You might as well be at another place tomorrow and find back peace and calmness.

Health: Relax and give your soul some rest. Go to the sauna or take a steam bath. Inhale a camomile infusion and put a warm cloth on your stressed skin. It is possible that you will get a cold or suffer under asthma.

Characteristics/Qualities: Smoker, social drinker, slope to drugs and dependency

 Medicine: Cold, flu, cough, asthma, bronchitis, pseudo-croup

House No.6:

No. 6. WISHES – DESIRE. THis is what you hope to happen

Time House: six years

The Clouds: Planet Neptune – esotericism and nebulousness

Lenormand: No.6 “The Clouds“ – With this planet, everything is shrouded in fog. One is overlooked, but also can’t see for oneself. With this type of energy, the famous “rose-colored glasses“ can come into play and a rude awakening can often be expected.

7. The Snake


Oracle Divination: Don’t trust a woman who is kind and loving only in appearance

Keywords: Falsehood, treachery, intrigue, jealousy, sin, occult forces, undermines hidden sexuality. Wisdom.

A very tricky card. Can be deceit if surrounded by negative cards; can be wisdom if surrounded by strong, positive cards.

Mysterious forces, both for and against, depending on surrounding cards. Elderly woman, female friend, mother, daughter, female rival, business woman.

Temptations, Betrayal, jealousy, cheating, disappointments, lies. People around you could be using you. Dark forces, sneakiness, lower nature of the soul, smart, detour.

Daily tendency: Other people feel magically attracted by you. It is possible that an old flame returns to you or your ex-boss asks you to return to your old job.

Love: You or your partner has wrong ideas and motives to share a relationship. In order to prevent disappointment you should prove these and dissolve misunderstandings. Only occasional passion is a hindrance for a serious relationship. a rivalry is possible, so watch out!

Work: You use shrewdness to convince comrades, employees or supervisors of a new idea, project or genius idea. It might as well be possible that your skills in talking help to get a lucrative and appreciated position. Psychology, esotericism – a woman with important contacts

Health: Purification and fasting! Drink a lot of tea, water, and sugar-free juices. Make yourself a hot broth before you got to bed and relieve your body consciously. Take care of your purge, as it is prone to a defect at present.

Characteristics/Qualities: eyeglasses, a complicated person

Medicine: Stomach and intestines

House No.7:

No. 7. WRONG & INJUSTICE. Position is concerned with grievances that the questioner may have or injustice that have been done to him

Time House: in seven years

The Snake: Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Scorpio 24.10. – 22.11.; Lenormand: No.7 “The Snake“

Water sign – Scorpio is the magician under the astrological signs; they can convince and/or inspire other people to follow them without question. They also have concrete ideas about how something should be, are good at making plans and have leadership personalities.

8. The Coffin


Oracle Divination: Let go of things that are no longer a part of your life and make room for the new

Keywords: End and beginning, change, radical change, suffering, separation, depression, depression, dismissal.

The death of a situation, or possibly illness. Not an entirely negative card: difficult, but not insurmountable. A wait is implied. A situation has reached a conclusion. Also repressed feelings and memories. Transformation, and new beginning, major change in a a situation, endings, secrets uncovered.

Completion, serious illness, even death, depression. Large loss of money or loss of a relationship. Important life-changing events. Destructive behaviours and negative attitudes. disruption, illness.

Daily tendency:  The Coffin symbolizes a proper fright.  However, don’t worry it won’t be dramatic.  However, some inconveniences will be caused: you might forget your change purse, lose your mobile.  Did you perhaps also forget some files on your desk or forgot to send an offer?

Love:  Do you believe to be located at life’s dark side?  Are you in the middle of a crisis?  Accept this dry spell and take your emotional burden and inner conflict as a challenge.  Don’t be down in the mouth!  Tighten your shoulders and start your life new and you will soon receive a reward. This has nothing to do with love, but rather grief and concern, but it doesn’t last long before everything is good again.

Work:  Are you unemployed or is an abrogation threatening?  It does not matter why you leave the company because it was the wrong place and the end of this employment relationship is a twist of fate.  Ask yourself what you would like to achieve in your further life and you will go about the change with lots of verve. Unemployment or the threat of unemployment, otherwise talent as an artist.

Health:  You have a lack of energy and tend to suffer under a headache or migraine.  At the one hand, you feel like lying at the sofa and staring at the ceiling but on the other hand, his gnaws at your conscience.  Switch off your conscience and enjoy your deserved relaxation.

Characteristics/Qualities:dark type, dark thoughts, slope towards depression

Medicine: Head area – headache and migraines

House No.8:

No. 8. INGRATITUDE. Position highlights the ingratitude of people and the products of their envious actions.

Time House: immediately – negative

The Coffin: 11th House – Transformation

Lenormand: No.8 “The Coffin“ – A revolutionary change with a lot of movement and feedback for individual development are assigned to this house. A convenient addition to one’s own fate is made possible by the 11th House.

9. The Bouquet


Oracle Divination: Always think positively and fight uncertainties and fear; considerable improvement is already underway

Keywords: Successful, award-deserved triumph, harmony, joy, novelties, gifts.

Happiness, and sometimes, young girls. Very positive. Compliments, appreciation, recognition, a sign of affection and fondness. invitation, present, Gift, upbeat spirit, success, love, friendship, celebration,

Contentment, abundance of love, beauty, grace, joy. Recovery, healing, emotional wellness, granted wishes. overflowing emotions. company, nice woman, creativity.

Daily tendency:  You are popular, adored and people welcome you as a guest.  Thence you should not wonder when your are frequently invited at the moment.   

Love:  You picked a lucky card.  Romantic hours are awaiting you; an exciting rendezvous makes your dreams come true.  Your heart is taken by storm or your partner present you something very special propose. an exciting rendezvous and romance will occur – an engagement is just as likely 

Work:  A job interview proceeds according to your wishes.  You will receive an acceptance for a new job.  When you are unsure which direction to choose this card advises you to try out a creative area that has to do with beautiful things. Job in exhibitions, art exhibits/galleries, fairs/expo – invitation to an interview or similar goes in one’s favor.

Health:  Deal with natural remedies, healings tones or herbs.  You are skilled and own a natural instinct in these areas and should pass on your knowledge to others. This is your way to find inner balance.</Notes 

Characteristics/Qualities: friendly and charming, well-maintained appearance, good taste

Medicine: get involved with alternative medicines and homeopathy. An illness gets better 

House No.9:

No. 9. ASSOCIATION – Contacts. Dealings with colleagues, business partners & Clients

Time House: Spring

The Flowers: Astrological Sign: Libra

Lenormand: No.9 “The Flowers“  – Air sign – strategic, tactical and very diplomatic! Libras always know exactly how to pull the strings, so that no one feels cheated. Everyone knows the saying that a Libra is always in favor of balance and cannot stand discord. They have a sense for beauty, aesthetics, a high general knowledge and are linguistically gifted.

