Tarot d’Eltynne/Oracle Belline Card Meanings

24 Jul

I do not use the Oracle Belline cards but I love the Tarot d’Eltynne oracle. This is a lovely oracle a recreation of the Oracle Belline. The creator of this deck Medlindaf started the redesigning in 2000 and completed it in 2005. You can read more about this oracle here. The meanings for both the Belline oracle and Tarot d’Eltynne oracle is the same except for some description regarding the cards images.

I’ve got these meanings from a french website, and have translated it courtesy of Google translations.

The cards are divided 8 large sections as follows:

  • Cards of global influence.
  • Cards under the influence of the Sun
  • Cards under the influence of the Moon
  • Cards under the influence of Mercury
  • Cards under the influence of Venus
  • Cards under the influence of Mars
  • Cards under the influence of Jupiter
  • Cards under the influence of Saturn

Cards of global influence

 Blue Card

This card is a little apart in the Oracle, it is neither numbered nor under the influence of a planet. This is probably why it is the most ystérieuse too. Purists prefer to keep it apart to replace it later on a card that would be lost. Feel free to use it or not, but its presence in the game is certainly not trivial! It was sort of the role of joker or lucky talisman. Its soothing blue color reduces bad omens minimizing their reach. Some also say that it can resume drawing from scratch, others prefer to see things from God and the action of cosmic laws of the universe. So many mysteries to break …

1. Destiny

The key opens the doors of intuition, luck and destiny. Whoever is in possession of this card becomes master of its destiny because it has the power to decide.

She announced an important decision, and it increases the chance in all areas. This card gives you the means to realize your projects in all areas.

This card marks the essential element of the draw, the key problem. It underlines the importance of the map that precedes it. It may also indicate an important decision to be taken, or that the fate of the consultant is fully in his hands, pointing to the master of the situation. This is a map key of the oracle, and is one of four cards a bit part, because it is not associated with a particular planet but serves to clarify the meaning of the draw.

FEELINGS This card gives hope of a new emotional life. S’élucident complicated situations with a clarity better relationships. The relationship with the environment becomes favorable.

PROFESSIONAL This card announces the possibility of a promotion and a position with greater responsibilities. Opportunities may emerge to lead you to success, success and power.

FINANCES You have a chance at your side. It frees you from all physical baffles. Announcement of a good financial security.

HEALTH: Energy, vitality and strength combine.

2. Star of the man

Solar Man is a symbol he wears on his head a six-pointed star called the Seal of Solomon says that a heavenly protection. It combines the assets and liabilities, spirit and matter. It is the synthesis of opposites.

It represents the set of a consultant: a male influence. Otherwise, it is the consultant. For a man: This card represents. For a woman: This card can be a spouse, lover, friend, father or boss.

Star of man is one of the few cards in the deck (with the Star of the woman) to represent a character. It is generally used to represent the consultant if the consultant is a man. Otherwise, it can be a spouse, friend or even an enemy depending on the context. This is at least a male influence in the data of the problem studied.

FEELINGS for a single woman: She announced an upcoming meeting. For a married woman: She is the spouse. For a man: She announces emotional fulfillment.

PROFESSIONAL For a woman (married or not): it represents support, assistance, or employer. For a man: It expresses a strong position to ensure professional success.

FINANCES For a woman: A board or help prevent a man will be a good omen. For a man’s finances are well managed.

HEALTH This card gives no interpretation.

3. Star of the woman

Women’s Moon is a symbol, it is also a star on his head. The Star of Woman is united as well as that of man.

It represents a female influence in the game of a consultant.

Otherwise, it is the consultant.

For a woman: This map represents the consultant. For a man: This card can be his wife, his mistress, his girlfriend or his mother.

Star of the woman is the alter ego of the previous card: Star of the man. Similarly, it is generally used to represent the consultant. If the consultant is a man, she can be his partner, a friend, colleague or even an enemy depending on the context. This is at least an influence of female nature in relation to the question.

FEELINGS for a single man: It announces a future meeting. For a married man: It represents the joint. For a woman: She announced an emotional realization.

PROFESSIONAL For a man: It represents an endorsement or support of women. For a woman: It expresses a strong position to ensure professional success.

FINANCES : For a man: A board or help prevent a woman will be a good omen. For a woman: Finances are well managed.

HEALTH This card gives no interpretation.

Cards under the influence of the sun:

4. The Nativity

The 12 zodiac signs, sun and moon are represented on the parchment of this map. Each planet, each sign and each house is a milestone in our evolution. All these symbols are the representation of the theme at the time of birth. This card announces the birth of an action, a fact or state.

This card allows the consultant to have the opportunity to achieve, to have good initiatives, intelligence and skill.

The map of the Nativity is the first series of the Sun. She is a diagram lined with signs of the zodiac painted on a piece of parchment. It indicates the beginning of something (a business, a relationship, a new beginning …). It can also simply announce the birth of a child. This is something new. Being under the influence of the Sun, this card has a rather positive connotation, but it is best to get other cards to see the progress of the upcoming event.

FEELINGS It heralds the beginning of new emotional encounters, friendship or love. It marks the emotional life by modifications happy.

PROFESSIONAL She announced a new business, promotion or greater responsibility. It allows you to take advantage of everything that comes along.

FINANCES Provides a change in finances. Increase, promotion or benefits of any kind.

HEALTH Whether the physical or mental, it announces a great vitality.

5. Success

A medal suspended by a ribbon tied to the base of a laurel wreath. The medal is a symbol of decoration, it is given as a reward for efforts. The crown, symbol of victory and glory, which honors the heroes. These two symbols together, confirm a success through personal investment. This card allows the consultant to do with pleasure all its expectations and hopes come.

Representing a laurel wreath with a ribbon and a cross-shaped medal, the map of the success embodies the success in general. This can be a success in business, or a common sentiment, or even a wedding for example. This card can also indicate a great vitality and a lot of energy for the consultant to achieve its objectives.

FEELINGS projects and agreement with others are favored. Good news for the emotional lives and friendships.

PROFESSIONAL Good prospects in all business activities. Ambitions performed successfully.

FINANCES She announced financial security. Assets are safeguarded.

HEALTH The Bugs are deleted successfully.

6. Elevation

A scale lying in front of a pyramid resting on a green floor. The ladder uniting heaven to earth, it can rise. The pyramid is a symbol of ascension. This card allows the consultant to be promoted to drive its progress to the events success and victoire.Cette card announces an increase in all areas.

Elevation card of the pyramid acts as a symbol and a scale. They refer to the ascent, rising upwards, towards the Sun, who governs this card. It may indicate an increase in the social scale, the consultant can reach heights, reward for his efforts. In terms of love, feelings grow and grow to reach a point of fusion. It may also include spiritual growth, awareness important and beneficial for the future of the consultant.

FEELINGS the links are based on the intellect. Harmony reigns, but relations are marked by a domineering aspect.

PROFESSIONAL Businesses and actions are promoted with ease. Greater responsibilities. Social domination.

FINANCES She announces financial reassuring. Increased revenues to be expected.

HEALTH Better Health.

7. Honors

Two scepters with a mounted one hand, in a three-pointed crown. Sceptres symbolize the supreme power and hand indicates the direction to take in the field of activity. The Royal Crown symbolizes access to senior ranks.

The three points express power on the material, relational and spiritual.

This card allows the consultant to be on the road to success, it ensures that the direction will give you all the satisfaction. This card announces a highly regarded social promotion or distinction.

