Gypsy Fortunes (Secret of the heart spread) – Lady C wants to know situation of her lovers marriage

18 Jul

Remember Lady C here? After wanting to know about her relationship with her lover, she ask that I see the situation of her lovers marriage.

For good comparison purposes I used the same type of cards and the same spread.

Question: Whats the situation of their marriage?

The bottom card from the deck after cutting was taken out to determine WHAT THE READING IS ABOUT and 2 more cards was pulled for added info:

– The Broken Mirror card here sets the tone of the reading, not a happy one. It refers to  an end of a phase. It refers to shattered dreams and a grieving relationship. The relationship looks like its beyond repair and in a decayed condition. Together with the 2 extra cards pulled from the bottom for added info, The Cat card and the Snake Card, we can safely conclude that the bad luck in the marriage is because of poor nurturing between spouse and lack of sacrifice between them. Since its the man who had look elsewhere so perhaps its him thats not getting enough nurturing from his wife and as the gypsy wisdom saying goes  “He who wills not to feed the cats, feed the mice”. Because of this state of deprivation and unhappiness, The Snake comes into place hence the betrayal and temptation and deceit has taken place in their marriage.

Lets now look at all the other cards.

Row 1 (What Their Marriage Looks Like On The Surface) – The Sun card followed by the Flower card shows that on the surface to outsiders their marriage looks happy, contented and the couple appear fortunate and having a wonderful life to those around them. With the House beside the Flower card adds to show the strength of the marriage superficially…but wait! look at the end card..A Mice card right next to the House card! look at what the thief has taken away from the house and look at the mice eating away at bits and pieces of stolen cheese under the culvert near the house. This denotes things are not well at home, there are loses and thefts (thefts of emotions and love etc) slowly being stolen away from the home bit by bit unnoticed…

Row 2 (Whats Really Going On in their relationship?) – The Cloud card being sandwiched by the Queen card on the left and the Cupid card on its right. The dark side of the Cloud is towards the Queen card and the light side is towards cupid. The cloud card  speaks of dreams and wishes and hopes. Since the dark side is towards the Queen (card signifying the lovers wife) it indicates a dark storm is brewing for her and dreams and wishes shall be dashed. The Cupid card next to the Cloud card speaks about romantic lust and choices (the tarot association would be the Lovers card), this card is speaking about the temptation of a new relationship within the marriage (yes, its about the relationship between the husband and Lady C). The light side of the clouds being towards the Cupid card would indicate good tiding for this new love affair, it can mean that the husband very much prefers his new love and their relationship compared to his relationship with his wife. So, although externally the marriage might appear stable and fine on the outside, but in reality the marriage is decaying and a third party has come into the picture.

Row 3 (What Will Happen?)Moon card beside the Scythe card is a matter of grave concern. If things remain as it is with no effort made by the couple to save their dying relationship it looks like there will be a deep blow to the marriage and it will strike without notice. Illusions will be ripped open and the marriage would be badly scared!

Row 4 (Outcome) – The Stork card here predicts changes in the marriage, either the start of a new relationship or perhaps changes in the dynamics of the marriage. Either a physical detachment of one spouse moving away or perhaps further emotional estrangement and a new dynamic set in the marriage whereby the couple do not physically divorce from each other but exist as separate individuals.

I must say that the Gypsy Fortunes card makes for  very  interesting read.

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