10. The Scythe


Oracle Divination: Give in to a breakdown; it will signal the start of a new life

Keywords: End and rebirth, immediate rupture necessary, the past returns, fear, sorrow. Danger, cruel reality, discovery unacceptable.

Symbolises cutting free from someone or something. Next to the coffin, means a death. A break. Harvesting investments, earned rewards, and finished business. danger, pains, aggression.

Renewal of inner knowledge without the fundament of understanding that knowledge, experiencing something one does not understand… a card which says to be careful, something that happens quickly and can bring much pain. It can also point to a harvest though. harvest, Break-up, great danger, accidents, shocks. Violent acts, hurtful actions. Surgery. Emotional separations, rejections

Daily tendency:  You suffer under hecticness, stress, trouble, and sleeplessness.  Nevertheless, try and start your day relaxed and don’t over-react.  Stay fair and just.

Love:  A radical change is awaiting you.  It is necessary that you find yourself and no longer are determined by your partner.  Your awareness is sharpened.  A new love waits for you and is probably more suitable for you.  He / She supports you and helps you to grow and develop.  Today you will feel these energies more intensely. Danger for love, jealousy and separation is possible

Work:  Soon you will be able to take the credit of your hard work.  You were diligent and abstained from many things.  Your effort are now appreciated and credited.  In addition, fate will lead you to your destiny. IT, internet, webdesign – but also annoyance in the workplace and termination/leaving the job is possible

Health:  You will have to go to the dentist.  Perhaps you will suffer under abdominal pain or cut yourself.  In extraordinary cases, The Scythe symbolizes a surgery that will take place.

Characteristics/Qualities: aggressive, but also spontaneous

Medicine: toothache or abdominal pains or cuts are possible

House No.10:

No. 10. LOSS & REVERSALS. Position shows where lifes inevitable setbacks are likely to occur.

Time House: Autumn

The Scythe: Planet Uranus provides for unrest and transformation 

Lenormand: No.10 “The Scythe“ – The planet that never rests! Energies of change, transformation and circulation are provided by Uranus. It also tends to move fate back into the right light – sometimes combined with „pain“ or revelation.


11. The Whips


Oracle Divination: Don’t let anyone influence your values or plans

Keywords: Boredom, poverty, family disagreements, arguments, errors, infidelity, punishment, rebellion, punishment, anger

Strife, quarrels, punishment. A cautionary warning. Be aware of risks & consequences. trouble, quarrel, break up, Cleansing, two/dual, consequences, call to cleanse the soul.

Strife and conflict, arguments, fights. Abuses, suffering. Sexual chemistry and passion. Sports, physical activities, heated debate, conversations, letters.

Daily tendency:  You are sensitive.  Your impulsivity causes trouble.  Think first before you act and don’t react too quickly.   

Love:  This card offers many possibilities.  Either you are in a passionate discussion with your partner and enforce your opinion or you are in a conversation with your friends.  It might also be possible that you visit a dance or dissertation with your partner. Discussions about love, hopefully only passionately and not aggressively

Work:  Today an important conversation with your boss, comrade or employee will take place.  People listen to you and attach importance to your words, which leads to a credit of your ideas. Interpreter and everything within the field of communication – annoyance on the job can arise; however, perhaps also a signature is required.

Health:  The Birchrod / The Whip symbolizes cough and croakiness, quinsy and a sensible throat.  You should provide and stay warm and avoid draft.

Characteristics/Qualities: thin as a pole, talkative 

Medicine: Hoarseness, tonsil inflammation, sensitive throat 

House No.11:

No. 11. TROUBLE – Problems. Position deals with problems of a personal nature although can stray to other matters

Time House: in two years 

The Whip: 1st House for accomplishing things 

Lenormand: No.11 “The Whip“ – This house mobilises an amazing amount of energies, in order to get your personal goals accomplished. This mobilisation can touch all areas of your life and doesn’t just refer to the „elbow grease“ applied to get things done in the workplace.

12. The Birds


Oracle Divination:Carefully examine: a job offer before consenting

Keywords: Daily discomfort, quarrels, disagreements, mistakes, infidelity, incompatibility, stress and communication difficulties.

Chatter and gossip. Busy situation, lots of input from many sources. Need to seek clarification. phone call, short-term difficulties, Meditation, flights of fantasy, further education, also two older people, could be couple.

Also tummy-butterflies due to excitement, nervousness nervousness, Communications, conversation, messages. Sales and negotiations. Couples and personal connections. Problems to deal with, short journeys, thinking. Number 2.

Daily tendency:  You try to establish contact with others, meet nice people, and place impulses.  It is also the time for an extension of curiosity and learning.  

Love:  Finally – he / she calls you.  You are excited, damp hands, your heart is in your mouth, and you can hardly talk in the moment that you have him / her on the phone.  Admittedly, you need diplomacy and smartness to give a chance to this relationship. expect a telephone call about love

Work:  New doors are opened.  You get an offer – perhaps in a consultancy sector. It is also possible that you receive an acceptance via phone, start a new project, or get a new job. Telecommunications – unreston the job, possibly through harassment

Health:  The Owls / The Birds symbolize hypertensive that is caused by stress and hecticness.  Relax and enjoy the silence with a cup of tea and a good book.

Characteristics/Qualities: causes unrest/stressful

Medicine: high blood pressure 

House No.12:

No. 12. STATE OR CONDITION – Possessions. Deals with your assest, from material to your investments and security.

Time House: October 

The Birds: Venus – planet of the connections and contracts

Lenormand: No.12 “The Owls“ This planet stands for security and demarcation, but also for responsibility for the community and contact for third parties. Venus also stands for contracts, partnerships and changing one’s living situation, just to name a few examples.

13. The Child


Oracle Divination: Enjoy an achievement but don’t take it too seriously. Destiny has other plans

Keywords: Surprise, trust, innocence or immaturity, good deals, pregnancy, future, news

Children, but perhaps also the early stages of something, like love or business. Next to the stork, a pregnancy. Positive. Innocence and carefree simplicity. Matters of little importance.

Neutrality. child, young lady, new start, surprise, wishes come true, greenness, Naive, young, small, playful, a child, Trust, friendliness, children. Sincerity and fragility. Immaturity. Small things. female rival.

Daily tendency:  Figuratively one may say: A birth is in store for you.  Over the years, a secret “baby” developed in you that unites your individual abilities and talents.  It is not long and you will “give birth” to your new ideas and projects.  Check your world view and detect wrong moral concepts and you will be able to recognize your “baby.”   

