Cartomancy (The Human Spread) – Overall Feeling of Jaycee’s Lover

01 Aug

My friend Jaycee would like to have an overview understanding of her lovers feelings for her. She wants to know his thoughts etc. I decided to use Cartomancy in this aspect. The Human Spread was used because it allows us to have an overall view of her lovers thoughts, desires etc for her.

Overview: The reading has all the major love cards (Ace of Hearts and 10 of Hearts). Hearts and Clubs predominate the reading. this shows that there is a lot of love and passion going on in this mans feelings for Jaycee. Lucky Lady 😎 .

What’s in his mind: I would read the Jack of Spade as a situation card. Here we can see that the situation is related to his worries and concern (Jaycee is having an affair with a married man. Jaycee herself is married). In this situation it can be said that the love affair he’s having with Jaycee is a cause for him to have domestic conflict like a tug of war whereby small disagreements can escalate into serious disputes (3 of Diamond) with his wife (Queen of Heart). Look at how the 3 of Diamonds is situated right smack between J of Spade and Q of Heart.

What his heart feels/desire yet afraid: He has great sexual desire and attraction for Jaycee (7of Wands) and wants to be with her more often and interact/communicate more with her (5 of Diamonds), nevertheless he’s not getting as much physical contact and interaction with her as he would like to (2 of clubs)

What is shown/said/demonstrated/known: To him Jaycee is a dream come true, a lady of his dreams and he feels so lucky to have her in his life like a gift he never expected (9 of hearts + 5 hearts). Nevertheless the 9 of Spade here shows that he is also feeling grief and anguish. There is so many unresolved heartaches in his relationship with Jaycee that it brings pain to him.

What is hidden/secret/covered: I would take the Jack of Club here to represent Jaycee because Jaycee is very much younger (20 years his junior) and their relationship initially started as mentor and mentee. What is hidden and the big secret here is that he has firmly made a decision (Ace of Spade) and he knows for sure that he truly loves Jaycee (10 of hearts).

What shall be done/outcome/decision: Wow 2 Aces, definitely speak well of a new beginning. 2 Aces combined shows marriage or proposal of marriage. Yes, he’s willing to have a new solid stable commitment and love (Ace of diamond + Ace of hearts), these 2 cards coupled with 5 of clubs which  speaks of agreement or contract, can mean that he wants to be with Jaycee and if Jaycee is willing to leave her marriage looks like her lover would marry her. 😎

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