Sibilla Oracle (La Sibylle des Salons) Card Meanings

25 Jul

I got this from some Italian website some time ago and had copied it to my notes. Cant remember the name of the website. Had it translated courtesy of Google Translation. Hope it makes sense.

SWEET TICKET (ace of hearts)


GENERAL SIGNIFICANCE: This card is always the arrival of good news. The consultant looks forward to more information, particularly in the affective field.
UPRIGHT: Positive news, news that will come soon. can be both sentimental by loved ones. Invitation to a party or ceremony.
REVERSED CARD: On the contrary may indicate a delay of news that was expected, the loss of a document, could cause blockages in business. In love, things are going this lily should run for cover to protect the relationship, there may be an infidelity.

COMBINATIONS: The DELAY: the wait continues. close to MAN OF LAW: Legal problems are foreseen. Near the marriage good marriage


GENERAL SIGNIFICANCE: This card represents the private life of the consultant, his habits, intimacy, interiority.
UPRIGHT: Withdrawal from the social sphere, the refuge of the consultant, where you can regenerate, solitude, an old place.
REVERSED CARD: Routine, the consultant must take an immediate decision. lack of concreteness. Feelings in the couple’s neglect. Renovating a property.

COMBINATION SUGGESTIONS: With the JOURNEY: Short but enjoyable trip. with TRAP: Someone set a trap. With success: a good deal economically.

THE CONSULTANT (Three of Hearts)

GENERAL SIGNIFICANCE: The paper represents the woman who asks for advice.
UPRIGHT: The consultant is willing to go to the solution of the problem. Positive woman, affectionate. Can ‘be the friend, wife, mother, lover.
REVERSED: The consultant is suspicious, refused to admit their faults.

TOWN HOUSE ‘: (Four of Hearts)

GENERAL SIGNIFICANCE: This is the home of the consultant, his family and his job. His habits, can also represent friends or distant relatives.
UPRIGHT: Social life, family commitments, routine work, the role of father and husband played with seriousness and responsibility. Taken to heart a problem, exchange of views, acute person. According to the cards is closer to events inside the house.
REVERSED CARD: Difficulty communicating with family, lack of understanding between parents and figli.Disagio to expose the feelings.

COMBINATIONS: Near COUNTRY HOUSE: desire to change. Near the JOURNEY: Want to escape.

MARRIAGE (Five of Hearts)


General meaning: It represents the culmination of a love, ls stability of a relationship, loyal sentiments, reconciliation of troubled love.
UPRIGHT: Joy, Serent, the great power of love, romance beginning of a game on the sly. fidelity, sincere feelings. Successes in economic and labor. Good friendship.
REVERSED CARD: Deception, Separation or divorce, estrangement. A second card which surrounds assumes meanings of infidelity and unrequited feelings. Breaking a friendship important plans that blend, use a lot of objectivity in the decisions.

COMBINATIONS: Near the Thief: next to you means that there is a man who ruined the existence, beside papers discussing money profitable business, with reconciliation: Return of a love.

LOVE: (Six of Hearts)

GENERAL SIGNIFICANCE: The paper represents the feelings that are meant to last, great affection, eternal fidelity.
UPRIGHT: The culmination of a long wait, the prospect of marriage for an engaged couple, good for starting a new relationship. Working in the birth of a new business. good business and personal.
REVERSED CARD: Ending a long history, especially if worn. Feeling cold, loss of libido and sexual and emotional. Closing a socetà work or a failure, separation, betrayal, divorce.

COMBINATIONS: Near the REGRET: discovery of a imbtroglio. Next to the TRIP: Honeymoon.

THOUGHT (Seven of Hearts)

GENERAL MEANING: A thought, an idea, a doubt, reflection, opinion, advice. All those situations dictated by the mind, reports not yet materialized.
UPRIGHT: The psyche of the consultant, nagging thoughts, blocks insecurities, doubts of various kinds. Particularly vulnerable, sensitive. Think twice before acting.
REVERSED CARD: A situation that does not arrive, can not act. A person not interested, you have to meditate alone on the steps to take, a refusal of dialogue in the feelings, the thought of leaving, unsympathetic attitude, problems that you do not want to talk, feelings of guilt.

COMBINATION: WOMAN anger or Near the Enemy: Someone gossiping behind your back. Cards close to “Success”: One of your wish will come true.

A BLONDE (Eight of Hearts)

GENERAL SIGNIFICANCE: This is the coquetry, the feminine charms. Indicates the lover, a jealous person, a liar.
UPRIGHT: A rival, eccentric person, looking for attention, can ‘also represent an insecure person.
REVERSED CARD: False friend, a seductress, a woman of easy virtue, great opportunity to lure interest.
COMBINATIONS: With the next SUCCESS: to get a person who would do anything to his purpose.