Love:  The Child symbolizes a new relationship with an explicitly younger partner.  You yourself have a youthful outward appearance and a saucy approach towards life.  Sometimes you get in trouble with peers because you are effervescent. a new or recent love is coming or a new start with a well-known partner

Work:  To rise from rags to riches- that does not have to stay a dream.  Your newborn business idea will make its way, though you never thought about profit.  As you create something individual, you will be successful. all kinds of part-time jobs, otherwise everything concerning children and education. Sometimes indicates a complete change of career. 

Health:  The Child symbolizes all teething troubles: measles, chickenpox, or German measles.  It also promises positive messages concerning a disease. 

Characteristics/Qualities: childish or immature, naive

Medicine:Childhood diseases – measles, rubella, mumps, chicken pox,etc.. 

House No.13:

No. 13. JOY & DELIGHT. Position analyzes your hapiness quote

Time House: shortly – positive

The Child: Astrological Sign: Cancer  

Lenormand: No.13 “The Child“ Water sign – The Cancer is the eternal child among the astrological signs. They are playful and are reluctant to leave home. A Cancer needs security and even when everything seems in order, a Cancer can feel neglected. Cancers like to take care of their loves and will prepare a comfortable home for them.

14. The Fox


Oracle Divination: Always be watchful of other peoples plan: Some could harm you

Keywords: Falsehood, cunning, malice, lying, cheating, double-dealing, seduction, malice lover or dangerous rival.

Someone/thing sly, not telling the whole truth, bur quite clever too. A bit negative. May be for or against, but of definite significance. Be aware, and investigate. deceitful, betrayal, intrigue,

Treachery, hidden traps, disloyalty. Be cautious and discreet. Employment, career or job. shrewdness, cleverness.

Daily tendency:  Intrigue, ambush, betrayal.  The negative side could shock you with an ambush while the positive side could surprise you with the realization of an ingenious plan.   

Love:  Concerning love you grew to be a careful, smart, and wise person.  This is caused by your painful past.  You will never again be mistreated by a partner and won’t be blinded by outward appearance and hypocritical words about love.  This was never as clear to you as today. Caution! Deception in love and one has reason to be jealous. 

Work:  Your plan will work.  The Fox supports your intentions: concepts are realized and your tactic and smart course of action will be credited.  However, be alerted to envier and keep your ideas to yourself. All kinds of independent work – and watch out for harassment and deviousness on the job

Health:  The Fox symbolizes a warning.  You receive a wrong prognosis or disease, which is none in truth.  Consequentially a treatment is impossible.

Characteristics/Qualities:gaunt to dry – watch out, that is a Fox! Depending upon type, either smart/clever or deceptive (usually the latter) 

Medicine: a wrong prognosis could be possible, in doubt get a second opinion 

House No.14:

No. 14. LOVE & AFFECTION. Most important position of entire reading. Can influence whole tone of the entire reading.

Time House: December 

The Fox: Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Lenormand: No.14 “The Fox“ Fire sign – you’ll hardly find a pilot, who doesn’t have some kind of sagittarian emphasis in their horoscope. Sagittarians are travellers and like to go abroad, but enjoy short little jaunts to the nearest ice cream shop, as well.They are also philosophers and often belong to intellectual circles.

15. The Bear


Oracle Divination: If the dispute are unbearable, look for mediation or clear the field

Keywords: Strength, courage, courage, energy, protection, support, competition, warning, superiority, silence.

Something big and strong. Can represent boldness. Positive. A strong ally, source of support. Diplomacy helps ensure friendly relations. entrepreneur, boss, Power, be careful around those in power, envious people, need for strength.

Financial windfall, cash flow. The boss. Protection. Government. Weight control. lawyer, property.

Daily tendency:  Today you are a winner and achieve your short-term goals in private and business areas.    

Love:  You have a mentally strong partner.  You get to know an independent businessman / businesswoman and work with him / her in one company.  However, be careful.  The danger exists that you drift apart.  It is important that you develop enough devotion in order to protect your love from materialism.  an entrepreneur could become a new or current partner – also The Bear is a reference to a jealous person or a homewrecker

Work:  Say goodbye to your dependence in employment.  Now one’s money is put where one’s mouth is- you will become your own boss.  You might eventually be offered a seducing offer for a self-dependant work.  Your patron favours you. Entrepreneur, real estate broker, lawyer etc. The Bear is an indication of your own ability to accomplish things, which is good, if you’re trying to become self-employed

Health:  You are often wrought up.  Practice meditation, yoga, or autogenous training.  It is important to learn how to keep your inner balance in order to solve tasks in a relaxed mood.

Characteristics/Qualities: bubbly, effervescent – stable stature, dark-blond to brown hair

Medicine: work on your internal equilibrium through yoga, meditation, etc

House No.15:

No. 15. PROSPERITY. Position denotes your prosperity and the way you look at your progress in life. Shows prevailing tend of life as a whole rather than the immediate here and now.

Time House: ten to twenty years 

The Bear: Astrological Sign: Aries 

Lenormand: No.15 „The Bear“ – Fire sign – this is our little fighter. Aries are impatient, impulsive and very direct. They love competition, whether in sports, hobbies or on the job. They do not like to lose.

16. The Stars


Oracle Divination: Think positively, optimism halves difficulties.

Keywords: Progress, prosperity, renewal, hope, achievable, happiness, birth and inspiration.

A shining future, wishes come true; or, a stroke of luck. Very positive. Bright prospects. Generosity. Guidance and direction. ideas, success, hope, vision, imagination.

A new path. Fame and reputation. new start, spirituality, esotericism.

Daily tendency:  You recant to accept new cognitions.  Misunderstandings could be caused because you look at the world differently and put a lot of effort in broadening your mind.  You will have a wonderful idea before long.   

Love:  You have this feeling for some time already: A new partner is awaiting you.  It is a person that is going a spiritual way.  It won’t be long and he will reveal himself.  This exceptional man or extraordinary woman is free from social or material necessities. a fresh start in love, this new partner could be a spiritual person and make for an exciting night

Work:  You always had certain presentiments.  For example, you are able to perceive negative energies clearer than your fellow men.  Today you get the chance to achieve a spiritual career.  Take your chance.  Occupations in the field of esotericism – a complete change of occupation,self-employment or a total change within a company.

Characteristics/Qualities: Interest in spiritual topics

Health:  Astronomy by night, walk away in the evening or early in the morning, bare-footed in the rain, perceiving nature and living in harmony with Mother Nature- this accords to you and is good for your body and soul.