The map shows a ring that overcomes two scepters. One representative of justice, and the other command, all under the symbol of royalty and power. These objects make to honor the person who is qualified. Map of Honours is synonymous with success and especially to recognize that success on the part of others. Recognition of the value of work by superiors or even colleagues. Recognition also within the couple. Passed the examinations with honors. The subject exercises power over others share his qualities and is admired around him.

FEELINGS Announcement determination to maintain order in relationships. Insurance to have a power to dominate others. Are overwhelmed by feelings of pride.

PROFESSIONAL Encouraging promotion that allows a forward or flattering distinction. Rewarded, recognized and satisfactions in ambitions.

FINANCES  Friendly material for all transactions of any investment. Financial triumph.

HEALTH It announces a good mental balance that allows you to fight disease.

8. Thought, friendship

A flower-like face, dominated by a dog’s head. The flower reflects the beauty to admire and love, is a proof of sympathy and harmony. The dog is the friend and faithful guardian of man. The flower and the dog associates give a message of sincerity and friendship.

This card allows the consultant to have good relationships with others and to facilitate trade, understanding. This card announcement of friendship, affection or sympathy.

A dog and a flower. The fauna and flora. This image shows the harmony of nature and of life on earth. The dog symbolizes fidelity and protection, while the flower inspires the beauty and fragility. This card indicates that someone has kind thoughts to the consultant. It can even be a friendship. It is often valuable because disinterested. There is complementarity between the two, with a desire for protection and sometimes admiration.

FEELINGS This card announces the completion of all the emotional wishes. Family life exists in the serenity and happiness in married life.

PROFESSIONAL Labour relations are harmonious and good relations is based. She announced that the work can be related to the emotional.

FINANCES Peace and security guaranteed. Interests related to the emotional win.

HEALTH It announces a very high morale and good energy.

9. Campaign, health

A large flower near a large tree, it is next to a house. The flower has its roots in the ground to provide its petals in the light of heaven. The tree is the symbol of the evolution that connects heaven to earth. The house symbolizes protection, it is the inner center of the world.

This card gives consultant relaxation, peace, serenity and tranquility, be it physical or psychological. This card announces the holidays, relaxation, rest.

This card represents a house near a tree in the countryside symbolizes a need quiet and rest, it invites to meditation, to mark a pause beneficial. There may need to recharge after an event, to isolate a little to the point. It can also be a break in the countryside, or interest in nature and plants. In love, the consultant has a love life peaceful and without too much trouble.

FEELINGS Friendly and sentimental feelings about are full of peace and serenity. Favorable to all exchanges, it will keep or find inner calm.

PROFESSIONAL It means a workplace calm and relaxed, but is more related to the holiday.

FINANCES tranquility in finance, balance, serious management.

HEALTH physical and mental strength are found.

10. Present

Giving a right hand a crown, a scepter, a medal and money. The hand is a sign of just rewards. The crown and scepter symbolizing power, sovereignty and authority. The medal represents a high distinction and funds are offered with kindness due to merit.

This card gives the consultant a material well-being and provides opportunities at all levels. This card announces a bonus or good attention.

Present on the map, we see a hand, probably because after a divine cloud in the sky. This hand poured below it a scepter, a crown, a medal and jewels. This image represents a clear reward, a reward that will come as a gift of fate. The gifts are symbols of money represented honor and power. It can be a gain of money, a promotion or even a recognition of your work or your merit. The award will provide at least a lot of happiness especially since it will be relatively unexpected.

FEELINGS Agreement with the environment, reinforced by small gifts.

PROFESSIONAL Professional Activities advantage. Efforts recognized and rewarded. Guidelines and projects are realized and lead to good prospects.

FINANCES  Progression financial.

HEALTH Good energy. Disease treated

Cards under the influence of the Moon

11. Betrayal

A cat with hair standing on end, all claws out ready to pounce. The cat is an animal typically female and night. Its symbolism is between evil and beneficial aspects. It is the cat that inspired distrust.

This card expresses the consultant to apply great caution, because all indiscretions will be harmful. This card announces the cunning, the backbiting and jealousy.

Card of Betrayal is the first series of the Moon, a serial rather negative connotation. She is a cat with sly and sarcastic, ready to sneak attack. This character symbolizes the map which is the emblem. The oracle indicates a strong disillusionment, a nasty surprise, a betrayal. This could be a trap, a case

suspicious that go wrong or just gossip and slander. In love, the partner is false and hide the reality. The feelings are not genuine. There can be adulterous.

FEELINGS  the emotional relationships are confused by the gossip. Disputes may arise, not favoring relations. To overcome these obstacles, mistrust sometimes permitted.

PROFESSIONAL professional activities are in a bad mood. The opponents become enemies. Conflicts are caused by the gossip and jealousy.

FINANCES Financial barriers are heavy to bear. Losses are predictable and you will have no support from those around you. Non-advised investments and distrust is required.

HEALTH inner aggression causing various problems.

12. Departure

Birds fly away, leaving the mountain. Birds have the ability to rise and fly it. They are messengers of heaven and earth, promoting the momentum of the mind over the daily annoyances. The mountains rise to express a situation and progress.

This card gives the consultant to go to the next level, take on a new dimension and in all areas. This card announces the need or desire to escape and be free.

On this map you can see a bunch of migrating birds who go to another country flying over the mountains. It evokes a harmonious and well-organized departure. It may well be on a trip or a move. More symbolically, the card may simply indicate a new beginning, a new career for example, or the sentimental, the beginning of a new relationship. In terms of health, the consultant found the shape and ready to face new trials. The map of the region can also evoke a spiritual initiation.

FEELINGS a new flight to the relatively relaxed. New emotional expectations. A new beginning. An issue of family demands.

PROFESSIONAL A professional change (new job or freer) looks positively. Mobility. New moving towards a happy situation aspects.

FINANCES The Finance situate in good conditions. The obstacles are resolved and clarity in management. The acquisitions will be more balanced and reassuring.

HEALTH new positive energy.

13. Inconstancy

A head appears from a cloud and blowing strongly on a tower. The wind is instability, fickleness and frivolity. It diverts the paths and fates. The tower is a refuge, protection.

This card forces the consultant in different directions, not allowing him to find his true path and balance. This card announces a lack of uncertainty, hesitation and versatility.

The map of the inconstancy shows a character, probably the god of wind, blowing across the landscape of a hill and a tower topped by a flag. This tower is a shelter against the wind rages. This symbolizes a period of uncertainty for the consultant, who would do well to shelter the winds undecided. There is change and instability, the period is not conducive to the decisions that it is better to postpone, until the situation is being reorganized and that things become clear. On the spiritual level, the consultant must stop to rest and ruminate on their problems, they simplify themselves thereafter.

FEELINGS Emotions inside causing problems. Indecision leads to an emotional crisis, causing an internal struggle hard to overcome. Exchanges superficial and insincere in the feelings.

PROFESSIONAL position of weakness by changing behavior, making it dependent on the hierarchy. Career slowed, causing a lack of confidence. Responsibilities before, a rout announces limited period.

FINANCES Financial difficulties, caused by imprudent management. Losses are predictable and you will have no support from those around you. No control in the income and expenditure and negligence will bring great difficulties.

HEALTH nonchalance in health  dominates, it weakens the physical and moral.

14. Discovery

An open book, an owl and a manuscript about a telescope that goes to a star. The book offers its content. The book’s rich content. The owl expresses the vision. The telescope to discover what is below, which can only be seen by the naked eye. The star symbol of light, a guide and hope.

This card informs the consultant in all areas where a failure to understand the events persisted. This card helps to understand what seems obscure in the mind and in reality.

