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24 Jul
Positive Card

the best card game


happiness – success – victory – abundance – wealth – heat – light

On the emotional level:  result in all projects in love

stable and durable connection, sincere feelings

Love strong and constructive

assured happiness in marriage

On a professional level:success in his career

Therefore salary or promotions

positive outcome for the job search


end of medical treatment

positive card


Keywords:inner well-being – personal fulfillment – happiness – celebration

be sensitive – be open to the world and others – have confidence or other

On the emotional level:

marital happiness, friends or family

understanding between the partners

stable relationship and sincerity of feelings

complicity between the partners

On a professional level:pleasant atmosphere in the workplace

deal with colleagues and the hierarchy

pleasant and rewarding work

Health:in case of ill health improvement in his condition

moral well-being and better physical

positive card


Card that is used to date eventsrepresents the spring season or indicates a period of three months
On the emotional level:hesitation, indecision and doubt

Liaison hesitant start

we do not know if we really want to have a follow-up in a relationship

fear of a greater commitment

we hesitate in the choice of partner

it does not express his feelings

On a professional level:often seasonal or temporary work

a new job or position

contract renewal for cdd

Health:New light treatment or herbal

positive card03
Keywords:home – family – relatives – the house – the place where you feel good

heat – warm relations

On the emotional level:desire to build a home, a family

stable bond, warm

strengthened links with respect to the family

On a professional level:teamwork or family business

occupations involving fire (pompiers. ..)

Health:high energy

nervousness, overwork

domestic burns

neutral card04
Keywords:the outside world – the city – the crowd – external contacts – the purchase in real estate

owning a property

On the emotional level:relationship based on sound and constructive

be enclosed in an ivory tower

On a professional level:businesses related to real estate or construction

Work that leads to a lot of human contact

Health:Good physical and moral

positive card


Keywords:the feelings of love – with friends or romantic
On the emotional level:meeting sentimental important in the life of the consultant

meet your soul mate

in case of conflict closer partners

sincere love and mutual

On a professional level:satisfying employment

meeting the love of the workplace

work related to the emotional

Health:excellent health

in the case of a disease, complete cure

neutral card


Keywords:the unexpected – the unexpected – a sudden event – the surprise
On the emotional level:fortuitous, unexpected
On a professional level:Trades related to gambling, casinos, lotteries …

Unexpected change in the work

Health:nervousness, anger, impulsivity

Upright Positive
Inverted Negative


Keywords:Negative: grief – worries – sadness – crying

On the positive side: all the sky’s the limit – you have bright side

there will be a solution to the problem

On the emotional level:Love life irregular sawtooth

Love jealous, possessive, morbid

Consuming love, stifling

Love is not selfless

On a professional level:On the positive side: good hopes of a successful career, we took the right path

Negative: setbacks in the work, the efforts are not rewarded

Health:Mental overwork and nervousness


Depressive tendency

negative card


Keywords:delays – Block – slow – moving slowly but surely

period of withdrawal, lack of openness and generosity

On the emotional level:Delay in the love life

Things are moving slowly

partners are too closed in on themselves, lack of exchange

On a professional level:Delay in all professional projects
Health:general weakness and fatigue without gravity

neutral card


Keywords:travel – all means of transport – road to

vacation travel – business travel – travel within


On the emotional level:travel getaway or honeymoon

couple who lead busy lives

On a professional level:professions related to tourism, interpretation, aviation …

foreign languages

Business travel

Health:tiredness and fatigue

need quiet and escape

positive card


Keywords:power – the strength – courage – the will – perseverance – the vital energy

admiration – insurance – self-control

may be a case, a trial, a person

events competed peacefully

On the emotional level:strong relationship, passionate

balance of power between partners

The partners comfort each other

On a professional level:Trades that have a protective role: bodyguard, security guard, insurance …