Medicine: think about converting to a holistic way of life 

House No.16:

No. 16. MARRIAGE. Position related to marriage or any long term commitment

Time House: At night

The Stars: Astrological Sign: Pisces 

Lenormand: No.16 “The Stars“ Water sign – the motto of the Pisces: do everything possible to avoid being noticeable or standing in the spotlight – it makes them very uncomfortable. The much more prefer being in the background or dreaming away in their own world. Pisces are very in touch with the subconscious and spend their lives contemplating the unknown. They are the most intuitive of the astrological signs.

17. The Storks


Oracle Divination: Dont shoot ahead but rather patiently wait for what you’re keen on

Keywords: Change, transfer, travel, tour, arrival or departure, return, reunion, birth, honesty.

Loyalty, bur also travel, and an important occasion. Long term and far ranging developments which will bring lasting benefits. moving house, journey.

Changes in the home. House move. Birth of a child. Improvements. change in general

Daily tendency:  If you are unsure about an uncomfortable situation, you will feel better today.   

Love:  Time to settle down.  You won’t be single for long – this is a promise!  Should you be dissatisfied in your existing relationship, a new partner is awaiting you or the desired improvement will happen. a positive change in love

Work:  Next step upward job ladder is there – in the actual company or somewhere else.  There will be more agility.  Perhaps a task that fulfils you better and you might get in touch with abroad. all types of creative jobs are good and it could also indicate an unusually revolutionary change on the job 

Health:  An illness will develop positively

Characteristics/Qualities: colorful people, little rebels

Medicine: An illness has a positive outcome 

House No.17:

No. 17. SORROW & AFFLICTION – Worries. Position represents underlying anxieties that may be unspoken. Although to others may be trival they are actually very disturbing tho the person afflicted.

Time House: February

The Storks: Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Lenormand: No.17 “The Storks“ Air sign – Aquarius is the go-to sign, when you’re in need of conversation material. Even if everyone else is united in their opinion, you can almost be certain that an Aquarius will disagree. Aquarians also need constant change and movement and can oftentimes be identified by their ever-changing physical appearance. They also like to have partners with a clear age difference.

18. The Dog


Oracle Divination: friends you can trust surround you

Keywords: Friendship, trust, loyalty, perseverance, faith, loyalty, sincerity, protection, support

A friend or friendship. Friendship and loyalty, reliable support in all endeavors, good companion. loyalty, Reliable friendship. Reliability, faithfulness. Trust, stability. Life companion, constancy, a good friend, pet.

Daily tendency:  You are social and care about your fellow men.  You offer to help refurbishing a house or cook for your friends and family.  However, today you will be spoiled, or people help you because work outgrows.   

Love: You live in a constant, good-working relationship, but emotionally you desire more. Do you perhaps desire a more passionate partner?  It is more than possible that a new partner would emerge as passionate as his / hers predecessor. Passion needs good care. love develops out of friendship or vice versa

Work: A nice man, a good friend or comrade helps you. You are surprised but he / she will act as an agent or support you in a project. This helps you to finally receive appreciation that is just to your diligence,creativity and loyalty.  Animal caretaker – and stability

Health:  Your health will stabilize.  Your good immunity will prove itself with a solid lifestyle- that you should follow

Characteristics/Qualities: faithfully and friendly, mid-blond hair

Medicine:  State of health will stabilize 

House No.18:

No. 18. PLEASURE & ENJOYMENT – Harmony. Position shows how hapiness ad harmony in life can be achieved. How we get along with others etc.

Time House: July

The Dog: 4th House – your own feelings 

Feelings; Lenormand: No.18 “The Dog“ – The theme of the 4th House is all-around well-being, taking care of others, and ensuring comfort and security. How does one care for one’s fellow man? Care-takers for the elderly, cooks, housewives, service industry and craftsmen/women, just to name a few.

19. The Tower


Oracle Divination: Even if it hurts don’t refuse the truth that is revealed to you

Keywords: Loneliness, separation momentary, power, thoughts, reflection. Position, office or public institution.

Long life, or something from the past, someone older. Is regarded as an occult card. Happiness and well-being. Very good long range prospects. Satisfaction. public authorities, court house, enterprise, loneliness, government, border, Guidance, protection. Legal judgments.

Government and military institutions. Officials. Hospitals, universities, airports. The course of your life, long life, someone or something from the past. isolation.

Daily tendency:  Today you will live in isolation and seclusion.  You will recant or are diligent while making preparations.

Love:  You live in a painful phase of breaking up.  Use this time to perceive deficits of the broken relationship, let loose and say goodbye. You don’t have another choice to allow these painful feelings. To betake yourself to flight or repressing your emotions would only lengthen this period of pain. A love is lost – a separation is approaching

Work:  You prepare yourself for a project: learning for an exam or diploma.  You develop a promising concept to become independent or work with it in a company. Self-employment or occupation as a civil servant

Health:  The Tower symbolizes the spine. You should avoid hours in your office chair or at your desk at home. Look for compensation. A massage or training for your back muscles would help.

Characteristics/Qualities: Civil servant or self-employed, slender

Medicine: Spinal Column

House No.19:

No. 19. INHERITED MONEY – PROPERTY – Windfalls. Position interpreted in terms of inheritance. unearned income etc.

Time House: in one year

The Tower: Planet Saturn – self control and diligence 

Lenormand: No.19 “The Tower“ – Government, system, boundaries/limitations, isolation, restriction, failure, diligence, discipline, preparation time for project, etc. All of these are saturnical energies.


20. The Garden


Oracle Divination: Be more enthusiastic about what you do and you will achieve great results

Keywords: Invitations, party, company, new knowledge, joy, meeting, celebration and new contacts.

A place to meet a friend, or a business/ office. Social encounters, people and places, leading to positive developments. event, club. Creativity, meeting, party. The public. The audience. Network of people. park.

Daily tendency:  You will go out and have good company: in a disco, concert, cinema, restaurant or perhaps to a sport event.  Perhaps you will just go to a neighbour in order to celebrate a birthday or housewarming party.   

Love:  Enjoy your single life and this special phase of your life, because soon a partner will appear who might impress you and make you want to stay with him / her. You meet your new love in public (small or large event)

Work:  There is an offer concerning a job in the midst of people.  It could be in gastronomy, sale, or public relations.  An enterprise with walk-in customers could also be interested in you. all jobs with contact to the public

Health:  A stay at a health spa or rehabilitation is approved.  Perhaps you go to a hospital to make a health check

Characteristics/Qualities: is sociable, public figure

Medicine: Trip to the spa or rehabilitation measures are granted 

House No.20:

No. 20. FRAUD & DECEIT – Dishonesty. Position deals with deceit and fraud as well as untrustworthy people who as yet may have not shown their true colours.

