Meanings Of Kipperkarten Oracle Cards

24 Jul

I’ll share this from my notes. They’re not mine, Got it somewhere perhaps from an LWB.

1 Principal Male Person
This relates to the questioner if male, or if a female asking the question, it will stand for her husband, partner, boyfriend or important male friend.

2 Principal Female Person
This relates to the questioner if female, or if a male asking the question, it stands for his wife, partner, girlfriend or other important female friend.

3 Matrimony
This card relates to strong connections/bonding/commitment in pleasure or business, not necessarily in marriage or love. However, it will bring mutual support and understanding.

4 Meeting
This may be gatherings of relatives, friends business colleagues, or may even be encounters . This is a time to enjoy reunions, even reconciliations and having fun.

5 The Good Lord
Relates to a mature man who could be a grandfather, father. older brother, or another man of mature years. He is mainly concerned with his lot in life. What he has done to get where he is at this point in time

6 The Good Lady
Relates to a mature female who could be a mother, grandmother, lady friend, companion or anyone of mature years. She will know what to say in order to bring peace, compassion and tranquility to others.

7 A Pleasant Letter
This concerns all types of communication, be it in the form of letters, text messages, emails, phone calls. The surrounding cards will shed more light on your contacts and news. You will find everything you need to know.

8 False Person
This is someone who is not being totally honest with you. It may be the right time to question his/her motives and find the reason why this person is being so insincere.

9 Change
This relates to a change in circumstances or may even be a change of direction in all its forms. You will make the choice which is right for you

10 A Journey
This card is usually concerned with transport or travel. It may also lead to new avenues for you to explore.

11 A Lot of Money to Win.
This is all about unexpected money. Often described as a windfall, it can be anything that contains an element of surprise, with a lot of money attached

12 A Rich Girl
This card relates to a younger girl – maybe daughter, niece or young friend.

13 A Rich Man
This may represent a young business person who deals in finance – looking after others’ interests and security.

14 Sad News
This relates to sad news or even a temporary illness or problem. Whatever it is it is not ongoing.

15 A Good Beginning in Love
The start of a new relationship, of love or friendship.

16 His Thoughts
This could relate to all sorts of thoughts racing through the mind, caused by instability in the emotional state. A solution is needed to clear them. The nearby cards could hold the key.

17 A Gift
A gift given or a gift received – joy and happiness either way.

18 A Small Child
This card indicates a child or stability in something new.

19 A Funeral
This card means transformation rather than a death. It is the ending of something, but with a new beginning. The other cards may indicate what is to follow.

20 House
This is real estate. Stability of ownership.

21 Living Room
This relates to where you feel ‘at home’ be it the kitchen, craft room, office, computer area, study – wherever you consider is your own personal space

22 Military Person
This person wears a uniform for work, or special garments (lawyer).

23 Court
The Court card could be about decisions made or decreed by someone in or who has authority.

24 Theft
Something is being taken from you, or you have lost something of importance to you.

25 A High Honour to Come
This shows being honoured. A form of recognition for an achievement gained. It may be in the form of promotion at work or accepting a certificate after a course of study. You have been successful in your endeavours.

26 Big Luck
This lady is holding a cornucopia of wealth and blessings and allowing them to fall towards you.

27 Unexpected Money
This is another card with unexpected money – but less than card 11. However, it may ‘save the day’ and turn around a situation where you may have been described as penniless.

28 Expectation
This is a time of ‘waiting for something to happen’. You will not be able to rush the event for which you wait. Patience is a virtue.

29 Prison
A large public building is shown on this card. The surrounding cards will indicate what type it is.

30 Judicial Person
This may relate to court procedure or a lawyer. It could be legal matters relating to disputes or disagreements bringing discord into your life. It could also mean an authoritative statement of fact.

31 Brief illness
You may have felt unwell, or been caused some pain. Try to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. Then allow yourself the time to rest. It is not the time to hold on to your worry – let the illness go.

32 Grief and Adversity
Someone may try to bully you or put pressure on you to do something you do not want to do. Your thoughts may not be clear enough to make a judgement. There just seems worry and frustration around you.

33 Gloomy Thoughts
This is considered to be the depression/worry card. Whatever the problem your judgment may be clouded.

34 Occupation
You may be busy with work, employment, maybe concerning your occupation or doing a job for someone else. A substantial effort will be required, but don’t overdo it.

35 A Long Road
This may relate to an actual distance or a distance in time, which will require much patience.

36 The Hope, Big Water
This card is for your hopes, dreams, and wishes to be fulfilled.

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