SURPRISE: (Nine of Hearts)
GENERAL SIGNIFICANCE: This card represents the events that we reserve the hidden life, what ‘we can not determine a priori.
UPRIGHT: Pleasant surprise, happy event, when successful. In the field of business promotion, grade advancement, salary increase. In love an invitation to surprise, complicity, feeling. Even winning the game.
REVERSED CARD: Accident and material, unpleasant events, disappointment, hurt, wrong. Lack of strength to face the economic problema.Sperpero, abandonment of an initiative.
COMBINATIONS: Close to the card of GIFTS: unexpected fortunes incoming materials, attached to the FUN: invitation from friends.
Near HOUSE cards: opposition to good business immobiliare.Vicino ‘: A surprise going upstream.

WAITING (Ten of Hearts)

GENERAL MEANING: Paper from temporary value of life, or delays, setbacks, bend, restlessness, psychological torment.
UPRIGHT: The paper consoglia not agonize too much for a problem ’cause the resolution will take place over time. May ‘represent the love / or awaiting the return of the partner. . At work there will be results that are slow to arrive, keep the situation under control.
REVERSED CARD: Impediments and obstacles imposed on a successful. Big forgotten, a lost document, a communication does not arrive, the surrounding cards will determine whether the end the outcome will be positive or negative, stubborn, taxation.
COMBINATION: Close to the FUN (upside down) period even slight crisis.

VISIT (Knave of Hearts)
GENERAL MEANING: Arrival unexpected visit from a loved one, pleasant meeting. A fun, conversation.
UPRIGHT: Upcoming News, letters, new knowledge both at work and friendship. Can ‘also represent an event awaited by the consultant, the papers will be established close if it is positive or negative. Field work, meetings, talks, dialogue of working conditions.
REVERSED CARD: Fatality, not the end, a problem that blocks success. At work, be wary of promises’ cause will not be implemented. The paper persuades refer not to rash steps. Discord in love with your partner on arrival.
COMBINATIONS: With the JOURNEY: nice move. Flipped next to WEAKNESSES: tirsti confirmations.

TENDERNESS (Queen of Hearts)
GENERAL MEANING: It is all those attitudes from the heart: attention, outpouring, caresses, etc.. Events generally pleasant.
UPRIGHT: caring love, kindness, pleasant moments of privacy. In the couple is a perfect understanding. Reconciliation. In the work place concrete help.
REVERSED CARD: Attitude dictated by nervousness, mortifying situation, impact of anger. Feelings about the cooling passenger ingusatizia suffered in a work, taken posizine,. Person with bad intentions likely to do poorly.
COMBINATION: Near HEARTS cards, prebvede period of great attention. Flanked to certain of money, balance the budget statement.

RETIRED (King of Hearts)
General meaning: It represents both a concrete figure, is the luck in the broadest sense. Rich man, more selfish ‘or less marked, inherited, profitable projects.
UPRIGHT: Fortune, wins the game, good times, fertility. possibility of a new job., abbndanza economic support from someone. In love, vicious man, rich, arrogant, insensitive person madschile, to avoid marriage. Relatives at home an opportunist, only linked to its interests.
REVERSED CARD: Period unfavorable to the game, waste of money, greed, money to spare. In the work’s not good,
In love, there is a pimp, husband, vicious, dangerous defects, suspicions of treachery, malice free. Figure soimbolica: loan shark, the enemy, suspicious person or covetous man.
COMBINATION: Close to the paper of the person who wishes SPAVENTA hurt the consultant. Close to paper money, the game extremely lucky man, Proximity card MARRIAGE: Marriage Happy. Next to WEAKNESSES: unwanted pregnancy.

A LETTER (Ace of Diamonds)
GENERAL MEANING: Item comes in, unexpected change may represent a chance meeting, a decision, a love that could soon go away, even a sudden work situation.
UPRIGHT: long-awaited news, news. About taking a job immediately, good news about this sector.
Positive business, higher earnings. In a sentimental secret is revealed, an ambiguous attitude, the discovery of a subterfuge.
REVERSED CARD: News unpleasant, sudden out of money, false documents, complaints received. Next away from work. Decrease in the affections of desire, lack of feeling.
COMBINATION: Next to be important: Big news, if accompanied by the chatter of the paper: an assertion made ​​is without foundation, or Close to WEDDING ENTERTAINMENT: You will receive an invitation important.

PLEASURE, FUN: (Two of Diamonds)
GENERAL SIGNIFICANCE: This card represents everything to personal success, but involving the consultant and the people dearest to him. indicates the circumstances futile, joy or fun, such as festivals or ceremonies, risucita positive expectations.
UPRIGHT: Positivity of privacy that is worldly. In the emotional life announces an upcoming engagement or a wedding in sight. Meeting with distant relatives, fun with friends. In the work projects fruitful, loyal and positive person, good prospects in private activities.
REVERSED CARD: Delay of success of a situation that was at heart, but you can ‘see a positive to its conclusion. In love is a momentary period of crisis that may even out with the help of others. people who may conspire against you, envy and superficiality.
COMBINATIONS: Near the paper Atonement finds a loved one. Near the card TOWN HOUSE ‘: A relative betroth you to the most’ soon, Near the Enemy: Between the knowledge there is someone who loves you very much.