Time House: at noon

The Park: 7th House – meetings

Lenormand: No.20 “The Park“ – This house is the area for holding a meeting or the place where meetings are planned and made possible. Important to the 7th House are meeting in public, direct contact with the audience or people and a changing client base.  

21. The Mountain


Oracle Divination: Cultivate your ambitions while respecting those of others. Excess creates the condition for defeat.

Keywords: Big problem, an insurmountable obstacle, block, hindrance, formidable rival, enemy, stubbornness.

Foreign affairs, something important or big, possibly an obstacle. time to alter course. hindrances, blockades, Strong enemies, insurmountable situation. Delays, stalled situations. enemies, antagonism, stress

Daily tendency:  Hard moments in life punctually slow down your flow of life.  However, there are only small hindrances that have to be overcome by you.   

Love:  Something is wrong in your relationship and you feel a lack of agility.  The question is: why?  Do you have an affair or does your partner have an affair and you are waiting for him / her to decide? It would be better to let loose.  Are you in a long-time relationship and feel hindered or even subjugated? This is the right time to think about an extreme change. love is being hindered and will not develop

Work:  Something blocks your career.  There are three possibilities to master this mountain.  You may scale it and be exhausted.  You could go around and notice a waste of time or you could go into another direction and things waiting for you would be unpredictable.  A change in your job life needs bravery or persistence- however, you decide. Mountain climber, shepherd, climate researcher etc. – otherwise indicates stagnation in the workplace

Health:  Presently you fight against a persistent illness.  When you are disciplined, you will overcome it.

Characteristics/Qualities: a cool and ponderous nature

Medicine: persistent illness, discipline is needed 

House No.21:

No. 21. RIVALS – Opposition. Everything from friendly competition to hostile conflict is dealt here.

Time House: January

The Mountain: Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Lenormand: No.21 “The Mountain“ Earth sign – Capricorns love structure, systems and are somehow always connected with the government. Policemen, soldiers and teachers – all of them usually have some kind of strong Capricorn influence. Unfortunately, Capricorns tend to make life hard for themselves in that they are always trying to keep a particular order about things and have a hard time thinking outside of this box.

22. The Paths


Oracle Divination: Dont hum and haw about a decision that must be made as soon as possible

Keywords: Choice, decision, uncertainty, doubt, carelessness, impulsiveness, search for alternatives.

A new direction, travel, changes. Represents choices. A need to choose between alternatives. Turning point. decision, journey, Choices, decisions. New alternatives. Multiples.

Mediation and discussion. alternative, ambition, street, lady: sister, friend.

Daily tendency:  You are travelling a lot and communicate more often than usual.  Advice is important to you, because you try to find out how to put you plans into practice.   

Love:  Could it be that you have two strings to one’s bow?  Did you perhaps always wish to be able to choose between two men / women?  Being twofold adored and spoiled…  Now that you experience this, you wish you were not in this situation. one has to choose between two partners or a decision needs to be made in one’s love life 

Work:  You are creative and your ideas are in demand and help to solve a problem concerning your comrades or the whole company easily.  Take the control and your decisiveness and an unusual modus operandi will lead to success. Part-time jobs – and a decision that works out in your favor 

Health:  You tend to varicose veins and should stimulate your circulation once a day.  A daily walk away should be sufficient.  This strengthens and relieves the veins

Characteristics/Qualities: decisive

Medicine: veins and arteries in general—a tendency towards varicose veins

House No.22:

No. 22. A PRESENT OR GIFT. Gifts or tokens that you may receive.

Time House: within two months The Paths: Astrological Sign: Gemini 

Lenormand: No.22 “The Paths“ Air sign – Geminis are the slender types, are sporty and always in motion. They need an audience that will voluntarily listen to them and get excited about their feisty speeches. Physical appearances – attractiveness – is very important to the Gemini.

23. The Mice


Oracle Divination: Admitting your mistakes will be the first step towards not repeating them

Keywords: Loss, theft, destruction, destruction, mistrust, blackmail, fraud, trafficking, depression, addictions.

Loss, someone not to be trusted. Slow erosion of resources due to inattention to details. Also, natural decay. loss, worries, Theft, losses. Stress and worries. Hidden problems. Tired and sick. disease, parasites.

Daily tendency:  You are worried.  However, as mice are diligent, agile animals you will also become happy in your life again with the right amount of stamina, agility, and modesty.   

Love:  You broke up recently or are breaking up, now.  Don’t be sad about that.  Would both of you be determined for each other fate would never accept such a break-up. lovesickness or the loss of a partner

Work:  At work, everything is wrong: your comrades are unfriendly and you make many mistakes.  Would you like to stay at home?  Do it and by the way look for another job and you will be successful. Insurance, banks, team leaders – loss of one’s job, being unemployed 

Health:  Beware of a virus infection.  Don’t be too careful but also not inattentive

Physical: Stomach, bowels, digestive system. Nerves, heartsickness, the feeling of something gnawing at you. Possibly parasitic or other infection or vitamin deficiency. When in doubt, check it out – and do what you can to reduce the stress in your life.

Characteristics/Qualities: unreliable und unkempt or very nonchalant 

Medicine: viruses

House No.23:

No. 23. LOVER – Frienship and Affection. Deals with dependability and trustworthiness of those whom you spend time with.

Time House: immediately – negative

The Mice: Astrological Sign: Virgo 

Lenormand: No.23 “The Mice“ Earth sign – Virgos can be very modest and live in the background. They are very analytical and can often read other people very well. They have a keen understanding of human psychology. Virgos enjoy mathematics and calculating things, as well as a clean home and a classic taste in fashion.

24. The Heart


Oracle Divination: Don’t doubt the love you feel around you – return it and spread it

Keywords: Love, friendship, love at first sight, happiness, joy, reconciliation, harmony, declaration, intended to last meeting, hobbies.

A happy card symbolizing love. joy, happiness. Trust and devotion well given. love, flirt, Love, happiness. Romance, passion. Generosity. Emotions. new love.

Daily tendency:  Heartiness, joyfulness, warmth, and comfort await you everywhere today.  You are happy and others sense that and react positively.    

Love:  You are in love, fell in love recently or will be in love very soon.  It is the big love that fulfils our dreams and desires. the love of your life or love is just around the corner

Work:  You are passionate in your job and others cannot ignore that.  Long hours are self-evident, because you do not notice how time passes at work.  It is the perfect time for self-realization. Independence in all areas – enthusiasm about the job and putting your heart and soul into everything you do 

Health:  This card symbolizes our most essential organ:the heart. It should be strong enough to accompany you all your life when you train regularly, for example in increasing endurance

Characteristics/Qualities: the affectionate type

Medicine: The heart 

House No.24:

No. 24. ADVANCEMENT. Deals with worldly status and how you improve it.

