King Solomon Card – Advice On Problem In Madam NA’s Marriage

26 Jul

A friend Madam NA, is having some problems in her relationship with her husband. She’s been married 40years. This is a classical traditional marriage where both partners stay in a marriage for the sake of children and society. Divorce is something they would avoid like the plague, unlike the marriages of people in the younger generation age group. She acknowledges that there is some distance between them BUT she is troubled because for the past few years she sense something amiss or not quite right. Anyway her question is she wants to have a general view of her marriage and whats best to do.

Regarding advice, I always like to use The King Solomon Card. I find that its very accurate and hit straight at the point. I shall be using the spread recommended by the creator of the deck which is a 3 card spread but read from Right to Left.

Source Of The Problem: Card 13 shows that the problem is that there is apathy and disregard for things in the marriage. The lady is uninvolved in her husbands life in their marriage. She is indifferent to him. Perhaps she is too involve with her own things and do not bother to give her husband due attention required to build a loving marriage. She has let things go on decaying in their relationship. The relationship has been allowed to slide down and deteriorate.

Challenges Ahead: Card 29 shows that the situation of their relationship is fast going downhill. She should expect a lot of changes between herself and her husband. Something’s got to be done before all is lost.

What To Do: Card 19 speaks about mutual involvement. The oracle advices her to try to win back her husbands love by being closer to him emotionally. She must create a more loving atmosphere and she has to change her ways. She must not remain aloof and not bothered about his needs. She must take an interest in what he does and try to be involved and take an interest in him. Otherwise she’s in for trouble!

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