Lenormand 7 Cards Line Spread – What does he feel for his wife?

16 Jul

Hi friends. Do you still remember about my friend Lady A (who ask about how her lover feels for her?

She wants to know how her lover feels for his wife. I did for  her the Lenormand 7 Cards Line Spread below:

The focus card here is the Star. It denote that its about his hope and dreams. With the focus card being sandwiched by Cards  3 being The Cross and Card 5 being The Scythe we can safely say that in their marriage, he is disappointed with his wife. His hopes are dashed and he is feeling very deprived.The Scythe and The House together denotes coldness at home. Husband and Wife have a cold relatioinship.

The Book card next to the woman card denotes there is a secret that the wife doesn’t know about. The secret has to do with his disappointment and unhappiness with her (Cross + Star) and the coldness at home (Scythe + House). The secret brings him happiness (House + Bouquet)

By method of reflection:

Cards 1+ 2 (Book + Bouquet) = denotes A secret relationship with a nice lady and its something that makes him happy. The lady of the house (Woman + House) referring to his wife (The Woman card refers to his wife because the question is about the mans feelings for his wife) is being threatened by this relationship (Card Cross + Scythe speaks about a cut or severance or sudden deep sadness). This is to say that the secret relationship this man has is for real and not just a fling or sexual enjoyment only. And if the secret relationship progresses, if Lady A decides to leave her husband, then looks like the man will want to leave his home and be with Lady A (Scythe + House + Bouquet).

Well, his wife better change her attitude, if she still wants to be with her husband or if she’s lucky perhaps Lady A will not want to leave her marriage. BUT no guarantees cos an unhappy husband will want to finally find his own happiness.

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