Oracle Of Visions – My 3 card Daily Draw

22 Jul

Hi friends. I just receive my beautiful Oracle Of Visions yesterday. This lovely deck is by Ciro Marchetti, also the creator of Tarot Of Dreams, Gilded Tarot and Legacy Tarot. I collect all his cards because they’re so beautiful and I love Reading with them especially Gilded Tarot and Tarot Of Dreams. You can get this lovely oracle from his website here

Question: What is my day like today?

The focus of the day is about Tranquility. Yes it’ll be a day where I will be quietly recuperating after 2 days of battling this tonsillitis and feeling much better today. Yes, and day before yesterday I went for my yearly health screening and thank god I’m fit as a fiddle except I’m going through perimenopause but not too bad. No hot flushes and no other chronic health problems except some mild mood swings. So I guess, today I’m feeling peaceful and rested. (I get nervous prior to health screening).

Looks like as usual today my role would be of nurturing (Nurturing Card) and supporting (Support Card) others. This is part of my life where I’m the pillar of strength for family and staff and I have to have a large capacity to nurture others otherwise things around me wont be running smoothly and efficiently. I consider myself the focal point where others seek me for solace and source of comfort and stability. I like playing this role too because it gives me a sense of balance and when you give others you get back much more in return from life. I’m always happy to give moral support and encouragement to people around me.

I would say this oracle works well with me and I’m liking it already. Will try out for other sort of readings. I’ll post it here.

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