management position, with high responsibilities

one is comfortable in his work

Health:vitality and good health

risk of burnout

in case of problems, rapid improvement

negative card


Keywords:At the point pointing up: aggressiveness – evil – treason

aggression towards others of the consultant

Upside: violence is heightened – aggression towards the consultant

On the emotional level:relationship that brings only troubles and annoyances

anger or violence

On a professional level:bad atmosphere at work

employment that is not appropriate and do not like

It no longer feels at home in the company

Health:home injuries

nervous disorders, agitation, sleep disturbances

positive card


Keywords:Change of circumstances, positive improvement

major changes – Renewal – metamorphosis – change

On the emotional level:Renewal in the love life

For singles meet again

We leave on a new footing in the relationship

If marital discord is the end of the crisis

Rediscovery of the partner and self-

On a professional level:Positive change in social

New job or new position

Health:good health

For patients end concerns

neutral card


Keywords:thoughts-thinking – the mind – the mind – psychology – psychotherapy
On the emotional level:a person thinks the consultant

Complicity in the couple

Spiritual understanding

On a professional level:Careers related to psychology

Mental work and intellectual

Health:good health and serenity

if accompanied by negative cards: depression, moral crisis

neutral card


Keywords:carnal – sexuality – physical love – physical addiction – erotic –

lust – sexual promiscuity

On the emotional level:At the point (pink arrow above):

short-lived sexual adventures

the consultant has an important sexual activity

sex is very important in the life of the consultant

Proposal unsentimental love

Upside: (blue arrow above):

sexual infidelity, bisexuality, sexuality, marginal, or with multiple partners

sex life too abundant

On a professional level:Trades related to sexuality: gynecology, sexologist …

This may be a sexual adventure in the workplace

Health:Sexual worries, frigidity, impotence,

Gynecological problems, STDs


negative card15
Keywordsthe road – the path – the path

At the point (narrow road at the top): minor problems

problem encountered while traveling on the road

vehicle breakdown or minor accident

Upside (wide road top): big problems

Risk of serious injury

Damage to persons or property

On the emotional level:Relationship unstable, shaky, not steady

Love life difficult with many obstacles, turnaround

Strained relations, conflict

On a professional level:Trades related to the road (highway, roads, police …)

Business travel

Disruptive changes in the work


Health irregular

ups and downs in the moral

voltage drops, joint problems

risk of falling, injury, cut

positive card


mitigates the negative cards

KeywordsProtection – the lucky star – opening up another world

ritual – occult – esoteric

On the emotional level:Serene and happy love life

Strong ties between the couple that protects them from external aggression

On a professional level:Satisfying work, pleasant

Professional success

Trades related to astrology and the esoteric (lights, désenvoûteur …)

Trades related to security, close protection

(Guard, security guard, bodyguard …)

Health:Good health capital

Good vitality

Upright postive

Inverted negative


Keywords:Renaissance – revival – new possibilities – end of trouble and worry

child – children

At the point: motherhood – pregnancy – birth

Upside: difficult pregnancy and risk

risk of preterm delivery

On the emotional level:New meeting

New beginning in the couple

On a professional level:Trades involving children and associated with it: nursery, childminders, midwives

Changes in the workplace: new functions, new post

For the unemployed in search result


Gynecological concerns surrounding cards if negative

positive card


Keywords:return of money – earnings – gold – property – material acquisitions
On the emotional level:connection based on a financial interest

partner very materialistic

On a professional level:Professions such as banking, transport money, jewelry,

anything related to precious metals

Health:health problems that generate costs

Treatment with homeopathy and osteopathy

positive card


Keywords:celebrations – invitations – meetings – important joys – celebration – wedding – Baptism

holiday periods (Christmas, the first of the year …)

realization of a relationship

On the emotional level:Opportunity to meet your soul mate

Serious affair

Realization of the couple relationship or living together

Understanding and harmony in the couple

Family reunion

On a professional level:Trades related to the festival and communication

Occupations related to the union of beings like marriage agency

Also catering industry: Restaurants, caterers …

Health:Beware of overeating, alcohol, tobacco

neutral card


Keywords:speed of the event – the near future

event occurring in one month and no later than within 2 months


the night – the moon – the moon – the period – mediumship – clairvoyance – the vision