THE CONSULTANT (Three of Diamonds)
GENERAL SIGNIFICANCE: The paper represents the person seeking advice.
UPRIGHT: The consultant is willing to listen and consider the advice of the cards. He has the strength to face adversity. Men’s positive and honest. Fingure symbolic: Husband, father, lover, friend.
REVERSED CARD: The consultant is wary of the cards. he might be the obstacle of his problems.

GENERAL SIGNIFICANCE: This paper opens her eyes on the center of the problem which plagues the consultant. Decisive choice, a concept of vital importance. The consultant will be aware of a truth that was unknown to him.
UPRIGHT: Confidence intimate, private life, reveals highly personal situations. About the work you will have the resolution of the matter, ability to cope with the difficulties, change of ideas. In love, you come to a fork must make a choice. If you have an idea in mind now is the time to realizzarla.Simbolicamente can represent the confidence, respect for staff.
REVERSED CARD: false idea, rash statement, resolution of the problem away, unable to be objective, you have to listen to people you trust. Distorted view of reality, anxiety. Warning: Use tact and diplomacy.
COMBINATIONS: This is a real revelation if it is close to both male and female characters. Next to the card SWEET TICKETS: sintimentale soon receive a statement, coupled with the GIFTS: a person close esteems you deeply.

RECONCILIATION (Five of Diamonds)
GENERAL MEANING: Charter positive Finding of someone or a wait finally crowned.
UPRIGHT: Consolidating all those situations that you were going to disintegrate. The expectation of a person will be rewarded with the return of the desired subject. In love, serenity returns after a dispute, a report could be strengthened closed for some time. In business, agreements, peace in any field, find a lost object.
REVERSED CARD: Conflict, misunderstandings, lack of will regress. Block momentary event. Late at enhancing relationship, marriage in crisis, stubbornness, deceit and hypocrisy, pride.
COMBINATIONS: Close to card law, Justice made ​​in favor of the accused consultant.

ABSENCE (Six of Diamonds)
GENERAL MEANING: Distance, distance, breaking momentarily. Period of great misunderstanding, killing morale, conflict, delay. It should not be done otherwise the situation worse potrebbbe.
UPRIGHT: Removal from the person you love, sadness, resentment, guilt, negativity period of more ‘or less long.
At work do not Bisignano ruchieste details or complaints, as they would be in vain. Delay prediction of an event that announced the next card.
REVERSED CARD: Obstacle, impediment, the material and not an accident, loss of feeling, sexual apathy, conflict, misunderstanding., I do not have to rush to conclude things in order to avoid the ruin of them. Loss of documents.
COMBINATIONS: The paper always involves the A NO, however, the temporary end of the evolution of something. Next to WEAKNESSES: looming situation, unclear. At MARRIAGE: schedule changes, Near VISIT: a project goes ahead.
Chatter (Seven of Diamonds)
GENERAL MEANING: People negative, insincere friends, surrounding the consultant, the paper warns not to reveal secrets that I must remain so. Other invasion of privacy.
UPRIGHT: Situations told by hearsay, not to be taken too seriously. discounted rumors. In the field work quanlcuno makes fun of you. On the emotional encounter with a person who has good intentions.
REVERSED CARD: If you assume a meaning reversed milder, resulting in the talk ends in themselves made ​​only for the sake of gossip. Inappropriate talk are not recommended.
COMBINATIONS: Close to the PLAYERS: meeting friends coming next, with a true friend: you will receive valuable advice, next to the SURPRISE: unexpected revelation you will be amazed.

Hindrance (Eight of Diamonds)
GENERAL MEANING: Obstacle, unforeseen situation, unwanted circumstances. This card signals all the circumstances that create obstacles that are detrimental to the consultant. Indecision character.
UPRIGHT: Situations which affect the rotational motion of some of the projects consultant. Obstacles that arise on the path taken, the practical difficulties, the project failed, went ahead goal. About the character: indecision, insecure, illness toward others. In the workplace, contrasting ideas, the clash of opinions, misunderstanding, hatred Crezia personal.
REVERSED CARD: disorders of various kinds, mental and physical, nasty mishap, betrayal, disappointment, emotional, unwanted pregnancy, the discovery of an unpleasant secret about you. In the past represents an individual’s psychological blocks and disturbances. Embarrassment, weakness, a person without character.
COMBINATIONS: In addition to Fidelity ‘non-betrayal, near the REGRET: an event will fade dramatically. Near card money: an investment failed.

