Tarot d’Eltynne (3 card Spread) – Lovers feeling for his wife today

20 Jul

For practice purposes and to compare a reading with different oracle, I took the reading here and did it again using the Tarot d’Eltynne oracle. This is a lovely oracle a recreation of the Oracle Belline. The creator of this deck Medlindaf started the redesigning in 2000 and completed it in 2005. I purchased my cards from his website and the service was excellent! You can read more about this oracle here.

How does Lady C’s lover feel for his wife today?

Positiion 1: The Sterility Card – This card personifies what produces nothing or that is stagnant. It may reflect the passive situation of someone, a project (or someone) that is in a dead end. The dead vegetation and the dry river bed in a desert show that this earth was fertile but it is not any more. This card may be a warning so as to prompt further thought to avoid drying up ones’ energy in useless efforts in continuing a project that will bear no fruit.

Yes, the premise of the questioin shows that this relationship is like a desert, stagnant and dead end. It would reflect how he feels for his wife not only today but general feeling. I must agree with Lady C that her lovers marriage is just my “name” only, existing physically married but emotionally empty and dried. Hence perhaps the reason for him being in a relationship with Lady C. Fell quite sorry for this guy because eventhough he’s so compatible and in love with Lady C but she’s not leaving her marriage..maybe its his destiny to be in such a stalemate situation when it comes to his personal life….

Position 2: The Pleasure Card – This card refers to all the pleasures that life can bring, physical, sexuality, or sentiments. The lyre symbolizes harmony of sounds and by extension interior harmony of oneself that opens us up to fully profit from the pleasure that the environment offers. In its’ excessive form this card shows superficiality, blindness, or an evasion in unlimited consumption of pleasures.

Being in this position, I must say the problem with what his feelings is for his wife is lack of happiness, sexuality, lack of harmony. Indeed all the factors of a good relationship is missing from their marriage. If we interpret this card in context with his relationship with Lady C, we can safely say that the problem in his marriage and thus his feelings with his wife is the happiness, pleasure and fulfillment he derive from Lady C.

Position 3: The Mans Star – May either refer to the male querant or the influence of a male person in the circle of the querant.

I will say that the outcome of his feelings towards his wife will be the cumulative feeling he has gnawing within himself.

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