On the emotional level:relationship based on romantic

it is revealed, it admits her feelings

On a professional level:Night Work (disco, night watchman, nurse …)

use with rotating schedules

Health:Sleep Disorders

positive card


Keywords:the occult – mediumship – clairvoyance – magnetism – alternative medicine

clarification of a situation – the way forward – hope

Eve – prayer

With negative cards: enchantment – the presence of negative vibes on place of residence

On the emotional level:all the sky’s the limit

emotional relationship serene, stable and regular

beneficial link

On a professional level:Person working in the field of the occult:

seeing, astrologer, dowser, magnetizer

Health:healing with the help of homeopathy, herbal medicine, magnetic …

neutral card


Keywords:work – the occupation – the tools – the work – the craft – Construction
On the emotional level:Union built on good foundations

romantic relationship in relation to his work

On a professional level:The crafts craftsmanship, construction, troubleshooting:

joiner, carpenter, plumber …


the unemployed find work

Health:health and healthy without any problems

Negative with cards, work accident or occupational disease

positive card


Card that is used to date eventsis the season of summer or indicates a period of three months
On the emotional level:enriching encounters

passionate love

exaltation of feelings

On a professional level:Professional achievement

Financial development in employment

Health:Good health and vitality

neutral card


Keywords:certain events – something no doubt – sure thing – be in real
On the emotional level:Strong attachment between the partners

We take the relationship a little too much like something gained

On a professional level:Or were found stable employment and sustainable

Cartesian work

Health:but hopefully this conviction should not necessarily lead to neglect

negative card


Inverted – negative accentuated

Keywords:Poverty – arid – infertility – infertility – useless

loneliness – being on the fault – the injury

On the emotional level:Unfortunately, the singles will

the relationship of unsuccessful nothing concrete

erosion of feelings

injuries related to old relationships

On a professional level:unpleasant job and not rewarding

Difficult time in business

Health:gynecological problems, infertility, or during pregnancy

neutral card


Keywords:News – e – phone call – internet – contact – communication


On the emotional level:relationship based on dialogue, communication

affinity for the subjects of conversation and exchange of views

there is a meeting through an ad, internet

On a professional level:Trades related to communication, trade, media …

announcement of a contract to sign

Health:for medical examinations or awaiting results

positive card


Keywords:gift – surprise – Present – Gift to receive (in place) – to present (in reverse)

goodness – generosity – a gift – helpfulness

On the emotional level:generous partner, who made small gifts and attentions of all kinds

Give yourself physically to another

On a professional level:rewarding job

unexpected bonus or promotion

for unemployed job offer

Health:Health cloudless and it is a godsend

positive card


Keywords:help – support – Solidarity – brotherhood – association
On the emotional level:complicity in the relationship

partners support each other

partners are inseparable, welded to each other

singles find emotional support from a friend or a new partner

On a professional level:family business or charity


occupations related to social assistance: social assistance …


neutral card


Keywords:trade – sales – representation – business – transactions – purchases

balance – the pros and cons

On the emotional level:balanced emotional relationship
On a professional level:trade and everything connected with it

small trader to their account or retail

Health:healthy balanced

sickness cure is close

positive card


Keywords:Friendship – fairness – loyalty – generosity – dedication – someone you trust
On the emotional level:true friendship, true and lasting over the years

true love

mutual fidelity

On a professional level:Trades related to the pet store, veterinary …

job found through a friend or relationship

nice job

sustainable employment

Health:good health

allergy problems

negative card


Keywords:wickedness – hypocrisy – treachery – gossip – gossip – jealousy
On the emotional level:it is suspicious of his partner by lack of confidence

we feel the jealousy

the partner is devalued by critics from the other

On a professional level:unhealthy atmosphere in the workplace,

jealous colleagues, backbiting, hypocrisy

we are on the alert for reflection

Health:circulatory problems



negative card


Keywords:the doctor – medicine – health
On the emotional level:small annoyances in the transient torque
On a professional level:profession as a nurse, pharmacist, dentist …
Health:consultation with a doctor

current treatment and future

positive card


Keywords:little money coming in – small capital – jackpot – the budget – savings – investment
On the emotional level:stable and harmonious connection evolving slowly but surely

partners with financial interests in common

On a professional level:Trades related to financial investments, insurance, stock exchange …

small increase in salary or small premium

good atmosphere at work

Health:good health capital

negative card


Keywords:At the point (needle down): medical examinations, tests, minor procedures