Upset – REGRET (Nine of Diamonds)
GENERAL MEANING: It is never a good omen, as it is sad situations, or of sorrow, or cases of misunderstanding as to create strong conflicts.
UPRIGHT: point of view heard, the consultant is to do with a subject completely opposite to him. Situations that are psychologically better prepared to fight to get a desired result. Situations that could evolve contrary to your projects. In an already poor situation indicates a worsening of the situation itself.
REVERSED CARD: It takes less accidental meaning of the law. Small Passenger impediment, destined to end a dispute, dictated stubborn pride, the negative period, which permits this paper is shorter than you think. do not fall.
COMBINATIONS: With SWEET TICKETS: Bad news coming. Flanked on cards HEARTS: Report on Sunset Boulevard in crisis. close to the DELAY: Situation of negativity still present.

TRAVEL (Ten of Diamonds)
GENERAL MEANING: Moving business or pleasure, depending on the cards close. Auspicious meaning, opening up new destinations to explore.
UPRIGHT: Moving, Travel, change expected from the consultant. leave the daily routine. Successful business situations. In love, pleasure trips with loved ones, but also change of residence, removal or renovation of the house. In moments of doubt follow your instincts.
REVERSED CARD: Attention shifts to why ‘may be a hole in the water. For a business trip there will be a disappointment because bad ‘will target’ compartment. A pleasure trip could all go ahead.
COMBINATIONS: Near WEAKNESSES: there is a shift for an unpleasant event. with FUN: leisure travel, holiday deserved. If it is turned over close to fright: expected an accident, you must be careful!

Thief (Jack of Diamonds)
GENERAL MEANING: Person mean, ambiguous situation, deceit and hostility, distorted reality, deception, confusion. Unpleasant event, inner fears, guilt. Beware that you will make new friends.
UPRIGHT: Theft or misappropriation of money, cowardly person, the menzogna.Rischi materials, trap or in view of allegations, some plot behind your back.
REVERSED CARD: grievance, slander, injustice passing, street person, evil, brutality. Eccetrica person that stands out negatively. how rude, illegal movements, fraud. dangerous habits.
COMBINATIONS: The Thief of the paper is dangerous or unhealthy habit. With gift cards, stolen property, money or unclear. MAN OF LAW Close: conviction, imprisonment, sentence to be served.

ANGRY WOMAN (Queen of Diamonds)
GENERAL MEANING: Enemy or conspirator.
UPRIGHT: A female subject to be avoided because it acts with malice against the consultant. In love is a dangerous person, a rival, a woman without feeling attached to money. Even in the workplace is a hostile and jealous person, try to avoid it as much ‘as possible.
COMBINATIONS: Near A BLONDE or a brunette, the consultant donnaconosciuta downright dangerous. Near VISIT: soon you will receive visits from your own enemy.

MILITARY (King of Diamonds)
GENERAL MEANING: Young man, young man under arms, boy. It represents the physical strength, the rational choice, balance, strength of will of the counselee. Charm, chance meeting.
UPRIGHT: The winner of inner strength to succeed and not from a work situation. It means obedience and maturity of mind., But also challenge and competition opportunities for career advancement. Represents all the uniformed professions, the justice that makes its course. On a sentimental story destined to end soon.
REVERSED CARD: Determines action driven by anger that prevails over reason. Young drifter, with no feelings, but also bureaucratic hassles, obstacles, practical difficulties. About feelings, is a relationship based solely on physical attraction, a story futile without a solid foundation.
COMBINATIONS: With MEN OF LAW: Serious difficulties legal process, Near DELAY: practical obstacles, annoyances and setbacks is not calculated.

MUCH MONEY: (Ace of Clubs)
GENERAL MEANING: Prosperity, profitable business. Economic success, winning collection of debts, a circumstance positive development.
UPRIGHT: Wherever it is placed in this card represents money resolution, large, a profitable opportunity, the realization of a project. Excellent prospects for a new business. The positive change with respect to a stagnant situation. A long-desired purchase. In love, symbolizes love advantageous, but if preceded by spades mean that the affective side is supported by the interests and materialism.
REVERSED CARD: General Block, late payments, declining disposable income. The paper provides backward to always involve costs or sacrifices that money out. Furthermore, if preceded by spades came out safe, if segute by the same means that the efforts of the consultant are not useful to give them a good development.
COMBINATIONS: With GIFTS: It spends more ‘than expected. Or close to VICTORY SUCCESS: A substantial and constructive period.