Here is a card of the series of the Moon which is rather positive. It is a telescope directed towards a star. It indicates that the consultant is about to a discovery in relation to its interests. This may be in his professional life: an invention for example, or scientific research. It can also, in the love life, announce the discovery of the feelings of a person or his qualities. Finally, the map of the discovery may also indicate that the consultant is preparing to lead a spiritual quest. It may be interesting to take another card to clarify the nature and context of discovery.

FEELINGS Agreement with the environment through better understanding of feelings. Benefit promises fulfilled expectations. New knowledge can interfere.

PROFESSIONAL Advanced professional activities through logic, understanding and reasoning. Through research and personal investment, the growth occurs. New horizons open with excellent prospects.

FINANCES With a better understanding of management, the financial situation improves. Much wisdom can see clearer and promotes the release of obstacles. Non-advised investments and distrust is required.

HEALTH Good physical and moral energy.

15. Water

A boat floating on water. The ship symbolizes the crossing of the unconscious to deal on a new shore. Existence is a navigation and all kinds of events occur. Water is a reflection of the unconscious, femininity, intuition, and is a source of life and purification.

This card gives the consultant a need to escape physical and moral obligations daily. It is a good influence on intuition, but can quickly switch into fantasies. This card announces a change physical or mental.

Card of Water is a rocking boat on blue water dotted with waves, pushed by winds. At first glance, it symbolizes that the consultant follows the path driven by favorable winds. Luck is with him and everything seems to work alone. However, the image shown on the map leaves something dreamy and may suggest that the consultant may be surrounded by illusions. So beware of the dangers that could come out of the water relatively peaceful and weather changes that may occur! This card can also just announced a trip or even a honeymoon.

FEELINGS the reality is embedded in the dream and romance dominate. Beware of high sensitivity to return to reality. Also announced the return of a person away or departure of a loved one.

PROFESSIONAL A business claiming a great imagination or are related to travel advantage. In other cases, the risk of disappointment in the progress of projects.

FINANCES Passivity in finance. Left, went to events with no interest in bonds. Behavior that may cause trouble.

HEALTH loss of vitality and risk of depression.

16. The Penates

A crenellated tower with two openings on the ground of grass flowers. The crenellated tower is both a place of observation, shelter and protection against external events. Apertures warmth, clarity and keeps contact with the outside world.

This card symbolizes protection. It defends against all attacks from outside, bringing peace, tranquility and serenity. This card announces the origins, heritage and home.

On this card you can see a crenellated tower, with two large windows. it evokes a safe haven and strong, but remains open to the outside world. It is safe, in peace. If the consultant is in a very active period, the map shows that it can be good to take a step back and observe the situation. Otherwise, she warns against a withdrawal. Financially, the investments are safe and without risks. On the sentimental, the map highlights the importance of home, family. If the consultant is single, it may be about to get married.

FEELINGS Grand attachment to home and family. Harmony in friendships and romantic, the sensitivity is high. Emotional stability and safe with relatives.

PROFESSIONAL activity is more in the home where she encourages people working there, giving them a peace of mind. In other cases, the work is concerned, it gives more advice: spend more time with the family.

FINANCES Good financial balance by prudence. Good management give a progression. The financial situation is not a problem.

HEALTH A good balance, no health concerns.

17. Disease

Posing a raptor claws of a toad. The raptor and the toad are synonymous with ugliness, fear, awkwardness or disease. This card announces a difficult period littered with various obstacles, which will not be easily bypassed and this will turn on the state of health. This card announces a physical or moral.

We can see from this last card in the series of the moon a blue eagle that carries a frog in its talons. The unfortunate is his thank you. It may also drop sharply. On the business front, this card indicates an increase too fast with a risk of sudden collapse or takeover by a competitor. It can also be a flight. In love, there is alienation or sudden disappointment. there may be rupture of the relationship. The card can also indicate that the consultant fed excessive jealousy. For health, the interpretation is clear, the disease strikes the consultant unpredictably. He will need help to cope.

FEELINGS the emotional ties are not favorable. Conflicts, discuss slanderers are painful emotionally. The trouble will be decimated in your entourage.

PROFESSIONAL The professional life is seriously upset. No progress socially. A bad mood can be felt on the environment and all actions are disadvantaged.

FINANCES financial barriers are heavy to bear, as you can get sick. Stresses accumulate and physical security is severely compromised. Strict limits are expected.

HEALTH risk of infectious disease.

Cards under the influence of Mercury

18. Change

The sun, moon, earth and stars. The stars are symbols of perfection whose harmony is both natural and mysterious. The sun symbolizes the radiation. The moon enhances the sensitivity. The earth shows renewal. the stars gives hope. This card announces changes and changes fast and positive. She announces changes, changes very fast.

The card is the first of the series associated with the planet Mercury. It is a solar eclipse that will soon end. This clearly represents a transition period for the consultant. A major change that is being effected. The change is rather positive in general. In terms of work, we will have to adapt to a new situation: promotion, career change, or restructuring of the company. In terms of love, an event helps draw a line under the past. A new love is about to be born. It can also act of renewal in a married couple.

FEELINGS The emotional life is experiencing a rapid and unexpected development. Ahead to meet new people and existing relationships are changing. All the emotional ties are improving beneficial.

PROFESSIONAL predictable change in beneficial active and social. The wishes are granted. Encouraging results in greater freedom of action. The evolution is rapid.

FINANCES Any financial worries were quickly settled. The doubts fly away and is replaced by a material benefit. Positive news of development ahead.

A HEALTH energy restoring forces.

19. Money

A silver horn overflowing with coins. The horn is a sign of fertility and happiness. Symbol of the abundance of divine gifts, luck, hope, generosity and prudence. This card expresses the chance, providence, insurance, assistance and hope in all areas. This card announces a strengthening material beneficial.

Here you can see a cornucopia, symbol of money, wealth and luck. The pieces that fall are blue, which is associated to the dream. So it’s like a dream that all these riches come. In material terms, no need to worry, the map of Silver ensures that the business will be good and juicy. Sentimental level, there may be plenty of fun. For a couple, the card may also indicate that the relationship is concerned and in relation to money. Warning, if the other cards are negative, the oracle tells you that you may indulge into debt.

FEELINGS much generosity is manifested and the relationship with the environment are protected. Family relations are peaceful. Sincerity, harmony and openness in trade and emotional ties.

PROFESSIONAL: Efforts are renowned and rewarded. All professional activities are preferred. Ease of business with security and confidence.

FINANCES  No material concerns. The road to financial success is open and thriving.

HEALTH Good vitality.

20. Intelligence

A menorah lighting an open book. The seven branches of the menorah symbolize the seven planets around the sun. The central branch is the sun, symbolizing the inspiration and spiritual light that spreads the love, strength and knowledge. The open book shows the knowledge and wisdom, providing intellectual and spiritual enrichment.

This card gives the consultant a determination of action in all areas analyzed. This card announces adaptability and knowledge to act intelligently.

This card represents the oracle an open book in front of a chandelier. The book, a symbol of knowledge and knowledge is placed so that it invites us to read and we enrich the mind. This card is very good if the consultant has to pass examinations or competitions, intelligence will lead to success. In business, the projects are well designed and thoughtful, giving also a good chance of success. The subject will adjust and monitor the business. In love, the consultant is more interested in intelligence and physically and knows his partner demonstrate intuition to understand the other.

FEELINGS the emotional relationships are stabilized with enchantment. Intelligence harmonizes understanding vis-à-vis others. Patience and bring peace and tranquility far.

PROFESSIONAL deliver results in the projects. Social success through knowledge and adaptability. All actions are organized and evaluated to achieve success.