Upside (perfusion upside down): hospitalization, surgery

On the emotional level:Tense romantic relationship

Questioning of the couple

On a professional level:Health-related professions

work in a hospital, clinic, laboratory, radiology … such as Secretary

work that makes you sick

Healthhospital for tests or surgery

negative card


Keywords:solitude – sadness – sadness deal of blues – unhappiness – boredom moral
On the emotional level:single people suffer from loneliness and seeking soul mate

person with a partner and yet one that feels

On a professional level:work boring, uninteresting

stagnant job with no possibility of changing

Health:depressive tendency and anxiety attacks

positive card


Keywords:holiday – long journey – the alien – rest – relaxation – recreation – sea
On the emotional level:passionate affair

link rewarding outings, recreation

partner of different or mixed culture

On a professional level:Occupations related to tourism, transport, import and export …

Work Abroad

travel or travel for work

Health:period of rest and retreat to fatigue and overwork

care by hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy

lack of iodine in the body

positive card


Keywords:the opportunity – opportunity to enter – good luck
On the emotional level:Luck and happiness in his emotional life

Reliable and sustainable relationship

singles have the opportunity of a meeting

On a professional level:work should

opportunities available

Health:Very good

If disease, rapid and complete healing

negative card


Keywords:At the point: health problems, minor illness

Upside: more serious trouble, serious disease

On the emotional level:emotional relationship that provides a malaise

exchanges based on falsehood

On a professional level:occupational disease

very bad mood

Health-related professions

Health:health problems of varying severity as defined in the map

nervous and circulatory

neutral card


Keywords:paper – to do paperwork – contracts – administration

review – competition – diploma – education – books

On the emotional level:publication benches

marriage contract or signing divorce papers, alimony


On a professional level:Occupations in connection with the administration, teaching

job application, employment contract

placement, training, contests, incumbency

Health:small to conduct examinations

prescription renewal

steps to be taken from health agencies

negative card


Card that is used to date eventsis the season of winter, or indicates a period of three months


futility – that way leads to nothing – projects on hold – downturn – solitude

On the emotional level:reports the couple are cold and distant

lonely time for single

On a professional level:any possible changes

projects are delayed

person working in winter sports, tourism in the mountains …

Health:cold, flu

circulation problems

neutral card


Keywords:choices – indecision, hesitation – uncertainty – lack of confidence and assurance to be at the crossroads of his life
On the emotional level:Doubts and hesitations in the monitoring of a relationship

choice between two partners

On a professional level:reluctance to follow the vocational route

more job opportunities

Health:Stress, burnout

positive card


Keywords:the arts – music – cinema – theater – entertainment – concerts

gift for the arts – the attraction to beautiful things –

On the emotional level:sentimental encounter during an event, a show

meeting with an artist

couple who can have fun, party

romantic person

On a professional level:Occupations related to art and entertainment
Health:nothing special

use of alternative medicine

Upright positive
inverted negative


Keywords:At the point: everything that relates to justice – a small trial

Upside: serious and important trial – adverse determination


the law – judgment – the prison – one hard – cold

On the emotional level:cards with positive torque stable and balanced

divorce proceedings

On a professional level:Professions related to law, lawyers, bailiffs, police officers, prison guards …

go to the tribunal with his employer

Health:Stable health

fragile psychological side after an emotional shock

neutral card


Girl or woman under 30 years

At the point: Brown

Upside: blonde

On the emotional level:it is sentimental and romantic

we are ready to melt the face of compliments and flattery

can mean for a man having an affair with someone younger

On a professional level:Lack of maturity and experience

Trades involving children

Health:Good energy

neutral card


Young man or a man under 30

At the point: Brown

Upside: blond

On the emotional level:For a woman met a younger person

Unstable person, who collects the adventures

On a professional level:Lack of maturity and experience

Trades involving children

Health:Good vitality

neutral card


Women over 30 years and under 65

At the point: Brown

Upside: blonde

On the emotional level:

