Oracle Ge (3 card Spread) – Lovers feeling for his wife today

20 Jul

Hi readers, I would like to introduce another fantastic oracle card which I find pretty accurate and straight to the point! Oracle Gé is a modern French oracle deck consisting of 61 cards. The deck was created by Gerard Barbier, and published by France Cartes in 1991. If you’re familiar with Oracle Belline, the transition to Oracle Gé would be relatively easy since there are many similarities between the two decks. Although the symbolism of the Oracle Gé is unique, the meanings of those symbols will seem very familiar. The Belline is said to have been derived from the Lenormand Oracle, so it is not surprising that there are many similarities to that earlier deck as well. The cards of the Oracle Gé are read together in combinations much like the Lenormand and Belline.

Ok, the reading will be for my best friend and colleague Lady C. I’m intrigued by this lady because she seems to have her life all put together.  A solid marriage (the affair she has is because of some marital problems they had earlier in thier marriage and she was about to opt out of it when she started the affair, while in the affair, she focused on her marriage and it grew strong and stable so did her affair, so of course theres no need to get her divorce but at the same time she does not have the heart to break up her affair and make her lover depress because he’s been good to her). Well lucky girl!, I’m not going to judge her for her affair etc its none of my business. I find her a loving friend, we’ve been friends since we were kids and now we work together in the same company.

The Background story for this reading you can read it here . Today, her lover called as he promised. I guess she does feel some jealousy and the question she wants to know is:

How does her lover feel for his wife today?

Position 1: The woman card, here its referring to Lady C. So it can be said that the feeling of her lover towards his wife has got a lot to do with his relationship with Lady C.

Position 2:  Gift Card here denotes a surprise of a beautiful thing. In this instance it could mean the beautiful gift and surprise in his life is Lady C. So the problem or situation regarding his feeling for his wife is closely linked to the presence of Lady C in his life.

Position 3: Winter Tree Card denotes uselessness, pointlessness and loneliness. So in the emotional level with his wife, I would say his feelings for his wife is cold and distant.

Note: According to Lady C their marriage was already distant even before she entered the picture. This couple stayed together because of family ties. So I guess, with Lady C in the picture whatever little feelings he had for his wife is gone and frozen just like what is shown in the Oracle Ge by the Winter Tree, cold frozen and hardened.

Another Note: Please refer here to see this reading using Tarot d’Eltynne

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