FIDELITY (two of clubs)
GENERAL MEANING: Attachment, bonding welded solid foundation, honesty and trust in others. Marital fidelity and among friends, constancy, continuity in attendance, sincerely, vain temptations.
UPRIGHT: An honest relationship, which excludes the temptation tradimenti.Rappresenta and more like an actual state of the subject at the time of consultation. Partners in Safety. Optimal cooperation in the workplace.
REVERSED CARD: infidelity, disappointment, broken promise, betrayal by trusted perte units within a subject., Discovered skeletons in the closet. Past intrinsic errors took. Constitutes an avenue of escape. Lack of respect for personal and physical situation is not objective. Refusal to accept it for what it is.
COMBINATIONS: Inverted or near MARRIAGE LOVE: inevitable discovery of betrayal, with a blonde: Subject libertine. Near THOUGHT: unfounded suspicions.

HOPE: (Three Flowers)
GENERAL MEANING: Do not be influenced by events as soon nonstra waiting will be successful.
UPRIGHT: Hope makes the consultant not to lose confidence in himself and in a situation where he is, promises to be positive in the workplace to the success of a project, the renewal of a contract or the possibility of finding a new job. In love, reconciliation provides a break and his clarification of an unclear situation. If you’re still just a person of your dreams is on the horizon to give you pronbta everything you need.
REVERSED CARD: A delay may cause you to lose confidence in what you’re doing. Do not despair because it is just a mishap facilemte solved. At work you have to postpone indefinitely a affafre you have in place. If you owe solldi dorete have to wait. In return the love if bee affligetevi partner because it will take a while but will return.
COMBINATIONS: Close to TRAVEL: The closest you will realize your dream, With Love: quqlcuno soon knock at your door.

EXCURSIONS (Four of Clubs)
GENERAL MEANING: invasion, walk, small shift. Unforeseen situation, speeches delicate to deal with, the decision to be taken in a short time. Marriage affectionate, close relatives.
UPRIGHT: This paper concerns the circumstances that come out of a rut. A delicate moment to address problems that drag on for some time. In love, particularly quiet period. Work on proposals for entirely new tasks.
REVERSED CARD: Download Free boredom, apathy, sterility, refusal to deal with marital problems. Relationship that has now come to an end. A person who lies to itself, romantic indecision, general discontent.
COMBINATIONS: Near TRAVEL: Small that the client will move quickly. With RECONCILIATION: Peace made with a relative or friend of long standing. With SURPRISE: There will soon be a big deal.

VICTORY (Five of Clubs)
GENERAL SIGNIFICANCE: The victory comes. The Projects are optimal work, the propitious circumstances. It ‘time for gold.
UPRIGHT: The success of something very important to all sectors of the extended life of the counselee. Increase economic and pleasant surprises. It can also represent a win in the game.
REVERSED CARD: Failure momentary, short-lived. In a failure in love means because of a wrong attitude toward the partner, if you have targeted a particular subject do not forget it is the right person for you.
COMBINATIONS: This card is able to destroy the negativity of the adverse cards in the game, but if the contrary is near cash cards, means that this is not your time, they will surely better times.

ENEMY (Six Flowers)
GENERAL SIGNIFICANCE: This is a very negative from which you must stay away. The enemy can act directly or indirectly. Figure masculine.
UPRIGHT: The enemy symbolically represents the lie, falsehood a character that hinders the path to a successful project. In love can be a contender, if near the card “HOME TOWN ‘” a relative envious. Metaphorically it can be past grudges, path failures, secrets obligations.
REVERSED CARD: If you lose this card to the back of the actual value, may be a lie told by a reliable person that we thought, but also a council deliberately wrong.
COMBINATIONS: Near the paper chatter: some people have heavily Caluna the consultant creandogli of serious difficulties. With TOWN HOUSE ‘or CAMPAIGN: a relative hate you deeply.

SOME ‘OF MONEY (Seven Flowers)
GENERAL SIGNIFICANCE: This card is primarily a figurative meaning, is seen more as a situation in which the consultant has to adapt devuto. should not have any claim at this time.
UPRIGHT: momentary state of the consultant, must be content not to lose what little has been achieved. In the work place can be a time to stop it gradually recovers. In love, after a certain period of crisis there will be a little cloudy intesnsificherà that with time, patience and good will must help each meeting each other.
REVERSED CARD: static period, the resolution of the problems will not happen right away. We must save to avoid falling into debt. In love there are imbalances that will last for a while.
COMBINATIONS: Near the card SUCCESS: Small winning the game, but only if the paper is on the right. With widow short of killing morale. Angrily to avoid futile expenditure.

ANGER (Eight of Clubs)
GENERAL MEANING: Persion leziosaa, mostly of selfishness on common sense. Situation where because of the pride will not have a good outcome. Spiteful person towards the consultant.
UPRIGHT: Envy, irritating, synonymous with hoax. cheating, insincere friendship. Person who creates chaos, subterfuge. In love, out of spite for petty reasons, from the point whim satisfied sexually inappropriate comparisons. Board fuoriluogo, preposterous.
REVERSED CARD: Despite trivial importance, retaliations childish, innocent lies. Situation where the consultant is unjustly accused. Dilemmas of long standing, suffered riappaciuficazioni, sfavolrevoli compromise. subject to keep under control.
COMBINATIONS: WOMAN Flanked to anger affront by a relative of the consultant. With COUNTRY HOUSE: theft or misdirection.