A friend, a wife of his close entourage, mother, sister, other …

consultant for a rival

On a professional level:

Women with high professional ambition with business sense


nothing special

neutral card


Men over 30 years and under 65

At the point: Brown

Upside: blond

On the emotional level:

A friend, a man of his entourage, father, brother, other …

for the consultant, a rival

On a professional level:

Person full of vitality in his work but sometimes to the detriment of his mood

One that blends professional and private life


you need to know to avoid decompressing nerve problems

neutral card


This map represents the consultant

for the consultant it is a woman close

On the emotional level:Sincere friendship with a woman for the consultant
On a professional level:responsibilities and initiatives approved in his work
Health:nothing special

neutral card


This map shows the consultant

For the consultant this is a man close

On the emotional level:

Sincere friendship with a man for the consultant

On a professional level:

work responsibilities, team under him


nothing special

neutral card


Women over 65 years

At the point: Brown

Upside: blonde

Old woman, mother, grandmother …

May designate as an occult protection

On the emotional level:

lack of imagination in the couple

On a professional level:

Trades related to the elderly

good professional skills



loss of memory

neutral card


Men over 65 years

At the point: Brown

Upside: blond

Elderly man, father, grandfather …

May designate as an occult protection

On the emotional level:

may herald an age difference between the two partners

On a professional level:


end of career

Working with seniors


problem of osteoarthritis

lack of balance, fall risk

negative card


Keywords:disputes – disputes – separation – divorce – friendship betrayed or broken

disillusionment – the spell is broken

On the emotional level:dispute between the couple,

separation if very negative cards

On a professional level:argument with one of his professional colleagues

termination or breach of contract


Health:risk of injury and cuts

nervous imbalance

positive card



Rest, relaxation – quiet – the healing – the countryside – rural pleasures

Retirement – isolation – period of reflection, back

On the emotional level:

harmony and calm in the couple

On a professional level:

Trades related to nature

calm at work


need for fitness in a specialized

negative card


Card that is used to date events

is the season of autumn, or indicates a period of three months

On the emotional level:feelings wither

there remains much about the relationship

On a professional level:temporary, seasonal, temporary

Trades related to wood as a carpenter, joiner

Health:general fatigue

positive card


Keywords:stability – power – elevation – success – goal reached
On the emotional level:stable and secure relationship
On a professional level:increase social and professional

for those on their own steady increase in their turnover

Job stability

Health:Strong health


negative card


Keywords:independence – autonomy – the betrayal – infidelity – vigilance
On the emotional level:too independent person who is struggling to support a spouse “a full-time”

unfaithful partner

On a professional level:self-employment, for himself

freedom of action in business processes

Health:drugs are avoided due to fears of addiction

negative card


Keywords:Renewal – transformation – sudden change – break – end – death – funeral
On the emotional level:big change in the lives of the consultant with love maps positive

breakup, End of the Affair cards if negative

death of a loved one if board assembly very significant

On a professional level:Occupations related death: funeral, mortuary, crematorium …

Significant changes and unexpected in his work

termination, dismissal

Health:Radical change in treatment

Radical cure and unexpected


negative card


Keywords:embezzlement – fraud – theft – loss
On the emotional level:emotional quarrels with friends and family

Loss of friendship

breach of trust by the spouse

On a professional level:job loss

breach of trust when signing a contract

Health:memory loss



attack of nerves

positive card


Keywords:Peace – Serenity – harmony – a return to calm
On the emotional level:Serene relationship

soothing love

harmony in the couple

On a professional level:work in a humanitarian charity

nice job commensurate with his aspirations

Health:protected health

cure close

neutral card


Keywords:important writings – deeds – the marriage contract – Legacy

Buy – Sell – title

On the emotional level:legalization of a union by marriage

joint purchasing in the couple

On a professional level:literary and cultural studies

Occupations as lawyer, writer

purchase of a leasehold


disorders in young dyslexic

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