FINANCES Financial development through good management. Analysis and reflection on the investments and operations pushing beneficial and rewarding benefits.

HEALTH serenity, balance, energy.

21. Theft, loss

A bat holding a rat in its claws. The bat is an animal that symbolizes the night terror. The rat is a pet rodent, a voracious curiosity and a thief. The two animals symbolically cause revulsion and anxiety.

This card announces the danger and called to take utmost care in all agreements (signed contracts, financial commitments and good words). This card announces a breach of trust moral or material.

This card is ruled by Mercury, one can see a bat which carries a rodent in her claws, like a thief in the night, smiling and her eyes full of malice. This scene represents a risk of theft or significant loss. We must remain vigilant. The consultant may be the victim of a scam or a deal suspicious and dubious. At work, there is risk of losing his place or missing a promotion in favor of a more cunning. It may also involve loss of money, to be important or even a burglary. On the sentimental, there is risk of losing the love of the partner. The consultant will have the feeling of having been duped.

FEELINGS the emotional barriers lead to great sadness. Disputes may arise, not favoring relations. Breach of trust, aspects secrets, betrayal is not to be discarded, risk of deception.

PROFESSIONAL very bad atmosphere in the workplace. Manifestation of jealousy and backbiting that prevent progress. Risk of false propositions, business is lowered, up to disaster.

FINANCES : Fraud, theft, burglary, loss of money and risk. The traces are present concerns. Financial commitments are not required.

HEALTH risk of depression or loss of vitality.

22. Companies

A compass, a square and a hammer resting on a plane. The compass is synonymous with perfection. The square symbolizes righteousness. These two symbols announce and help with construction. The hammer symbolizes the desire for action in implementation.

This card protects especially real estate, negotiations and plans for career advancement. It also helps to think to take initiatives in all areas. This card announces projects currently running.

The card represents a business plan of a building, architectural tools and a hammer. In terms of work, these symbols are warning of a project which the consultant will participate or even develop it. This project can make use of both manual and intellectual capacity of the subject, which has the ability to design and develop interesting projects. The timing is right to start new business and to undertake. This card can also announce the beginning of a collaboration, the sharing of promising ideas.

FEELINGS wanted to build on solid and stable. Entourage balanced and family ties strengthened.

PROFESSIONAL All actions are favored. Professional success, as good construction. Power and authority agree to success.

FINANCES Physical Security. Investment and business are rewarded. Hope to overcome all obstacles.

HEALTH A very good physical vitality.

23. Traffic

Two snakes entwined around a staff topped by a winged helmet. The two snakes symbolize evil and beneficial, they provide balance and energy flow. The winged helmet expresses the power, prestige, elevation and protection.

This card shows the dynamism, enthusiasm and energy constructively. And giving substance to address all project-related professionals. This card announces a great work, especially that of trade.

This card bears the emblem of Mercury: the caduceus. It symbolizes the flow of energy, trade. The oracle is conducive to business activities and transactions. It shows the dialogue, communication, meetings and negotiations. In the workplace, there may be movement to make, to meet speakers and convincing. The consultant may be required to attend important conferences. On the sentimental, the map shows traffic harmonious exchanges with the partner or meet new people for interesting discussions.

FEELINGS The love life is stifled by life. The contacts and exchanges go through the work and travel.

PROFESSIONAL: A great work. Contracts, Business various contacts and travel invade. Insurance in the action that encourages further work.

FINANCES Entrepreneurship facilitates increased financial support. Success in all material actions. The intelligence, luck and energy helping the development of interests.

HEALTH risk of nervous fatigue, exhaustion to predict.

24. News

A bird carrying a letter in the direction of a shooting star. The bird stands for messenger, bearer of news that promotes off and mind. The star is a symbol of hope, it guides in the dark. These two symbols together to provide answers to the demands and wishes.

This card announcement messages, news, phone calls, mail, visits, surprises … It must be interpreted with another card to provide additional information on the content of messages. This card announces the arrival of new in all areas.

This card  which is the last of the series of Mercury can be seen on the one hand a star followed by a long blue trail symbolizing a comet, and a bird carrying a letter in its beak. As its name implies, this card is heralding a new one. This may be an event, a phone call or letter or even the results of a review. It can also be a sign or warning. This news may very well be a surprise. We must look at the accompanying maps for details on the nature of the message to be received. It is in any case important news that will not be without consequences.

FEELINGS New in expectations and responses in the applications. This can be positive as negative. Alone, it says nothing about the content of messages.

PROFESSIONAL New information. Advancement, a mutation or a change in structure … may occur.

FINANCES Announces returned material (regulation, reimbursement rules …).

HEALTH Health excellent.

Cards under the influence of Venus

25. Pleasure

A lyre placed on a pedestal. The lyre is a symbol of poetic inspiration. It represents communication, celebrations, happiness and joy.

This card announces events pleasant and mainly promotes the arts. The board advertises all sorts of pleasant celebration with entertainment, outings …

You can see on this first card in the set of Venus, a lyre multicolored symbol of harmony. Like most of the maps in this series dedicated to the planet of love, it is rather positive. Listed heart, she announced the couple harmony, the pleasures are shared. Next job is the atmosphere that is harmonious, the consultant likes in its activity is well suited to his tastes. Map of Fun can also announce an artistic vocation such as music or dance. It may also include daily pleasures. The consultant takes more interest in life and agree well deserved good time.

FEELINGS Evolution sentimental happy with communication and openness. Relationships, exchanges and contacts operating in the pleasures, celebrations and joys.

PROFESSIONAL Artistic activities are mainly favored. Work and professional affairs are not too concerned, unless they give you satisfaction.

FINANCES finances are protected. Evolution foreshadowed. Ways to have fun and to please not disturb the budget.

HEALTH Strong moral energy.

26. Peace

A double ax adorns a bunch of sticks surrounded by laurels. Ax symbolizes the power and openness. It provides an awareness of initiation benefit. The symbols laurels of victory, glory provide protection.

This card announces a serenity that helps you overcome all obstacles and brings you peace of heart, soul and mind. This card announces the agreement, the peace, harmony and peace.

On this card is an ax wrapped and tied in a bundle of wooden sticks, with a laurel wreath around. This symbol represents peace, but a fragile peace, as the hatchet can still be unearthed. This card is announcing a time of peace, the end of a conflict. If the consultant was in dispute or in litigation, the solution is near and put an end to these problems. In case of dispute with a friend, colleague, family member or spouse, efforts quickly lead to reconciliation. On the spiritual level, the subject and will grow in a period of internal peace.

FEELINGS All emotional wishes are carried out by deep and sincere feelings. Peace in the family. Conflict is jostled by the indulgence and the union.

PROFESSIONAL Career development assured positive. Mastery and distinction giving the advantage to business. Work in peace and tranquility.

FINANCES Evolution and balance equipment caused by good initiatives. Any concerns and management is excellent.

HEALTH Excellent mental and physical energy.

27. Union

Two hearts vibrate in the flames of love over an altar flowers. The two hearts in flames symbolize happy love. The altar represents the universe where everything that happens is a sacred aspect. The flowers announce the happiness and beauty.

This card expresses mainly love and marriage. Also, all signatures, commitments, contracts will be beneficial. This card announces an association, love and a connection of the heart carrying the wedding.

Representing two hearts united and ignited on top of an altar, the map of the EU symbolizes the love shared, the combination of two beings who love each other. It often announces the formation of a couple, who can seal their union in marriage. The union is strong and deep feelings. If this card is dealt to a question about the professional field, it indicates an association or a major contract. It also indicates that the emotional life of the consultant will mingle with his professional life. To a question on the family estate, the board of the Union indicates that the links between the subject’s family are strong and sincere.

