Kipperkarten Oracle (Burning Question Spread) – What Would This New Job Be like For Anna?

24 Jul

Background: My Girlfriend Anna will be starting a new job this Monday. She got a divorce early last year and has been doing some part time consulting work. This would be a contract full time job. She wants to know the situation of her job and how would it affect her.

I use the Kipperkarten Oracle for her query. The spread that I use for her is The Burning Question Spread. This is actually a tarot spread and used for those times when you have a specific question that has to be addressed immediately—a burning question. A focus card placed at the center of the spread with the remaining six cards placed around it, suggesting the shape of a flame as it clings onto an object.

The Question: Straight hit! Ha ha My girlfriend is really concerned about her new job. Looks like The cards will answer her question well. Occupation card shows that the burning question is about her job!

Obstacles or Supporting influences: She should be particularly on the lookout for management policy, rules and regulations (shown by the Court card)because it would be greatly influencing her happiness at work but looking at the Overview card position, looks like she does not have to worry because a lady in high managerial position will help ease whatever problems she might face with the management. This is shown my The Good Lady card.

Hopes and Fears: Yes, shes worried whether she’ll be facing any problems in this new job, this is shown by the Sad News card. She hopes to do well and perhaps once the contract ends it will be renewed. She has high aspirations in wanting to do well in this job and get paid good money for it. This is shown by the “A High Honor To Come” card. She needs the money to pay for her lifestyle and her child. Her ex husband is payuing alimony and child support but he is having some problem at the office and is currently facing some financial difficulties, hence the reason why my girlfriend has to get a full time job.

Additional Information To Be Considered: A Pleasant Letter card denotes that in her new job it’ll be a lot about communications (its a lecturing job so this makes sense). There would also be some form of very pleasant communications  at her workplace and she would get along well with her colleagues and Hmm..she could me meeting a romantic interest there (shown by A Good Beginning In Love Card), so with combination of The Pleasant Letter card, I would say some form of pleasant communication with someone that grows to be into a romantic situation!  Interestingly, 2months ago when I did a Grand Tableau using Lenormand, I mentioned to her that she’ll be meeting a new love interest in a new job she’ll be getting. Lets hope it materialize (I’ll update this when it comes!).

Overview: Anna shouldn’t worry too much, things would go smoothly for her in this new job, shell find a new love interest. A lady of good stature (The Good Lady card) perhaps one of Her bosses would see to her well being.

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