Time House: August

The Heart: Astrological Sign: Leo

Lenormand: No.24 “The Heart“ Fire sign – and here is the second child among the astrological signs. Leos are also very playful and never really grow up. They are naive and are dependent on their fellow men, but they are also a little bit show-offish and like it best when they are around others who are like them. With a Leo on your side, something is always happening. They are full of urgency, act fast, are very sociable and make for generous bosses.

25. The Ring


Oracle Divination: Before accepting a concrete offer, demand clarity from yourself and others

Keywords: Union, agreement, signature, contract, commitment, significant associations, debentures and solidity.

A relationship – usually romantic. Positive. A promise & reward, good intentions, a hoped for partnership. marriage, relationship,Marriage, partnership matters. Contracts, agreements. Offer, proposal. Gift, present. Reunion, approval. Completion. partnership, contract, club, association.

Daily tendency:  You have a certain idea on your mind and enthuse others to think about this idea together with you.    

Love: In love – engaged – married! You might prepare your wedding or think about it in detail, your partner will not turn you down, but propose in a romantic surprising moment.  If you are single, you will meet the love of your life. a partnership or a marriage is arranged

Work:  Contracts or other things that need your signature are number one on your list of priorities.  Connections you wished for are happening; you sign lucrative contracts or participate in organizations for moral reasons. one needs routine work – a contract arrives

Health:  You suffer under chronic diseases.  Review your whole personal environment: work, partner, family, neighbors, and resolve grievances

Characteristics/Qualities: open to connections

Medicine: chronic suffering 

House No.25:

No. 25. KINDNESS – A GOOD TURN – Cooperation. How much you can depend on the help and advice of others when the pressure is on.

Time House: An eternity or Not Yet

The Ring: 8th House – looking for connections

Lenormand: No.25 “The Ring“ – First, a concept is formed; then, comes the planning stage; lastly, the connection of people and groups through common interests is made. The entire process originates from some type of leader. The connections, however, can function on many different levels.

26. The Book


Oracle Divination: Dont confide the plan you’ve had in your heart for sometime to others. You will find the best advice within yourself

Keywords: Secrets, uncertainty, discovery, mystery will be solved.

Things still to be revealed. Also books, learning, publishing. A bright, optimistic card. knowledge that is established, whether known to you or a secret, studying.

Secrets, a mystery. A surprise. Learning, training, education. The occult. apprenticeship, journalism, document, intelligence.

Daily tendency:  At the moment, you deal with psychology, dreams or the humanities and work up problematic events of recent years.  A secret, something that was hidden will reveal to you today.

Love:  The book also symbolizes an unsaid love.  Perhaps your partner is very introverted; when he says he likes you that actually means he adores you. This is no joke!  Some people have problems with expressing their feelings.  Be patient or ask for an expression of love in an intimate hour. secret love (affair) or unknown partner waits for you

Work:  Retraining, apprenticeship and further training are symbolizes by The Book.  You will be in school, re-orientate in your job, or learn by yourself for a new job. Scholarly situation and advanced training are good bet

Health:  At the moment, you suffer under complexes, stoppages, and low self-esteem.  This could have psychosomatic effects.  A mental training or coaching could help you to cope with the situation.  A therapist or psychologist would be a good alternative

Characteristics/Qualities: myster-monger, discreet

Medicine: lacking self-confidence, can manifest psychosomatically

House No.26:

No. 26. UNDERTAKING – ENTERPRISE. Deals with long term projects rather than immediate jobs in had.

Time House: March

The Book: 12th House – intuition and subconscious

27. The Letter


Oracle Divination: Don’t underestimate a warning: your plans are at risk

Keywords: Newspaper, waiting decision, warnings, gift.

News, contract, or a Communication. A happy card. A message soon to be received, or something you will relate. Information. message, mail. email, fax. Documents, diploma. Award, trophy, phone call, text message, information, letter.

Daily tendency:  Today you receive a desired or unexpected positive message.  You will be happy about that and look forward to a joyful time.   

Love:  You will get to know a partner by modern communication medias.  This could be a coincidence by phone or cell, perhaps via internet, a lonely hearts ad or by a classic penpalship.  This contact could develop to a serious relationship. a love letter 

Work:  A contract or acceptance will arrive and you start a new job.  It is possible that The Letter indicates a medical area and you should check jobs in that area. everything within the field of media and communication – expect acceptance/approval related to the job

Health:  The letter is a sick certificate, diagnostic findings, referral, or a receipt for the pharmacist that is written by your doctor, non-medical practitioner, or homeopath

Characteristics/Qualities: superficial person

Medicine: one gets a prescription, which helps improvement – tendency towards hairloss

House No.27:

No. 27. CHANGES – Circumstances.

Time House: June

The Letter: Mercury – the planet of communication

Lenormand: No.27 “The Letter“ Mercury speaks! Mercury influences all forms of communication (newspaper, internet, radio, TV, etc.), it represents language and linguistics.

28. The Gentleman


 Oracle Divination: Trust a kind person that sincerely loves you

A gentleman! Symbolizes any man, but often, either the person being read for, or the love of the person being read for. Either yourself, or someone significant, as pertains to your situation.

Daily tendency:You feel fierce and think about conquest and overall win.  You don’t want to take up a subordinate role and realize that actively.  There might happen an interesting encounter with a man – either business or private.   

Love:The danger exists that you see your partner as a rival.  Your partner might also envy your business success or be jealous about your effect on comrades and friends. You point at each other’s weaknesses instead of forwarding each other’s strengths. Try to resolve this situation in a conversations- but without reproaches. A partnership with the right man will begin soon, and/or you will make a romantic commitment

Work:  You behave very strong and masculine and demand a boost in pay or advancement. I bet your temperament and self-confident appearance will work. Handicraft, management, self-employment – a man will become important to you on the job Sie, you will see things through

Health:Today you could get smaller wounds like scratches, blebs, or haematomas

Characteristics/Qualities: male, masculine, emancipated 

Medicine: male gential area, also scrapes and scratches (smaller wounds) 

House No.28:

No. 28. THE END – Sorrow. Sorrow due to bereavement, an unfortunate circumstaces that we all must come to terms with.

Time House: April

The Gentleman: Planet Mars – masculine energie and getting things done

No.28 “The Gentleman“ Mars always brings with it a warrior/fighting-type of energy. It wants to see things through, be victorious and win. One has to deal with some type of aggression or one doesn’t know how to control one’s temper.

