Tarot d’Eltynne(Eltynne Spread) – Clarification Of Madam NA’s Marriage

27 Jul

Remember the reading I did for Madam NA regarding her marital problems? You can find it here. This is the follow up to that particular reading. After finally acknowledging her marital problem, she wants to get a clarification on the true situation of her marriage. I decided to use the Tarot d’Eltynne oracle. To give a clearer picture I use the Eltynne Spread which I find can give an absolutely fantastic accurate and detailed probing on a subject 😛 .

The beauty of this spread is that you can see the dynamics of influence in a situation. The spread is based on “yin and yang”, which describe how polar opposites or seemingly contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other in turn. Hence the structure of the spread being 2 inverted and interconnected triangles.

Analysis by Group Cards:

Group 1 cards: (Support card + Birth card + Fire Card) –  This suggest the 1st dynamics at play in their marriage is there is a lot of anger, a lot of cock fight and aggression. The couple have lots of confrontations and don’t see things eye to eye. Something happened in this marriage which provide the support (Support card)  for a rebirth (Birth card). What the support is and what sort of rebirth shall be analyzed later.

Group 2 cards: (Pleasure card +Start/Departure card + Ruin card) – The 2nd dynamics at  play is that something joyful and pleasurable happened (Pleasure card) and this incident has brought a state of estrangement (Departure card), further emotional departure perhaps? and having a devastating impact on the marriage (Ruin card).  Further analysis will make sense of these findings.

The synthesis card shows Lawsuit card. This is not bode well for this reading. The marriage remains troubled, conflict and dispute is the order of the day. If things don’t come to a balance, a separation or divorce can take place.

Analysis by Planet Influence:

Lets look at the Support card and Birth card so that we can further understand the findings of Group 1 cards. The Support card is surrounded by the Ruin card and Pleasures card. Venus and Saturn influence here, so it can be said that the support in this marriage is the support of pleasure (Venus influence=another love?)  and has caused ruin (Saturn influence=isolation/withdrawl/loneliness) to this marriage. So this means that since the marriage is so full of aggression and discord, one of the spouse has found pleasure elsewhere (perhaps love with someone else) and this has cause the marriage to crumble further.

Looking at the Birth card we can see that its surrounded by the Ruin card and the Start/Departure card, Saturn and Moon influence at play here.  The birth of something new here is being influenced by emotional feelings of rejection and unhappiness (Moon influence by the  Start/Departure card) and influencing the marriage to become worse of than it already is (Saturn influence by the Ruin card). So what sort of birth or the development of what type of event can trigger such strong influence in a marriage, obviously a new love! The birth of a new love with someone else or the intrusion of 3rd party influence can bring much pleasure to one spouse while at the same time ruining the marriage further.

Looking at the Fire card we can safely say that the bad relationship between the spouse (aggression, quarrels, confrontations etc) is the cause for emotional withdrawal and isolation (Start/Departure card) and one spouse finding consolation and love and emotional support elsewhere (Pleasures card). This can be seen by the fact that the Fire card is surrounded by the Pleasure card and the Start/Departure card. Planet Mars has influenced Planet Venus and itself being  re influenced by Planet Venus, this is to say that the discord in the relationship brought a 3rparty into the marriage and the cause of the 3rd party further aggravate the situation. Moon is also influencing the Fire card because the emotional discontentment will further aggravate the unhappy relationship.

Summary: The marriage is bad because the couple are not well suited for each other. No compromise has been made in terms of personal relationship perhaps they manage to compromise in other area of each focusing on their career and being together for children and appearance sake. So they manage to stay married as husband and wife for 40years yet they did not make an effort to resolve the basic issue of their incompatibility. With time as children grow up, there career slowing down, suddenly the incompatibility of their personality becomes more pronounced. This constant bickering and confrontation aggravate the emotional unhappiness and cause further coldness of feelings between them. Hence finally, one of them (it must be the husband because Madam NA says she is not having an affair)  because of deep emotional unhappiness looked for love elsewhere and of course he becomes more cold and detached from his wife, and his wife react more negatively towards him and finally this puts on so much strain on their marriage.

Look  how accurate and clear this reading is being made by the use of Tarot d’Eltynne with Eltynne spread! :mrgreen:

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