Tarot d’Eltynne – Would I Move House?

30 Jul

Today during our lunch outing (My husband and I make it a point to have lunch dates at least Once a week), we decided to drop by at one of the new launch of some beautiful houses. Although the houses were beautiful but I prefer my current home. I got somehow excited about a new home, nothing wrong with my current home in fact we love staying  in this beautiful neighborhood ..but the sense of something new always excite me..not the hard work of moving though 😮 .

When I reached home I decided to ask the cards whether there would be possibilities that we might decide to move house?

Past/Premise Of The Question: How appropriate, The Table card a positive card showing a place for rejoicing, pleasant place for exchange of ideas. A place for entertainment, for togetherness…yes all indicating pleasure of lives. This card being at the Past/Premise position also show that we do have the means to  to get a new home and Gods blessings have been with us where our family is concerned.

Situation: The Birth card under the influence of Sun is a positive card. It announces the birth of an action, a fact or state of a situation. I would read this to say that whether I move house or not it all depends on if I want to or not, the decision is based on my desire and there is no obstacles. This card allows the consultant to have the opportunity to achieve whatever is needed.

Outcome: The Enterprise/Project card here speaks of a project or plan that the consultant will participate in. It could also denote that perhaps in the future I might actually decide to design my own home rather than purchasing a ready made house.

Well, it looks like if I really want to move, I would have the resources and the support to go ahead (The Sun card being influenced by Venus and Mercury bodes well for getting things started) and do it BUT I’ll leave all this at the back burner for now… right now I’m too lazy :mrgreen:

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