FEELINGS Joy, happiness and reconciliation in love as in friendship. All links are strengthened by a very good agreement. Union, betrothal and marriage are promising.

PROFESSIONAL The professional activities are not affected unless there is an association or future work with a family member, so the alliance dominates.

FINANCES : Transactions that facilitate easy finance.

HEALTH No trouble.

28. Family

A bird feeding her young. It ensures the welfare of her young, gives all to grow, and learn to rise in turn to help those who are more reliable.

This card requires to keep in mind the links with the family and should be taken into account, they can be supported as constraints. This map represents all the family ties and influence the relationship of the heart and blood.

On the card of the Family, one can see a hen who takes care of five little chicks. It is a symbol of protection but also fertility and prosperity. The consultant has a balanced family life. Members of his family and friends watching over him and protects him. There may be an expansion of the family with the arrival of a new child. It may also be new warm relations. Financially, the investments are safe and will grow. In professional, business or affairs consultant enter a phase of prosperity and growth. The subject is framed by people over whom he can count.

FEELINGS Be concerned that the family and entourage. Deep and sincere attachment family. Sensitivity and harmony.

PROFESSIONAL work lies particularly in the family. Family activities or in the home. In other cases, need to be back home, away from work.

FINANCES finances in balance. Management is effective. In some cases, way out to give assistance to the family.

HEALTH Good health maintained.

29. Amor

Two hearts together in a garland of flowers over a dove of peace. Both hearts burning with love and are protected by the garland of flowers. The garland of flowers symbolize love, harmony, beauty and happiness. The dove stands for sweetness, purity and ensures that the joy is. She thus brings a message of peace.

This card gives the joy of life and smile, good humor dominates in all areas. This card announces the passion of love, love, deep affection and happiness.

Here you can see two flaming hearts in the middle of a wreath, supported by a dove. They are symbols of love and peace. Amor a la carte is the most favorable in sentimental, it indicates happiness and love shared. There is no doubt about the feelings of the partner who is sincere and reciprocal. The card can announce an engagement or the beginning of a relationship. For a matter of professional, this card may indicate that feelings are mixed with business.

FEELINGS Evolution of friendship and evolving conditions in joy. Ovation love and sincerity. Daily life is embellished.

PROFESSIONAL A meeting or a relationship can give satisfaction. The pleasure of work is expressed.

FINANCES financial issues do not arise, because happiness makes them forget. No material concerns.

HEALTH energies are invigorating.

30. Table

A jar and two cups listed. The amphora and cuts relate to the feminine principle. The amphora expresses abundant reservoirs, containing water, wine and the blood of life. The cup of wine or blood of Christ in the sacred mysteries, is an instrument of communion with the Divine, contains the drink of immortality.

This card calls to live and enjoy all the pleasures of life, including eating, drinking … This card announcement invitations, holidays, joys and feasts.

The card shows 3 containers: an amphora, a cup and a chalice. They evoke course dinner, a meal. This may be in the workplace for a meeting around a table, a business dinner. The map is positive it opens the door to dialogue, sharing ideas in a friendly and pleasant. This card can also announce a meal with friends or a family celebration, like a wedding or anniversary. On a personal level, it may also indicate a taste of consulting for food or for drinking. Beware of excessive weight gain! Care must be taken to keep a balanced diet.

FEELINGS the romantic relationships happen in pleasure trips, parties and entertainment. Meals with friends, dinner engagement, wedding and other events with love, brings emotional development.

PROFESSIONAL satisfaction if your business is related to the restoration. If there is no related activity, there will be maintenance of relationships with business meals. Gatherings over drinks that connect professional.

FINANCES The financial balance does not seem too affected. Let go in spending by organizing a party or dinner, cocktails … which will not result.

HEALTH Excess not recommended.

31. Passions

Two separate hearts, pierced by an arrow on top of a cock.

The rooster is a symbol of light or sun rising, it is an emblem of pride, dignity and alertness. A heart is a symbol of love, pierced by an arrow, it symbolizes a passion that is unleashed when the desire remains unfulfilled.

This card announces a life lived intensely, but without analyzing the events. This card announces a fad or an explosive runaway passion for a person or a business.

Last card in the series of Venus, the map shows a cock Passions surmounted by two flaming hearts pierced by arrows of love. The Oracle tells a passionate love by the consultant. This can be a passionate love. However, passion can be destructive and make the subject too jealous or blinded by love. It may also be a passion for a profession or a hobby. In this case the consultant is fully dedicated to its business and is committed entirely in what the passion. However we must keep our feet on earth and not act in haste and excess. In addition, the passions are sometimes ephemeral.

FEELINGS Heart invaded by passion. Strong feelings and conspicuous. The meetings are passionate and dominating. Caution! it might be short-lived.

PROFESSIONAL Report of force that occurs in relationships. Wounds self-esteem, potential conflicts and rivalries due to pride, stubbornness and aggression.

FINANCES Difficulties can arise. Balance material difficult to recover or maintain.

HEALTH Large non-channeled energy causing worries.

Cards under the influence of Mars

32. Wickedness

A dagger placed near a lighted lantern. The dagger symbolizes the active penetrating the passive matter. It is linked to the idea of revenge and sacrifice. The lantern symbolizes enlightenment and clarity. It illuminates the darkness and can be wary of the danger. It also protects because it allows you to see where does the evil.

This card gives advice, protect themselves, to be vigilant. This card announces the jealousy, envy and treachery.

Wickedness inaugurates the series of maps associated with the planet Mars. We see on this map a dagger and a lantern used by criminals to see without being seen. The oracle says that the consultant is the victim of an atmosphere of evil that can be unpleasant and difficult to bear. This may be a climate of terror and threats in his environment or business, or tension in the couple. It can also announce cheap shots or slander that aim to undermine the consultant or scare him. However, the oracle calls to defend themselves because the evil will be uttered rarely enforced.

FEELINGS. Events leading to a sentimental sadness. The “attacks” your face and you back badly.

PROFESSIONAL bad atmosphere at work. Relationship with the environment are negative, aggressive and nasty. Possibility that a co-worker interfere with the progress.

FINANCES sudden difficulties providing financial crisis and spending difficult. Financial balance compromise.

HEALTH Physical state at their lowest.

33. Trial

Two crossed swords. The swords symbolize the power and inevitability. They have a negative and destructive, express and battle, fight, aggression and conflict.

This card announces conflict, whether with relationships, opponents, administration and law. This card announces various disputes, squabbles, arguments and objections.

Trials on the card, you can see two crossed swords evoking a confrontation. This card announces a different or a dispute between two parties. All negotiations to resolve the dispute will be in vain, no one wanting to make concessions. The consultant will fight to achieve his ends and be heard. In case of deep freeze of the situation, there is risk that the case brought to justice. The trial will be difficult because the opponents are of equal strength. To a question about a couple in conflict, the oracle indicates the possibility of divorce.

FEELINGS relations with the environment difficult. Conflicts, misunderstandings and disagreements exhausting. Disputes can lead to separation.

PROFESSIONAL Conflict and not rise socially. Special case: if there is a dispute with an employer or a colleague, risk intervention of the law.

FINANCES Announcement concerns. Risk of losing money in a lawsuit. Difficulties in solving problems, because no help.

HEALTH foreseeable risk of disease.

34. Despotism

A man head down, chained to a stake. The man in chains, symbolizing addiction and imprisonment. Full stop, all these movements are paralyzed.

This card announces a paralysis of action and submission to be patient until the problems go away. This card announces the lack of freedom, submission and sacrifice.

