Gypsy Fortune Telling Deck – Situation Of Rosa’s Divorce

27 Jul

My friend Rosa will be going to court this Thursday28/7/2011  for her divorce proceeding. She wants to know the situation of her divorce.

I decide to use my Gypsy Fortune Telling Deck. To have better insights and more depth to the reading I made a side by side comparison of each card using a self made cartomancy deck which corresponds to the cartomancy suit of each Gypsy card (I did not make a new set of reading using the same spread with the Cartomancy Deck). The spread I used was the Advice Gypsy Spread.

 Present Situation: The Gift card here denotes that the divorce is like a gift for Rosa. A chance to have a better life ahead. This divorce is good for her. The 3 of Diamonds speak about Legal letter which is true in this aspect and it also denotes petty domestic conflicts escalating into serious dispute and a feeling of tug of war between two people, very well describing a couple going through divorce.

Past Situation: The card Haughtiness combined with 2 of Clubs characterize the  marriage in the past where pride and arrogance played a big role in their marriage hence the divorce. It can also point to living in excess or living beyond their means and financial troubles is another factor for the marriage to be in trouble. 2 of Clubs denote an outcome that is not as anticipated. Yes, it speaks of Rosa being disappointed in her marriage and had long been thinking about getting a divorce (thinking and vacillating) till finally she got the courage to leave the marriage.

Obstacles: The Male enemy card here could point to her estranged husband. Rosa says he’s trying his best to not want the divorce. The Jack of Spade speaks about a situation that relates to her worries and concern and that she shouldn’t take the matter lightly and should take great care in her dealings with all parties concerned.

Future: Looks like in the future, Rosa has to be wary of her husbands ulterior motives and sneaky nature. He will try to make things difficult for her moneywise, perhaps trying to squeeze as much as he can from whatever joint property and money  joint business they have. The Thief card and 10 of Diamonds speak of this.

Advice: The Money card here denotes that a lot of money will be involved. Its best she be prudent with her finances.


Still using the Gypsy Fortune Telling Deck (Overlaying with cartomancy deck – using cartomancy suit of the corresponding  gypsy card, I did not make a new set of reading using the same spread with the Cartomancy Deck) I did the same reading using another spread ie: 4 Card Event Spread:

Whats in store?: The Young Women here signifies Rosa being independent again and free to be herself. With the corresponding Queen of Clubs shows that she will have her freedom.

What to Watch out for: Interesting, she should watch out for a lady friend (Lady friend card) and corresponding with 4 of Clubs it shows that this lady friend has a stable solid relationship with her but this lady can cause her grave misfortune in this divorce case.

What To Do About It?: She should keep secrets to herself, her thoughts and ideas to herself and not disclose it to this lady friend, this is shown by The Prison card. Corresponding with 9 of Spades denote that she must be in control of the situation with this Lady friend otherwise lots of problem will arise.

Result: Yes, A divorce is for sure. This is depicted by the Death card and correspondingly by 5 of Spades.

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