29. The Lady


Oracle Divination: Trust a woman that loves you: she will always do her best for you

Elegant. A maternal but pretty figure. Could be the person being read for, or their mother, or lover. Either yourself or someone significant pertaining to your current situation.

Daily tendency:  You will have a significant encounter with an important woman- either concerning business or private area.  You will receive a phone call, letter, and email or encounter her personally and you can look forward to a comfortable conversation.   

Love:  Relationship is new organized.  You are convinced that you found the right partner and dare to marry, move together in a flat, or found a business together. a new woman for a really good relationship is available for a man (or also a woman); for a woman, the desired form of commitment arrives (wedding). 

Work:  A new business connection or contract will develop.  You worked for this moment constantly and hoped for this moment.  This existential security gives you serenity that you need for work and family. any kind of social welfare work is good – new employment contract is possible 

Health:  Let your hormonal balance be checked, because it has an enormous effect on psychic and physic health.  If problems are detected early, you could avoid diseases caused by hormones

Characteristics/Qualities: female, feminine, devoted

Medicine: hormones and female genital area 

House No.29:

No. 29. REWARD – Appreciation. Rewards you can expect from long service or the fullfilment of talent. May refer to feelings of appreciation that have already been shown.

Time House: May

The Lady: Planet Venus – connection and contracts

Lenormand: No.29 “The Lady“  – This planet stands for security and demarcation, but also for responsibility for the community and contact for third parties. Venus also stands for contracts, partnerships and changing one’s living situation, just to name a few examples.

30. The Lilies


Oracle Divination: Before rushing into an adventure or consolidating a relationship , think twice

Keywords: Virtue, purity, family, peace, harmony, creation, balance.

Lover, patron, supporter, satisfaction. Contentment, attitude, business, work. Long experience. Completion. Maturity, wisdom, old age, passion, lover, patron, supporter, Peace, satisfaction. Contentment. Support, attitude towards life. Promotion, business, work. Long experience. Completion. Maturity, wisdom, old age. harmony, passion, family

Daily tendency:  Amusement lures you to go out.  Beware of hangovers.   

Love:  Are you presently in an affair or could be in one soon?  Don’t take it too serious and beware of false interpretations.  Enjoy it but break up early enough in order to avoid trouble. an affair can develop into something more – but it doesn’t have to 

Work:  A patron will discover you, support you, and be helpful for your career.  A quantum leap is awaiting you.  Social welfare matters – a man will discover and promote them

Health:  Possibly, you suffer under problems concerning your sexuality.  Go to a therapist or psychologist whom you can trust and be open with your partner.  Protect against sexually transmitted diseases

Characteristics/Qualities: sexual interests – dark type

Medicine: sexually transmitted diseases 

House No.30:

No. 30. DISGRACE-MISFORTUNE – Scandal. Position where secrets are revealed and tittle tattle is rife.

Time House: Winter

The Lily: 5th House – the house of experience

Lenormand: No.30 “The Lily“ – Life is good in the 5th House. There you can experience, enjoy, or switch off—there is a constant search for the truly unique, and every resource is tapped into – even if the outlook isn’t so rosy.  

31. The Sun


Oracle Divination: Use your talents and trust yourself

Keywords: Optimism, victory, growth, vitality, energy, determination, happiness, good fortune.

Everything will turn out all right. A moment of great potential, promising situation, a nurturing environment. energy, luck, summer, Optimism, happiness, success. Victory, fame, glory. Heat. south, true love.

Daily tendency:  Today you are optimistic and joyful.  You motivate fellowmen and enhance their positive attitude towards life.  People look for your company and are comfortable with you.   

Love:  It will be hot- even if it is winter or autumn.  Romantic evenings with sunsets, candlelight, sitting in front of the fireplace.  You should enjoy all that without regrets with your partner. the one and only true love…or it’s on ist way

Work:  You are extremely successful.  You are motivated and manage to gain self-realization in accordance with new projects.  You will expand and the results of your work will last for a long time. self-employment in all fields – success 

Health:  Contrast bath, solarium, sauna, massages-spoil your body.  Your skin as well as your soul need tender loving care.  Take your time and be in the lap of luxury.  You will experience an immense supply of power afterwards that will lead you to top-performing.  Furthermore, a disease will end positively.

Characteristics/Qualities: optimistic, energetic, bright type

Medicine: Try to relax, a illness coming to a good end. 

House No.31:

No. 31. HAPPINESS – Future Prospect. Purely predictive.

Time House: Summer

The Sun: Planet Sun – for the true self   

Lenormand: No.31 “The Sun“ The position of the The Sun in the horoscope determines the astrological sign: through its position in a certain house, we can learn about our own situation. The Sun represents the true self.

32. The Moon


Oracle Divination: When judging a person you have just met, follow your intuition

Keywords: Instability, illusion, superficiality, mystery, transformation, memories, the past, fertility, clairvoyance.

An invitation, or a proposition. Time & events developing continually, be aware allow for intuition. honour, Emotions, feelings. Fantasies, dreams. Romances. Honours, celebrity, recognition. Psychic abilities. success, appreciation, soul life, at night.

Daily tendency:  At the moment, you are indecisive and suffer under changes in mood.  You need support and protection by a leading hand or strong shoulder to lean on.    

Love:  Your partner magically attracts you.  However, as you both cannot bear too much nearness you first draw near and then hustle away.  As the moon is responsible for ebb and tide, you both walk together but go different ways.  Between you, two exists an unique force of attraction.  Today you two might have an exciting encounter. the confirmation that the person you love, loves you back. 

Work:  Soon you will contact popular personalities that will support your career.  It could also be that you will be appreciated and honoured because you achieve something by yourself. Cook, care-taker for the elderly, nurse, conquering stage or media, success in business/career

Health:  Live in your personal rhythm or according to the phases of the moon.  This offers the opportunity to use your energy ideally and helps you to know when to rest.  If you work against your personal rhythms, you will only suffer under throwbacks.  It could also happen that you suffer under a short depressive phase. 

Characteristics/Qualities: is famous or very well-known, charismatic

Medicine: figure out your biorhythm and refuel you energy, otherwise you get easily depressed 

House No.32:

No. 32. MONEY – FORTUNE – Affluence. Financial fortunes

Time House: In the evening 

The Moon: Earth’s satellite (Planet) Moon 

Lenormand: No.32 “The Moon“ – Feelings, emotions and mental equilibrium are represented by The Moon. The Moon needs security and wants to be loved. It is also the planet of the people.

33. The Key


Oracle Divination: Focussing on an impossible project is useless. Immediately change your course of action

Keywords: Solution, successful new start, new ideas, immediate action, good luck. All depends on yourself.