GIFTS (Nine of Clubs)
Generic sense: all those fortuitous circumstances of life, unexpected surprises and announcements, news more or less happy to
as appropriate.
UPRIGHT: Event specific unexpected, especially propitious time. Win the game, renewal of an employment contract, consolidation of a collaboration. In love, a gift, a present of some value, can ‘symbolize the engagement ring or promise of marriage.
REVERSED CARD: Please do not reciprocated, Complimentary gift, offered by a person interested opportunist. cowardice, fear, delusion. In the work the consultant is in a period where not the best, then a crisis situation. offer undervalued the criterion that should be analyzed with advantageous because, superficiality.
COMBINATIONS: In addition to cards HEARTS: events always symbolizes good luck, happiness next. With FRIENDSHIP: the person with whom you may also have an affect, pleasant memory.

SUCCESS (Ten of Clubs)
GENERAL SIGNIFICANCE: One of the best cards in the deck, extends his power in all fields of life’s essential consultant.
UPRIGHT: Victory, success, a situation of great happiness. Periods of economic prosperity, personal satisfaction. successful enterprises on the job, obtaining a positive response, starting a business nuoa. In love, engagement at home, marriage, birth, return of a past love. crowns a long wait with pleasant news.
REVERSED CARD: Trying in vain, abrupt termination of a project, economic losses. Abatement moral insoddisazione. The planned projects may fade due to unforeseen circumstances. in love takes on the meaning of a disappointment, feelings blocked by past disappointments.
COMBINATIONS: With cards DENATO: winning and good fortune, With Weakness: Healing nearby.

FLATERER (Jack of Clubs)
GENERAL MEANING: Flattery made ​​for expediency, to arouse all the interest costs of the unaware consultant.
UPRIGHT: flattery to get something for his interest. Wary of people who suddenly are praising you for no apparent reason.
REVERSED CARD: Lie said it for good, new knowledge that may be insincere, unwelcome gift. tactic to reconnect with someone with whom you disagree.
COMBINATIONS: Near the PROTECTOR: who will soon take some favor he has bestowed his own advantage. With DELAY: unfulfilled promise.

True friend (Queen of Flowers)
GENERAL MEANING: Person generous and sympathetic to the consultant. Good counselor.
UPRIGHT: Friendly, benevolent figure, person always ready to help with material and moral support. Cusi problematic situation can be found an easy solution. Acts of generosity, good sense, sincere openness, friendship of long standing.
REVERSED CARD: Person or treacherous friend, person who acts motivated by personal interests. Situation of bad faith or improper confidences gossip. In the field of love, a person fits in the pair to create harm, careful the people you meet on your journey.
COMBINATIONS: With TENDERNESS: Acts of generosity, with chatter: Malafede by an acquaintance apparently sincere. Near SURPRISE: unexpected arrival of a loved one.

PROTECTOR (King of Clubs)
GENERAL MEANING: Good rich and wealthy man of great generosity, consulting on wakefulness. Help spicologico and material, trusted friend, an important middle-aged businessman.
STRAIGHT PAPER: Umo that helps the consultant in a particularly difficult moment of his life. Person you can trust, that person is not asking anything in return. At work, cche officer asks you for your cooperation or that helps you. In the affective sphere is the faithful husband, a loving parent, a friend a true friend you can count on.
REVERSED CARD: A friend who reluctantly can not help you, a boy spicologicamente istabile, the removal of a beloved character. In the work a promesssa not maintained due to problems not caused by your will. Metaphorically, the distance, travel sudden, short-term obstacles. In love, a man torn in their feelings, identity crisis.
COMBINATIONS: With another CARD male figure: her father, a sincere friend, reliable person. Near card MONEY: Positive business, business growth, an opportunity not to be missed. Close to Love: the person coming for you.

DELAY (ace of spades)
GENERAL SIGNIFICANCE: This card is very similar to that of the impediment, which also determines an obstacle to the development of the condition. It makes sense because more concrete ‘, an increasingly real-time situations.
UPRIGHT: Depending on the interpretation this card increases the waiting period to see rispolvere issues.
In love. irreparable conflict, if there is a middle distance, difficulty of reconciliation. advised to remain calm in the issues.
Flipped PAPER: The paper maintains its actual value, however, although the time resolution is less than the paper straight.
COMBINATIONS: close to retirement: financial difficulties, delay in credit Payable expired. Close to ‘Inconstancy in love. means that person will find it difficult to get close to you. With the success: small delays in implementation.

