Gilded Tarot and Gypsy Fortunes Card (3 card Spread) – Should We Invest In This Property

21 Jul

My husband has been looking at this new property launch in our neighborhood and ask my opinion whether we should invest in it. In our marriage my husband and I have joint account, we split everything 50-50. So whatever decisions about purchases would be joint consent and all property we have are co-owned.

I decided to ask the oracle using a 3 card spread with both Tarot and Gypsy Fortunes oracle card.

Question: Should we invest in this new property coming up in the neighborhood?

Position 1: Yes, its a large amount of money to be invested and this is aptly shown by the 10 of pentacles. 10 of pentacles is about wealth and investments.

Position2: Card 2 with the 5 of Pentacles does show the situation we’re facing or rather the dilemma we face. Of course we worry if this would be a sound investment. We worry whether it will drain our finances unnecessarily.

Position 3: With 6 of wands here, I can say that the cards are telling us to go ahead and make the decision to purchase the property for our future investment because it looks like it will be a winner. Looks like the money spent on it would bring satisfaction in the future.

For comparing purposes and to see whether using another divination system would lead to a different answer, I did a similar spread using the Gypsy Fortune cards.

Using Gypsy Fortune Cards

Using the same 3 cards layout:

Position 1: With card 18 or Marriage card here denotes the premise of the question which is about a commitment or an agreement. Yes, in this case is a legal agreement about sales and purchase of a property.

Position 2: Card 15 or The King speaks about the dilemma my husband is facing whether to buy or not to buy. He is in charge of our investment portfolio so of course he is more troubled about this decision than I am.

Position 3: The Bride card (Card 35) in this position denotes, happiness and contentment. So I woulds say that my husband has nothing to worry and that he should but the porperty as it would make us happy in the future.

Note: I always find that regardless of whichever divination method is used the oracle always speaks the same language albeit in slightly different way.

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