Cartomancy (The Human Spread) – Overall Feeling of Jaycee’s Lover For His Wife

02 Aug

After doing a reading for my friend Jaycee here regarding her lovers feeling for her,  Jaycee wants to know her lovers feeling for his wife. I thought it would be interesting to see because we can “check” to see if the cards are telling things that are consistent? So I decided to have a go at it. For comparison purposes, I decided to stick to using Cartomancy with The Human Spread. Just for learning purposes and to gather more details, I decided to describe the readings by intermittently using Tarot and Cartomancy. This I did by swapping the meanings of Cartomancy with the Minor Arcane of Tarot cards.

Overview: Spade predominate this reading. Spades warn us of dangers, challenges and troubling influences in our lives. No love cards in sight nor much emotional cards or heart cards present. I must say that this marriage is void of warmth and affection. This man does not feel much love for his wife. Lets look over in detail.

Please refer to Figure 2 for the following descriptions.

What’s in his mind: He’s thinking of a great desire, sexual desire (7 of Clubs) in another relationship (8 of Diamonds) but there’s significant jealousy and resent in that relationship too (the feeling of someone else having the object of his desire). 4 of Hearts speak of this sort of jealousy. He is assertive and willing to fight opposition (5 of Wands) and working hard, being dedicated to that relationship (8 of Pentacles) but is somewhat frustrated, apathy, feeling stuck in a situation with no way out (4 of Hearts).

What his heart feels/desire yet afraid: He (King of Diamonds) yearns for someone unobtainable/far from his grasp (inverted Ace of Heart)…he yearns for Jaycee (Queen of Clubs). Unfortunately Jaycee is not willing to be with him (in marriage) because we can see here that the King of Diamonds is looking at The Queen of Clubs but she’s looking away from him. The Ace of Sword stands for clarity and resoluteness, it therefore shows that he (King of Pentacles) clearly and resolutely feels positively and wants Jaycee (Queen of Wands). Why I say that the Queen of Wands/Clubs is Jaycee because from my experience with cards the Club face cards is always connected to the querants goals or ambitions or friendships.

What is shown/said/demonstrated/known: He is not happy with his relationship with his wife. The constant domestic conflict he’s having, the feeling of tug of war he has with his wife makes him find himself in an unexpected situation but he is ready for it and enjoys it (3 of Clubs). This could be his relationship with Jaycee.  He is however particularly cautious and careful about the situation (6 of Spades). Because of his unhapinees in his relationship with his wife, Jaycee’s lover is looking out into the horizon wanting to start anew. He wants to explore other possibilities, other relationships and willing to leave the past (3 of Wands). He is oraganizing things, making preparations and doing what he has to do (3 of Pentacles). Looks like he does all this to prepare himself to move away from his troubled marriage (6 of Swords).

What is hidden/secret/covered: Third party interference or existence in their relationship (3 of Spades) have attributed to an abrupt change of feelings for his wife(2 of Spades). This situation is further shown by Jack of Heart indicating a new romantic loving situation.  The  Jack of Hearts is looking to the left and this show that there is definitely another love with someone else that is hidden from his wife. The presence of Page of Cups offering him new found romance and love has forced him to have to make a choice (2 of Swords). The 3 of Swords shows that he has chosen the new love.

What shall be done/outcome/decision: The meeting of this man who is very much in love  (The King of Heart) with Jaycee (Jack of Clubs) has brought misfortune  (4 of Clubs) to his relationship with his wife. This man (King of Cups) wants to stabilize and strengthen his relationship (4 of Wands, incidentally another meaning for 4 of Clubs is also stability and strength) with The Page of Wands perhaps wanting to build a new life with her…however the Page of Wands is only interested in love relationship but doesn’t seem interested to want to build a marriage with the King of Cups.

Yes, the cards speak the truth because if we compare the reading about him and Jaycee here, the reading about him and his wife makes sense and in congruence. Its very interesting to read in this manner because more detail could be extracted from a reading.

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