Gypsy Fortunes(13 Cards Cross Spread) – The Situation Of Bassy’s Marriage

21 Jul

Background Story: Bessy, a neighbor had recently notice some changes with her husband. There marriage appear strong and stable on the outside but from my observation I can feel a somewhat emotional distance between the couple. She wants to know the situation of her marriage.

I use the Gypsy Fortunes cards which is a remake of the Old Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards by Lady Lorelei. The cross spread by Iris Treppner which can be found as a download here was my spread of choice here. (I love Iris Treppners lenormand course. Its a good buy. The best I must say.)

The focus card being card No 24:The switch does not bode well for the present situation of Bessy’s marriage. Looks like there’s a lot of trouble in their marriage..lots of quarrels and misunderstanding.

Past Position: What has happened is that in the past represented by (Card 19: Clasped Hand + Card 17:Stork) shows that her husband has met a new relationship that brings him great pleasure and this can attribute to changes within himself and in his relationship with his wife Bessy. Look at the 2 transient card in the Past position how its influence in the Past to the Present, (Card 13:The Letter and Card 32:The Lightning). This new relationship of his consist of important communications (The Letter Card)  between them (him and a lady friend) their communications are of an intimate nature. Furthermore this new relationship brings with it a wonderful surprise to Bessy’s husband and he never expect something so wonderful to happen to him but it has affected his marriage badly. This can be seen in the Present cards position.

Present Position: As is noted in the past position, A new found relationship by Bessy’s husband which he found giving him wonderful surprise and intimate communication is causing him to change towards his marriage with Bessy. (Card 36:The Safe +Card 27 :The Cat) denotes a situation where there is falsity and pretense in the marriage affecting its stability. The marriage is no more safe but marred by falseness. Beneath the focus card (Card21:The Dog + Card12:The Rider) denotes the moving away of friendship from the marriage, can also be the man is distancing himself perhaps emotionally and physically from the marriage. The 2 transient cards from Present position to future position ie its influence to the Present situation, (Card 35:The Bride + Card3:The House) speaks about the influence of The new lady (The Bride card) in their marriage (The House card) which will make a difference in the outcome of the future of Bessy’s relationship with her husband.

Future Position: The marriage doesn’t look too good in the future. As can be seen here by cards (Card5:The Sick Person + Card23:The Mice Card). A misfortune will happen in this marriage. It will be fraught with unhappiness, sadness and listlessness. Something will be taken away from this marriage. The future of this marriage does’nt look too good.

Advice: My advice to Bessy is to try and seek counseling for both she and her husband and work out things fast between them otherwise her marriage will crumble. They need to get professional help fast. This is what happens if we don’t try to iron out problems in our marriage when it first begin to appear. Bessy and her husband are in their late 50’s.

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