You can see on this card a man treated as a slave bound hand and attached to a pole. The oracle here symbolizes the lack of freedom and power relations. On a professional level, the consultant does not have freedom in his work. It may even be ill-treated by his superiors or poorly paid. It is bound hand and foot to his superiors. Opportunities for career development are non-existent or totally blocked. The oracle may also indicate that the consultant insists on persevering in a way that does not suit him for fear or habit. To a question about a couple, the map indicates that despotism is running on a relationship of domination.

FEELINGS Dominant feeling of sacrifice and resignation. Dedication to forget oneself with announcement of sentimental errors. Possibility of separation or removal.

PROFESSIONAL A meeting or a relationship may be satisfactory. The pleasure of work is expressed.

FINANCES Materially impossible to act or to control life. Freedom constrained. Efforts are not recognized and no result.

HEALTH risk of depression, fatigue and loss of vitality.

35. Enemies

A snake out his tongue wrapped around a sword. The sword symbol of power and destiny, standing up, it separates good from evil. The snake symbolizes jealousy and revenge. The tongue of the snake looks like an arrow symbolizing evil.

This card warns against all risks of assault, slander, malice and jealousy. Caution in all activities. This card announces wickedness, assaults, attacks both physical and moral.

Card of Enemies is a snake wrapped around a sword. It shows that people are hostile to the consultant. These enemies can act as an assault, slander, or seek to harm stealthily about. It can be someone who wants him for a long time in silence and seek revenge at the appropriate time. In general, the consultant has not only friends. Depending on the context and other cards, can be determined if the enemy is part of the company’s entourage or family consultant, and cause resentment.

FEELINGS Disappointments and frustrations of all mark out the relationships and friendships. Misunderstandings, jealousy, malice causing a disturbance in the mind.

PROFESSIONAL: professional and social developments are thwarted. Disagreement in the relationship so difficult activities.

FINANCES difficult time. Surprises. No support of those around.

HEALTH Various ailments worry and prevent action.

36. Talks

Three birds on the top of a tree, and a fourth arrives to join them. Birds of the relationship between heaven and earth, they symbolize the messages. The three birds talking energetically, their behavior shows a disagreement. The fourth bird mingles with the discussion to calm down, annoy or inflame.

This map shows all defenses faces difficulties. All ideas and actions are well-defended leading to positive expectation. This card announces the importance of discussing his opinions to defend its interests.

On this card, we see three birds perched on a tree squawking to each other and a fourth who joins them to take part in the discussion. This symbolizes a verbal confrontation in which the consultant is likely to take part. This could be a negotiation, a meeting or a debate of ideas. However, the discussion can become tense and turn into an argument. Map of talks may also prevent slander or consultant shenanigans being hatched against him. To a question about the couple, a discussion will take place with the spouse, up to the domestic scene.

FEELINGS Defense feelings with great passion and ardor. Stubbornness caused by venomous discussions. Report of force that can get into emotional relationships.

PROFESSIONAL Ambitions assured of success through a positive control stubborn. Pride pushing to dominate labor relations. Energy can lead to promises of good agreement.

FINANCES Defensive equipment for authoritarian financial interests. Energy, ambition, pride can overcome the various difficulties.

HEALTH Energy exhausting.

37. Fire

A flaming torch on top of two cocks ready to fight. The blazing torch symbolizes inspiration and purification, leading to the initiation, it is the light to see in the dark. The two roosters symbolize the pride and dignity. The cockfight evokes the fight to the death, demonstrating the courage to face dangers.

This card gives a lot of spontaneity and enthusiasm, and encourages the spirit to pass over the events leading to positive projects. This card announces that animates all the will to achieve the desired goals.

A cockfight is represented on this card, and a flaming torch. Map of Fire symbolizes an important fight. It can be a struggle for the success of a business or a business or to conquer the beloved. The consultant will have to fight hard to achieve his goal despite the obstacles that are sure to stand in his way. He will need all his courage and his energy to win. This card can also announce a confrontation with an enemy, a competitor or a rival. The opponent will be sized and hard to beat. Map of Fire can also symbolize a couple tears.

FEELINGS relations with the environment are strong, passionate and burning that can cause power relationships, discuss the conflict and exchanges full of ardor.

PROFESSIONAL Power, Authority and strong determination mark relations. The ideas are imposed with passion. Warning against any conflicts involved in the projects.

FINANCES Power to dominate the material. Confidence and trust will exceed the number of tests.

HEALTH Too much energy may be exhausted.

38. Accident

Lightning struck one tower, and fell beheading on a tree, breaking it. Lightning symbolizes the infinite power of God, the heavenly fire that destroyed the destructive power of violence, the tower. The tree symbolizes life force, also destroyed.

This card gives a warning and recommended caution in all relationships and various activities. This card announces the risks of accidents, collapse and subsidence.

This card reminds us a lot of accidents, for its graphics, a map of the House of God of Tarot. Indeed, we see in both a tower violently decapitated by the wrath of the elements. These two cards also have a similar interpretation. So the map problem Announces Accident or incident important and often unexpected. This may be of course an accident or a bankruptcy, dismissal or even a natural disaster. On the sentimental, there may be a heated argument or a break in the stormy relationship. Finally, this card can also announce serious health problems.

FEELINGS Misunderstandings upset. Relations are troubled. Marital discord, conflict friendly. Emotional separations and divorces.

PROFESSIONAL Professional and social change negatively by opposition and misunderstanding. Possibilities of loss of employment or dismissal. Risk of serious disruptions caused by conflicts with the environment.

FINANCES Catastrophic of finances is predicted. Lack of money putting the situation in a spirit disturbing and worrying. The flows are returned while does not.

HEALTH caution as all sorts of accidents are possible.

Cards under the influence of Jupiter

39. Support

A crowned eagle on a sphere. The Eagle combines the power and strength. The crown he wears confirmed its domination and sovereignty. The sphere symbolizes the world, the eagle protects dignity.

This card gives assistance on the part of your relationship for the realization of any projects. This card Announces moral support, financial or otherwise.

First Series of Jupiter, the card support is an eagle wearing a crown perched on a golden globe. It symbolizes the strong support consultant. For a project to achieve, you will find financial support and people willing to help. In the professional area, the subject is supported and encouraged by his superiors. Generally the consultant has an important network of relationships which he will use to achieve its ambitions. Depending on the context, if the consultant on the map itself, it may indicate that he will provide help and support to others.

FEELINGS Good balance maintained in the family. The links are stable and solid. The feelings are strong and assured confidence, security and protection.

PROFESSIONAL Master and strength of character to the achievements and advancements. The ambitions are met and the future position on a solid foundation. Relationships can be a help.

FINANCES Physical Security winning efficiently and quietly for the future. Sound financial situation and reassuring. Investments will be well advised.

HEALTH physical and moral energy, excellent.

40. Beauty

A yellow flower surmounted by a crowned heart. The flower symbolizes the virtues of the soul, and represents the beauty, poetry, charm and harmony. The heart symbolizes love and happiness. All wearing the crown says perfection and confirms the assurance of a stable happiness.

This card gives a positive influence in the professional field as emotionally. This card announces the development and implementation of requirements.

This card symbolizes beauty, we can see a majestic eye topped with a heart and a crown. This image evokes the vitality, success, successful development. This oracle promotes activities related to aesthetics, art, beauty, luxury and fashion also. It is also the symbol of a harmonious atmosphere and favorable to the consultant. Sentimental side, this card announces a love blossomed with sincere and deep feelings. It also promotes emotional relationships and family. On a more personal card of Beauty is synonymous with more energy, it can also be uplifting.