GAMBLERS (Two of Spades)
GENERAL MEANING: Fun, enjoyable meeting, formal dinner, business meeting. Represents the festive meetings, engagement and even infatuation.
UPRIGHT: This paper represents a strong positive all occasions more or less mundane when you love to participate. The sphere of friendships old and new, phone, message acceptable, partying in general. At Work will conulente approvals, bonuses and prizes. In love life, marriage, wedding nearby, birth and baptism.
REVERSED CARD: Delays, sudden movements, something will fade at the last minute. Also temperamentally uncomfortable difficiltà to integrate into society, complex psychological or physical. disorder, more or less animated discussion, the final break. Felling where moral IUL consultant can count only on itself.
COMBINATIONS: The players’ cards, is flanked comunaque represents situations in which more people are involved. Near the outing trip between relatives, with the fear: according sad, illness or funeral. Near the FUN: High earnings.

TRAP (Three of Spades)
GENERAL SIGNIFICANCE: The situation of uncertainty, understood as raggioro trap or scam, misrepresentation or subterfuge, and cases of crime. Serious problems with the law: prison.
UPRIGHT: Snare to deceive the consultant. In business situation very clean, ill-gained money, exploitation of one or more subjects. Be wary of shady individuals. Of the accuracy of claims made. In the field of sentimental: wedding interested.
REVERSED CARD: Small subterfuge for the purpose of personal interest. Subject implausible. Undeserved gains, small cases illegal. Stolen goods, inamicizie influential. In the past grievance or consultant of percussion, a person of great selfishness and treachery.
COMBINATIONS: Near LOVE: Engagement of convenience with a wealthy man, close to the expected: the conultante face a distressing situation.

A BRUNETTE (Four of Spades)
GENERAL MEANING: Friend, girlfriend, positive person, a woman of great charm, great counselor, wife, sister. For the love dark-haired new knowledge.
UPRIGHT: Women who listens and advises, person acting in good faith. In love, understanding and positive ‘destined to flourish in a sense more’ intense. In social relations trusted person, a friend of the heart. At work, selfless person. Symbolically: sincerity, m willing spirit, reliability.
REVERSED CARD: Negative Woman, lover, treacherous, unfaithful person. Fool knows men. Work on the person of a certain level that hinders the purposes of coinsultante. within the family relative of bad and false.
COMBINATIONS: Close to the sincere friend: it’s a great person to hang out, with GIFTS: Invaluable advice. Close to the Enemy: A nasty surprise, or even treason.

LOSS OF MONEY (Five of Spades)
GENERAL MEANING: Loss of something material (money or object more ‘or less valuable), memory loss, temporary delays and obstacles. Unclear vision of a situation.
UPRIGHT: The consultant who has left something important to him, thanks to this paper and those which are next to know if you can find it. Thing in a personal crisis, looking for an identity.
REVERSED CARD: Lost final, delays in searches, searching in vain. wrong starting with massive recovery. incompetent people surrounding the consultant in his work activities. Be wary of advice given by superficial people, who have little to do with your problem. Someone is hiding the truth.
COMBINATIONS: This card affects mateialmente with its meaning of an actual material loss (if close to card money) .- It is mental confusion, if accompanied by male or female figures. near the Victory: Finding the lost object.

Inconstancy (Six of Spades)
GENERAL MEANING: Eternal indecision, personal insecurity, internal conflict, difficulties in the dialogue. Extremely shy person, incapable of transmitting algli other’s feelings.
UPRIGHT: The subject can not make a decision, due to its deep-rooted sense of inferiority and lack of security in love if you are dealing with a subject like this you will never get the reliability you need. At work, social and unreliable, insurmountable economic crisis, depressed person, silent anguish.
REVERSED CARD: Period of conflict passenger, taking time to reflect, indecision related to a matter of heart. Friend who needs comfort. routines also metaphorically, unemployment, feeling uncertain. Consultant is advised to be patient in front of an inconsistent attitude of the person he loved.
COMBINATIONS: The inconsistency and indecision creates gaps near those cards that determine the achievement of a goal. close the paper if you love: a relationship too istabile to be brought forward in time. regress, misunderstanding. Near Money Cards: projects that will leave you in half.

Fight (Seven of Spades)
GENERAL SIGNIFICANCE: This paper is not recommended to address all those situations where you are competing with other individuals.
UPRIGHT: Mette attention from the consultant disputes that might be faced with anger. For work, there may be conflicts between colleagues, however, quarrels. Feelings about the period of crisis in marriage, engagement in a temporary break even break a friendship important.
REVERSED CARD: You must remain calm at all times, if something is not looking to expose your discomfort in moderation. In the work there may be a misunderstanding or dismissal for a project. Family discussions between relatives.
COMBINATIONS: Near the Military: trouble with the law. With PLAYERS: discussion with a friend for trivial issues.

