Lenormand Oracle (Grand Tableau) – Madam NA’s General Reading

28 Jul

Hi friends . After doing the clarification of Madam NA’s marriage with Tarot d’Eltynne (You can read it here), she wants to know further about her situation right now. So I felt it wise to do the Grand Tableau using the Lenormand cards because it will give a total insight with whats going on in her life right now.

Lets look at the first few cards: A travel(Ship card) with a man(Bear card) has been cancelled (Ship + Coffin) because it would have been an obstacle (Mountain card) to some form of interpersonal communication (Rider) that she’s not suppose to know about (Fox card). She confirms that she was to take a trip together with her husband who has a meeting overseas but they had some argument and the husband went alone. This can bee seen by the Rod card beneath the Bear card with the Lady card diagonally.

Looking at the 4 corners, card (Bear + Star +Tower + Snake), these combination speaks of  An older man of power and influence (can definitely denote Madam NA’s husband) with a clever intelligent lady or a rival of Madam NA (Snake card) is in hiding or hidden from public eyes(Tower card)  and he feels so blessed, so contented and so hopeful about this clandestine (Star card) relationship.

Let us now see things of immediate concern to her. Look at whats at her feet (Figure 2):

Part Of Grand Tableau (Figure 2)

I would say that she is having some worries and problems, she’s having quarrels (Bird card) at home (House card) with her husband (Man card) because of another lady (Snake card). Obviously she does not know this because she told me she doesn’t know that her husband has someone else.Lets confirm this. Looking at all the cards above the Man card (Man + Fish + Ring +Book), this shows that the husband has a deep emotional (Fish card) committed attachment (Ring card). This relationship is a secret relationship (Book card). Looking at Figure 1 again, diagonal to the Man card is the Child card, so the new lady in her husbands life is definitely a much younger woman. Yes, a wealthy younger woman (Fish card + Child card). Using house position, The Snake card is in the house of the Man and The Man card is in the house of the Sun, so I would say that this younger lady is definitely having an affair with her husband and that the husband is very happy with the young lady.

We shall dig some more facts about the husband later by looking at the Man card.

Look at the picture below (Figure 3):

Figure 3

Madam NA definitely have a rival for her husbands love and affection. Diagonally from the Lady card (Snake card + Lady card + Road card + Book card). She has a rival (Snake card), that is well hidden deep (Road card)  in secrecy (Book card) from her.

Using the method of Knighting (Treppners method). We can gather more information. Please look at Figure 4 below:

Figure 4

Look at all the cards connected to the Lady card (Bear + Coffin + Ring +Man). Madam NA definitely have issues with her husband. There is feelings of resentment and jealousy (Bear card) towards her husband and the marriage (Ring card) is a dead (Coffin card)) marriage. The relationship with her husband is not well and the marriage exist my name only. The situation of their marriage is worsened by the existence of the secret relationship. This can be seen by the cluster of Coffin card + Book Card +Ring card.

Lets look at her home:

Figure 5

Looking at the interlinked cards, I must say that there are major changes at home brought about by a secret (Coffin+Book), there is an air of sadness and depression brought about by falseness and deviousness (Fox card) due to outside influence (Garden card). Incidentally when looking at house position, the Fox happen to be in the house of the snake so its safe to say that the slyness and deviousness has got to do with another woman (3rd party interferences).

Lets see about her love life (making the Heart card the focus):

Figure 6

Again using Treppners method of card knighting, I would say there is unsureness and troubles in love (Cloud + Heart) partly due to poor husband and wife communication and interaction (Heart + Cloud + Letter). This poor relationship  lacking in intimacy has caused an illegal and forbidden passion to take place (Fox card + Heart card) hence falsity and deception in the love area.

Lets look at her marriage:

Figure 7

The cards connected with the Ring cards speaks about her husband (Dog card) is emotionally (Moon card) moving away (Ship card) from her (Lady card) and the home (House card) and bringing himself as an ardent lover (Rider) to some one else. As I said above, we can dig further information regarding her husband by making The Man card as our focus.

Lets gather some information from her husband:

Figure 8

Again using Treppners knighting method, lets look at the cards connected to the Man card. I see here that the husband is making a decision (Path card) about leaving Madam NA (Lady card) but the key problem here (Key card) is that there is another man (dog card)! Gosh, look again, that the Dog card is directly next to the Child card! So this means that her husbands lover has another man, could he perhaps be having a relationship with a younger married woman? Wow now the picture is very clear…her husband is emotionally unhappy and very sad  (look at the Moon card and the Cross card next to the Man card) because he cant be together with his lover because she is married. I must say that perhaps she doesnt want to leave her husband because she is a wealthy(Fish card) lady and have good communications (Letter card)  and is friendly with her husband (Dog card) [Fish+Child+Dog+Letter].

I love the Grand Tableau because it gives us so much information! In fact much more can be found out BUT I’ll call it a Day! Need my nightcap already and a good warm chocolate milk 😀

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