Tarot Lenormand (Elemental Spread) – General reading for Kathy

31 Jul

Background: This past year she went through a divorce and her mother passed away 2 days ago. Kathy is sad and wants to have a general reading.

I reached out for Tarot Lenormand and felt it best to use with the Elemental Spread. It gives a detailed situation analysis.

Note: Some cards in Tarot Lenormand can easily be associated with the traditional Tarot imagery but others are significantly different. Tarot Lenormand does have some interesting twists in it, but you can adapt to these variations if you feel attuned to the deck. I bought it quite some time ago but never use it because I wasnt sure I could work with it BUT lately I suddenly find myself attracted to its images. I must say once we attune ourself to it, it does give good accurate reading.

Her Present Position: How true! 8 of Swords in Tarot Lenormand speaks of Loss, grim thoughts and nostlagia for a person or a situation. True enough my friend Kathy is feeling this manner. She’s very sad about the demise of her mother and with it all the wonderful childhood memories.

Past (Left Column) – The Ace of Pentacles as an event in the past shows that Kathy went through a situation where she’s confronted with the way she sees and experience concept like security and material possessions. This is very true because Kathy led a lifestyle of consumption and rarely saved for the future. This kind of lifestyle is not sustainable, hence with her divorce although her husband provided child support but money is tight and she needed to rethink for her future and a child’s future. In the Past after the divorce she hope to make a new good beginning and make positive changes. The Magician card here shows her hopes and desire to make a new beginning. It looks like Kathy mad the effort, the 4 of Wands in Tarot Lenormand shows a move towards constructing something solid. Good for her!

Present (Middle Column)The Death card as a present event speaks about her mothers death and with it a new chapter in her life. Changes will occur in her life and she must be willing to embrace it with open heart and mind. At present she hopes that she’ll be able to overcome all the negativity, the anguish and things not fitting in together well in her life. 6 of Wands speaks about good news and personal victories and Kathy hopes that finally she’ll be able to overcome the spate of unfortunate occurrences. This feelings will motivate her and make her aim to do something positive and start to take charge again of her life. She will push heself and be optimistic for the future. The Page of Wands speaks of this.

Future (Right Column) – Gosh, looks like more challenges are in store for Kathy. The Hanged Man card speaks about situations that is beyond her control. She must have inner strength and just whether the storm and accept things as the way they are. At this point in time she would feel an inner awakening that would bring new situation and spiritual renewal and this would induce deep changes in thought and consciousness, this is depicted by the Judgement card. Yes, finally when this awakening happen within her and when she’s made the necessary changes and liberate herself from old habits and thoughts and attitude..then only she will finally find true happiness and peace and important positive changes will happen to her situation. Things will become better for her and perhaps she might even find that special someone to start a new life together. The 2 of Cups in this position of Final Outcome speaks very well of finding love and improved relationships. Furthermore if we look at the 3rd row, from Past to Present and Future, it looks like Kathy is a strong lady and not someone who wallows in self pity and denial. She had worked hard on herself and her situation that is depicted by 4 of Wands in the past, and at present The Page Of Wands shows her having the courage to make the positive changes for her future.

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