WEAKNESS (Eight of Spades)
General meaning: It means necessriamente a situation of physical ailments, but may also affect the psyche. Generally not a very good paper.
UPRIGHT: ailments, general negativity, psychological blocks, concerns, or real life dramas. Abbissali also represents those situations from which escape is difficult. The consultant must be very careful if this comes out in a consultation paper regarding the health.
In an emotional context, it could indicate a situation of infertility, and metaphorically a strong relationship conflict in which one is immersed for some time.
REVERSED CARD: mood on the ground, blocking situation generally. Person Graven discouraged by a state of bankruptcy, distrust the person loved. in extreme cases, physical illness at an advanced stage.
COMBINATIONS: This paper takes on different aspects depending on the situation in which it appears. In a consultation concerning the work time recommended to address important decisions. In the field of affect, is a relationship to be analyzed carefully. With Spaventa reversed: ominous omen.

Scare (Nine of Spades)
GENERAL SIGNIFICANCE: This card does not have a meaning closely related to physical death, but rather represents those spheres of fully rooted changes involving life situations the consultant.
UPRIGHT: Switching from one state to another life, renewal sudden reversal of a situation abysmal. The effective period of a working situation than sentimental. also open or close-minded trip away net. Situation inasperttato success, accomplishment. Ability to recover a lost opportunity. Revolution or Renaissance style and events.
REVERSED CARD: Changing from a positive to a negative state. Rupture of a situation that is dear to the consultant without a chance of recovery. Delays permanent and insurmountable obstacles, resolution far away. Social conflict, depression in advanced, destructive life choices for indviduo. If in a context of illness, number of exacerbations.
COMBINATIONS: The death acquires meaning if it appears attached to the positive SUCCESS: end of a period of agonizing personal and artistic rebirth. Flanked to VICTORY: The consultant will have the better of a competitor.

Infantile (Ten of Spades)
GENERAL MEANING: Charter unfavorable. Carted catastrophe if accompanied by a negative value. Inauspicious omen, personal torments.
UPRIGHT: Sadness, tears, drop out of spite, this card symbolizes all the worst events that create imbalances and discomfort to the consultant. In the workplace means bankruptcy, closing a business, loss of work and money. On a sentimental rooted infidelity or discovery, vice and sexual ambguità.
REVERSED CARD: Piccoliispiaceri materials or not. bad news, unpleasant situations, unexpected news is not positive. Abatement moral, depression, psychosomatic illnesses. Is in conflict with the couple, arguments, mood pieces.
COMBINATIONS: Near cash cards, large outputs. Near of hearts, sorrow and emotional betrayal. Flanked house of cards, mortgage, eviction, and material losses.

A YOUNG BROWN (Jack of Spades)
GENERAL MEANING: It can ‘be a son, a friend, lover, man made, hard working, moral and material support.
UPRIGHT: This card represents the whole of sexual consultant or the person for whom it was made ​​consulto.E ‘an honest man, faithful, studious, correct. It can be a good friend, a woman can be a pleasant encounter with a man with sincere feelings.
REVERSED CARD: Poblemi sexual arrogganza, general failure, lack of character, person not to be imitated. At work just trusted entity, be wary of his promises. Emotionally is a traitor, spoiled, unable to love ’cause acora immature.
COMBINATIONS: Near LOVE: Always a positive person emotionally. Cards close to negative: soggettoda keep a safe distance. Flanked to DEBBOLEZZA: subject to risk.

A WIDOW (Queen of Spades)
GENERAL MEANING: It is unpleasant gliaspetti, blame, suspicion, lack of confidence in the next, and abatement realizzazone moral failure.
UPRIGHT: An important situation where you fail, regret and personal torment. In a forthcoming ESSECI love could break or the decline of an ongoing story. It could be an unwillingness on the part of the woman in a pair, may be inappropriate ith a circle of friends.
REVERSED CARD: It may represent the final conclusion of a situation that has dragged on for some time. In the work could be a financial crisis or project reckless. In love, there is a gap caused by emotional and physical problems, usually female. that could lead to crisiesistenziali be averted from the partners.
COMBINATIONS: Near MARRIAGE: indicates unhappy marriage or to avoid emotional bond. With VISIT: bad news coming. close to success: Can you find the freedom to act positively.

MAN OF LAW (King of Spades)
GENERAL MEANING: Man colt, intellectual, of great virtue, concerns the sphere of law, trials, fines, justice, prison.
UPRIGHT lacarte could tell the consultant to apply for legal action to solve his problem. Just cause for the consultant, the success of a problem that plagued some time. In the work you do exercise that right. Feelings in perspective that blurs the separation, recovery of ‘lost equilibrium.
REVERSED CARD: A situation that will not be completed pèortata fairness, you have unjustly accsati wrong. At work you will create a superior grains. In the field of marriage possible rupture of the report. Symbolically too hasty situation.
COMBINATIONS: Close to Military: Huge legal troubles, insurmountable difficulties. With LETTER: Riucirete to get the money you are entitled.

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