Tarot d’Eltynne (Subject Concerned Spread) – How Will The Relationship With This Man Develop?

24 Jul

My sister is currently having a relationship with a man. She likes him very much and feels like she has never gone through such intense feelings with someone. She wants to know how their relationship would evolve. And if there would be a future together.

To answer this question intuitively I reach out for the Tarot d’Eltynne oracle and would use a good spread for this sort of inquiry ie The Subject Concerned Spread. This spread would allow us to see how a situation evolve.

Lets look at the row representing the current situation:

The Money card here is appropriate because for a couple, the card may also indicate that the relationship is concerned and in relation to money. This is true because they intend to start a new business venture together. The money card to denotes fun time together. Yes, there is great passion in the relationship, this is denoted by the Passion card. The partners are passionately in love but depending on nearby cards, it can be short lived (as usual such wild flames of great passion can soon too just dies down suddenly).  Looks like this passion would soon enough die down because looking at the next card Fate, it personifies that which is inevitable. Besides the Passion card, it does not bode well, it speaks of difficult relationships and sadness can predominate such relationship. It can also suggest a sudden ending of the relationship.

The possible evolution:

The combination of the Happiness card and the Project/Enterprise card is good here denoting that even though the future of their passionate relationship may quickly burn out but it looks like their business venture together can succeed and bear fruit.

What Dominates:

The Cloister card here shows that isolation, keeping the relationship under covers is what dominates this relationship. How true! the man is a married man so for sure this relationship has to be well guarded against prying eyes and cloaked in secrecy.

The Conclusion:

The Accident card here does not bode well for this relationship. The picture of a ship with broken oars is a sad image. There can be lots of misunderstanding and quarrels. Emotional upheavals and pain. It cannot survive and the relationship would end.

Note: Tarot d’Eltynne oracle is a workable fortune telling card and gives clear insights. In this case, its best for my sister to actually not go into the romantic aspects in this  relationship but keep it on the professional level so that both she and the man will benefit from their joint partnership.

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