Overcoming pain; a clue as to the reason for something. something which has been locked may now be unlocked. You hold the answer, know the solution, a way is opened to you, in control. something happens for sure, Answers, solutions. New beginnings, success. Twist of fate. Destiny. Karmic lesson. new start, success, safety, tool

Daily tendency:  You are the boss and say where to go.  One trusts your instincts and likes to be leaded by you, because people know that activities (business or holiday) that are planned by you are successful.   

Love:  This card is the safety-key and exclamation mark of the Lenormand cards.  You already found the right partner or will soon be in a happy and secure relationship. Love is certain and/or comes with a guarantee or a new partner will come into your life 

Work:  The Key / The Keys is a trump card. Your business plans will become reality- even if you thought them to be far away dreams.  You find open doors and amazing ideas that prove to be successful. Administrative affairs, office, bank – good success in business! 

Health:  Every question concerning your health is answered positively by The Keys / The Key.  A surgery is successful, a disease will soon be forgotten, and you do not have to fear problems concerning your health.  Chronic diseases will become better.

Characteristics/Qualities: safety-oriented,thrifty

Medicine: collarbone or the stirrup in the – good news in regards to an illness 

House No.33:

No. 33. INDIFFERENCE – Neglect. “Blind Spots” in life. Negelct of friends, family and oppurtunities that can work against querents interest.

Time House: November 

The Key: Planet Pluto for stability and power 

Lenormand: No.33 “The Key“ – Pluto is the thinking and/or inventive planet. Plans, conceptions, ideas and intuition all begin with Pluto. It is the container of knowledge – nothing is excluded.

34. The Fish


Oracle Divination: Act quickly but without losing your head

Keywords: Wealth, income,inheritance, family, feelings.

A fortune, money, and sometimes, dreams. Profits and returns on investments, beneficial outcome in financial ventures. money, prosperity, business man, Deep feelings.

Daily tendency:  A big amount of money will arrive soon.  If you do not expect any money, it could arrive quite surprising or your motto of the day is reversed: You spend money, because you want to celebrate.

Love:  Now you are alone, without a partner and weathered through a tough crisis.  You will be credited for the hard hours.  A man / woman with his / her own business will encounter you.  You will fall in love and participate in his / her business.  a business partner could turn into a romantic partner

Work:  You are a soldier of fortune.  A lucrative contract is on its way to you and you might receive an acceptance concerning your business, today.  Now everything concerning your work is on its right way.   Management consultant, managing director – money contracts arrive at home

Health:  The waterworks are an important organ that cleans our blood.  When we add harmful substances to our blood that are definitely not needed- like medicaments, fat food or alcohol- the productive efficiency of the waterworks decreases.  Try to live consciously.

Characteristics/Qualities: wealthy, broad shoulders, thin legs

Medicine: concerning the kidneys

House No.34:

No. 34. FAVOUR – Awards. Deals with kindness and favours done for you as well as substansial benefits which you may receive as a result of your foresight.

Time House: In four years 

The Fish: Astrological Sign: Taurus

Lenormand: No.34 “The Fish“ Earth sign – from the hunter to the gatherer. Taurus actually belongs to the astrological signs that have a hard time separating themselves from personal and material matters. The material aspects remain in the foreground; however, they also like to be responsible for community affairs and their organisation.


35. The Anchor


Oracle Divination: You should insist; you have what it takes to do it

Keywords: Balance, stability, security, commitment, goal reached, fidelity.

Security, things remaining settled. Positive. Stability and purposefulness, in able command of your plans and course. work, job.

Daily tendency:  Because of your psychological intuition, you are aware of grievances and deficits and know the solution for a problem.  Today will be busy and you are diligent and manage to deal with many unfinished work.    

Love:  You already found your home harbour and feel happy with your partner.  Are you unsure about a person that just recently stepped into your life?  Do you wonder if he / she loves you, too?  The anchor ensures you that love is replied.  love is return after many years, you can cling to it or it can cling to you – so always keep a space free 

Work:  You hoped for a new job and there it is.  Out of daily life and routine.  You are integrated into a team that you perfectly fit in.  You will soon develop new common goals and achieve them with fun and enthusiasm.  permanent employment of all kinds – finding a good job, stability ensured

Health:  Overindulgence is the cause for some kilos too much and a tired body and stressed skin.  Keep your indulgence in barriers.  Limit sweet sins and switch from quantity to quality

Characteristics/Qualities: Workaholic – striver and reliable

Medicine: overeating and danger of obesity 

House No.35:

No. 35. AMBITION – Influence and Power. Reveals how you should best use the power and influence you have gained.

Time House: September

The Anchor: 6th House work and analysis 

Lenormand: No.35 “The Anchor“ – Taken literally, there are several different topics that are addressed by this house. First and foremost are work and diligence. Order and cleanliness are standard, which explains why the record keeping and budget function without a hitch. However, there is also a heightened sense of observation and perfect analysis of human nature.

36. The Cross


Oracle Divination: Trust in destiny,fortune will never leave you in the learch

Keywords: Suffering, pain, tears, sacrifice, big disappointments in the long term, loss, punishment, humiliation, fate, karma.

Card of destiny, can mean pain, or require the reader to be strong and self-contained. An occult card; neither positive nor negative. Might be a full stop with no options, or the answer you have been seeking. destiny, fate, examination.

Daily tendency:  An examination is going to happen- in interpersonal relationships, at work or in your free time.  With a lot of effort, you will pass the examination.   

Love:  The Cross has two substantial meanings.  Either you are in a relationship that is inconstant and makes you lose your nerves- you should better break up.  Alternatively, you found a partner for good, share interests and take care of each other.  Fateful partner or separation? You already know! If you are honest with yourself, you’ve known the answer all along!

Work:  Your job is your profession or you will soon develop one of your abilities to a profession.  There are many possibilities to start this process; it could be a technical hobby, writing poems or your cooking skills.  The only precondition is that you live your individual passion with enthusiasm and diligence. the classical freelance activities – an employer-employee relationship ends

Health:  The Cross symbolizes the lower back.  Take care of your intervertebral discs, as it might happen that a nerve gets teased which leads to pain

Characteristics/Qualities: argues with fate

Medicine: lower back area and discs 

House No.36:

No. 36, SICKNESS – ILL HEALTH. Concerns health etc

 Time House: immediately – negative

The Cross: 10th House – boundaries and the state 

Lenormand: No.36 “The Cross“ – Effort, preparation for projects, and separations of all kinds take place in the 10th House. There is always some kind of limitation placed on personal freedom—one is isolated and should accept this condition, in order to receive one’s reward and success.

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