Comparison Reading with 3 different Oracle – My Nephew’s Ptosis Surgery

26 Jul

Hi readers, today my 17 years old nephew will be having his Ptosis Surgery on his left eye. Ptosis (pronounced tO-ses) is the medical term for drooping of the upper eyelid. His is congenital ptosis a defect since birth. He need this surgery very much not only because of sight problem with age but for emotional psychological well being. Dating scene and self image is a problem. He wants to know the outcome of the surgery.

I did a 5 card spread using 3 different oracle ie Tarot d’Eltynne, Oracle Ge and Lenormand.

5 Card line Spread with Tarot d’Eltynne

 The focus card being the friendship card and under the influence of the sun gives the main indicator for my nephew wanting this surgery done its because of his self esteem, his outward appearance and to do with his interaction with other people. Change being the 1st card speaks about the change he want to bring about within himself, yes undergoing the surgery itself is about making changes, physically. Followed by the Peace card speaks well for the surgery, it means the changes brought about by the surgery will give him much happiness and peace of mind. Being under the influence of Venus a planetr asociated with things of beauty and pleasure and social interactions, yes he will do well in this arena, furthermore the Friendship card next to it gives added strength to the happiness he will find with his confidence in his interaction with others. Nevertheless, the Money card next to the Sterility card is a matter of concern here because it shows that despite all this new found self confidence with human realtionships and all this wealth of friendships, my nephew will still have a sensec of loneliness and isolation. Looks like he need to do reflection, meditation, to step back and learn to find happiness and peace within himself and not to expect it from external source. I’ll bring up this matter to him and discuss with about ways for him to develop the spiritual side of him so as to find within himself a sustainable source of happiness.

Same Reading Using Oracle Of GeVery interesting, the Oracle of Ge here at the last 2 cards (Dove + Surprise) of speaks about an emotional surprise or change? Dove speaks about peace and harmony and it being next to the Bat card on the left and Surprise card its right, could speak about disruptive changes in his peace and emotions which surprise him because obviously after the surgery and him looking physically more attractive yet he still find emptiness within himself.

Same Reading With Lenormand

Aha, finally, the Lenormand cards threw more light into my nephew’s situation. The focus card being The Clouds, speaks about uncertainty and confusion. He is confuse why even is it even after the surgery, when in fact physically  he looks better yet he is not feeling fulfilled in the romantic aspect of his relationships (Heart + Garden)Mice + Star speaks about his feeling troubled by unmet expectations.

So I must say that, after doing this 3 reading I find that the main reason for my nephew wanting to have the surgery done is very much to do with him wanting to look better for the girls, and doing better in the dating and romantic scene BUT looks like he will be disapointed to find out that he would not bring him the much anticipated happiness he hope to find.

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