FEELINGS Feelings deep, sincere and provide the emotional fulfillment of wishes. The family reign in happiness and serenity.

PROFESSIONAL Suitable for all activities related to beauty, art or aesthetics. In another case, a very satisfactory improvement of relations. Favor. Professional and social success assured.

FINANCES Cash successful. Good protection and concerns dominated.

HEALTH A regenerative fluid giving energy.

41. Legacy

A framed scroll through an hourglass on his left and a skull on his right. The parchment is rolled, it can discover the message of the magicians. the hourglass symbolizes the passage of time and cycles of life. The skull marks the profound transformations of being, it is part of the past. We must use the past to build the future.

This card informs that all past experiences, be they intellectual, physical or spiritual, will to move forward in the future. It should not be overlooked. This card announces both enrichment material, spiritual, intellectual.

On the card of Heritage, represented an hourglass, a skull and a parchment, symbols of time passing but also knowledge passed down from generation to generation. On a purely financial terms, this card can of course announce an inheritance or a supply of money, a loan. In general, it indicates that the consultant has good achievements. They can be purchased materials such as real estate, or else a gift of nature, such as intelligence or an artistic gift. Nevertheless, the subject or something that will help and allow him to succeed in his action.

FEELINGS the feelings brought to the environment are profound and sincere. Friendly relations evolve in a calm and peace. A very quiet interior and a deep wisdom allow a patient’s affective behavior.

BUSINESS All business activities are carried out by excellent intellectual knowledge, wisdom and patience. Past experiences help shape the future and meet the social ambitions.

FINANCES Improved material favorable finances. Increased revenue due to higher wages, a legacy, an inheritance or a by-product of investment good advice.

HEALTH Morale is at its peak even in some trouble passengers.

42. Wisdom

An owl crowned. The owl is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. The crown is gold and has three peaks, it shows the power and authority.

This card can achieve the perfect serenity meet the obligations of all kinds. It calms, soothes and protects. This card announces a great protection, a prudent and logical reasoning.

You can see on this card in a nice purple feathers and golden eyes, who wears a crown. This animal here is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. The map of Wisdom says that the consultant has the experience, intelligence and insight needed to understand the situations they are facing and solving its problems. The consultant will also be challenging when necessary, to leave up to a situation that is unfavorable. In the case of a subject rather young, Oracle may invite to gain more wisdom and learn from life. It may also indicate that the subject has an interest in philosophy and spirituality.

FEELINGS All relationships are favored. Serenity and happiness reigned in the family. The love life is going on in harmony, moderation, patience, deep and sincere love.

PROFESSIONAL A good relationship with the environment is facilitated. The development is steady and always improving. The attitude and behavior wise help to succeed.

EQUIPMENT Many correctness and wisdom in financial management, resulting in a perfect balance. Nothing will disturb this equilibrium and evolution will continue in a safe.

HEALTH Good energy will be troubled by uneasiness.

43. Fame

A trumpet and a laurel wreath are placed near a flag marked with the planets. The trumpet announces major events. The laurel wreath says the success and glory. The flag expresses the patriotic pride, marked with four planets: Venus: The sympathy. March: The courage and energy. Jupiter: The opportunity and expansion. Moon: Intuition.

This card gives a glorious and successful completion of projects. Insurance and skills ensure the reward This card announces recognition of skills and effort.

Represented by a flag on which are the symbols of four planets including Jupiter, as well as a trumpet, the map of Fame is synonymous with fame, popularity. The consultant is recognized by his entourage for his skills or charisma. It can also be a recognition of the values ​​of acts, such as the awarding of a medal, an award or other honorary title. The subject has a busy public life and may have the opportunity to interest the media. From a spiritual point of view, the wisdom of the consultant will be recognized by his teaching or his writings.

FEELINGS Feel the excellent relations. The meetings and exchanges are pleasant, friendly and harmonious. Radiation, intelligence and sincerity allow an evolution of joy and love.

PROFESSIONAL efforts recognized and rewarded merit. Personal investments will be successful. Success in the chosen path is certain.

FINANCES  thriving with interesting revenue. No more concerns.

HEALTH A great vitality.

44. The Hazard

Flowers and winged wheel, topped by a crown. The wheel symbolizes the flowering cycles of life and harmony. The wings allow for easy adaptation, one off benefit. All symbolizes the rise, moving, and briskly liberation of the mind and soul. The golden crown with three points symbolizes the power of action on the events.

This card brings good fortune, energy, enthusiasm, happy and surprising transformations. This card announces the chance and providence on the right side.

A wheel of fortune equipped with wings and a crown is shown on the map of Hazard. It symbolizes the ultimate chance, whatever the area of question! Lucky in business, where the positive events will follow one another serendipitously. Lucky in love, or destiny may place on your way soul mate when you least expect it. The chance that a cash windfall will come as a surprise. Circumstances are conducive to the success and progress. The good people will be at the right time. This oracle can also tell the consultant that the time is favorable to try his luck in the game

FEELINGS A rapid and unexpected. Circumstances of surprising encounters, fast and happy. Greater harmony given by a breath of fresh air.

PROFESSIONAL Contingencies providing a happy embodiments. The changes are immediate. All activities are favored.

FINANCES Cash unexpected. Release and relief.

HEALTH Energy found.

45. Happiness

A hand holds out a six-pointed star crowned. The hand symbolizes the feeling. The star claims the protection and announces the love and happiness. The star gold crown, symbolizing that happiness is powerful, real, sincere and pure ..

This card gives the chance, prosperity and happiness, makes all wishes. It tempers all events. This card announces the success and success in all areas.

This card represents a divine hand with a red star which is surmounted by a crown. This drawing represents a Happiness feel that the consultant soon. This can be a simple little thing, but will have all its importance to the subject, providing it with joy, contentment and harmony. For example, on a professional level, congratulations, encouragement or a bonus. On the sentimental, it may be reconciliation or reunion or a family party or friends. This can also be an event of great importance, such as a birth or a marriage.

FEELINGS all the friendships and relationships are vivid, spontaneous and radiant. Expectations are positive and moving in the joy and happiness.

PROFESSIONAL The relationships are in perfect harmony. The implementation of projects brings satisfaction and happiness. Fulfillment in the work.

FINANCES : No trouble and needed security and peace of mind. The doubts dissipate and result in a material benefit.

HEALTH No ill will disturb the physical and moral energy.

Cards under the influence of Saturn

46. Misfortune

An old woman bent forward barefoot on a crutch in his hand. The stand allows the weak to be helped or supported in their struggle to move forward. Outstretched hand, calls for an incentive to release or reduce the weight of the tests.

This card expresses a help-seeking physical, moral, financial or emotional. She puts in a situation of hardship and sorrow. This card announces complications, affliction or misfortune of any kind.

Here we see an old woman bent over and wearing old clothes. She trudges with a crutch. Map Misfortune is rather a sign of bad omen, as many cards in the series of Saturn. She announced misfortune, trouble neglect. The subject may end up alone with his problems. On the material level, this card can announce a loss of money, bad business, poverty. With more bad cards there may be bankruptcy. Sentimental level, it is the amorous exchanges become poor or nonexistent. If celibacy, emotional loneliness remain in force for the consultant for a while yet. Health point of view, there is energy loss.

FEELINGS Loneliness, isolation and heartache. A deep sense of incomprehension installed. Lack of communication is felt and not listening desires.

PROFESSIONAL woes expected. No help, no support for the process. For a job search, the engagement will not happen. Slow achievements, discouraging and distressing.

FINANCES serious difficulties. Restrictions necessary because lack of money. The austerity is essential. Stress, embarrassment and thwart obligations, and help hard to find.

HEALTH Exhaustion by great physical and mental fatigue.

47. Infertility

A desert island in the middle of the sea island is a place of refuge and peace. In terms of spirituality, the island is the inner temple, the sacred center where everything becomes possible. In terms of equipment, leaving deep drought that solitude and desolation.

This card requires reflection, meditation, to step back and provide the means to leave in better conditions. This card announces unsuccessful attempts and sterility of effort.

The card is a rocky island Sterility lost in the waters. It is the symbol of stagnation. The consultant’s efforts do not produce an effect and its location is at a standstill without change. He spends his energy unnecessarily. Financially, for example, money invested does not earn interest. For a company, its turnover has stagnated despite action taken. For an employee, his career does not evolve anymore. On the sentimental, the romantic relationship of the consultant would not convey anything interesting. In case of disagreement, the dialogue will remain sterile. For a single, his adventures lead to nothing concrete. This card can also announce problems conceiving.

FEELINGS Feelings of Loneliness and physical core. Lack of communication and understanding does not allow a harmonious exchange. Withdrawal and sadness will dominate, unless it is voluntary.

PROFESSIONAL The steps and efforts remain sterile. No recognition of ideas, resulting in discouragement and passivity.

FINANCES commitments are not required. Necessary restrictions and no aid will come.

HEALTH Blues to fear.

48. Fatality

A man armed with a scythe in his right hand and a whip in his left hand.

The scythe is death. It marks the cycles of crops that are renewed: death and rebirth. It symbolizes more particularly the mowing of the past and move forward in life. The whip symbolizes justice that inflicts punishment.

This card shows the transition from one state to another, regardless of the field. Heavy living situation, but that will be beneficial. This card announces the arrest of a state, a relationship, an activity.

Represented by a man holding a scythe in one hand like that of death and the other a hammer, the card Fate announces an event or an event that one can not avoid. In general, the fate will prevail to the consultant and that his action did not change much at the moment. There may be settling scores or loss of money for example. It also may indicate a change or transformation necessary and inevitable for the subject. This card is sounding negative, but positive with maps, Fate can also provide good events.

FEELINGS life marked by separations or breaks. Announces the end of a relationship, love, friendship. The sadness will dominate and the relationship will be difficult.

PROFESSIONAL Announces the end of a period, and broken contacts, not renewed. Is a change, and renewal should be considered. It can be either a retirement or job loss.

FINANCES Financial crisis concern. Cash difficult (deferred or eliminated).

HEALTH Loss of physical vitality to predict.

49. Grace

A dove with outstretched wings and head down to inside a triangle of light. The dove is a symbol of protection and life, it carries a message of purity, peace and spirituality. The luminous triangle is a symbol of perfection, wisdom and sensitivity. It is a reflection of the soul and leads to universal harmony.

This card gives the indulgence of the wisdom and spirituality, to provide support, help and comfort. It gives his benevolence in all areas. This card announces the divine protection, luck and the realization of wishes.

Here you can see a dove in the center of a triangle that seems to descend from heaven to earth. The map symbolizes With a sudden intuition, illumination, or using one that seems to fall from the sky. On a professional consultant suddenly find the idea or intuition he needed to move forward or to solve its current problems. It happens to innovate or be able to find an artistic inspiration. This card can also announce the arrival of aid expected that timely. It can also specify a grace, an amnesty or a favorable decision in a trial consultant.

FEELINGS relations and trade are at the level of spirituality. The feelings are deep, sincere and pure. They operate in an atmosphere of calm, peace and serenity.

PROFESSIONAL activities philosophical studies, research and lonely are favored. Wisdom and perfection can change happy. All cases are made ​​with confidence.

FINANCES Protection of the financial balance. The difficulties are controlled by the patient. This card is great generosity index vis-à-vis the environment.

HEALTH Healing close in case of trouble.

50. Ruin

A tower collapses. The tower is falling apart, exhausted by the weight of years. All kinds of facts, actions, thoughts, various situations and events, will collapse with it.

This card puts an end to shaky situations. If management has not been effective, it must be destroyed to build back better on new and solid foundation in all areas. This card announces a collapse, a feeling or concern worn dieback.

On the card of figure Ruin a crumbling tower, symbolizing the erosion of the things worn by the test of time. Things of the past must give way to make way for the future and renewal. On a professional level, the consultant made ​​the rounds of his trade and get tired, it’s time to consider retraining or to retire. For a couple, this map shows that the habit and weariness invaded the relationship. The feelings have crumbled and evolve into a more friendly or a rupture. Financially, the investment will earn more, it is time to reconsider investments. If accompanied by other bad cards, ruin may also announce a death of old age or prolonged illness.

FEELINGS separation, rupture, or divorce, marks the emotional life. Isolation, loneliness, sadness, mark around the family or friends. Confidence vanishes and disappointments dominate.

PROFESSIONAL situations crumble for lack of good management. Fear of job loss, retirement or voluntary or desire to withdraw from the active world.

FINANCES predictable disasters. Investments are unfavorable. Risk of bankruptcy, financial collapse and ruin.

HEALTH A tiredness and difficulty to recover.

51. Delay

A wheel stuck in a rut. The wheel turns, it moves us forward toward our destiny. The wheel locked, preventing us from continuing our path.

This card warns that delays will occur in any all areas. The situation is temporary, it is recommended to be patient. This card announces situations temporarily blocked delays.

We see on the card delay a wheel can not move because she fell into a ravine, and is stuck in the rocks. This scene symbolizes an obstacle, a setback that will delay more or less expected or events that slow the course originally planned. Essential as a new major, the signing of a contract or the award of credit are stranded, potentially a serious impediment to success. On the sentimental, this card may indicate a setback, a meeting will be postponed. In the case of a couple, there may be a blockage, it is necessary to take stock. This card can also announce minor health problems that will delay the consultant.

FEELINGS lock and do not communicate. Relationships are difficult, tense and all attempts will be futile arrangement. Situation resulting from the sadness, pain and loneliness.

PROFESSIONAL Hassle in the activities. Nothing gets as desired. Delays in the achievements and expectations give concern.

FINANCES locks in finance. Necessary restrictions. Embarrassment of concern but not for long periods. Patience is required.

HEALTH mild fatigue slowing activity.

52. Cloister

Cloister with the closed gate. The cloister is a symbol of intimacy with the divine. It is a place of prayer and protection, it is reassuring. The gate closed and protected from intruders encourages discretion.

Place the grid is moving from one state to another. This card advises the cut with the outside world, it promotes internal research. It may also indicate the prison hospital … This card announces a withdrawal into oneself, a large reserve and isolation.

Last card of the Oracle and the series of Saturn, the map shows a Cloister stone wall whose passage is closed by a portcullis. This evokes a closed rule or the peace and tranquility or a need to withdraw to the point. It can be a workplace or the consultant will end up cut off from the outside, only to better focus. It may also indicate that the subject too much on himself locked up and lives in a vacuum, he feels isolated. There is a vacuum sentimental self-expression and difficulty to get in contact with others. In terms of health, this card can announce hospitalization.

FEELINGS Feelings of great physical and moral solitude, intentional or not. All communications will be difficult to understand and isolation is expected to take stock within itself.

PROFESSIONAL activities philosophical studies, solitary and research are encouraged. Otherwise: No satisfaction for professional feeling of being trapped. Job Search: no opening immediately possible.

FINANCES certain restrictions, and austerity is essential. Budget constraints complicate and hinder. Situations difficult to resolve.

HEALTH Moral health to the lowest and depression is felt.

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