Cards of Nostradamus (Comparison Spread) – Lily’s Relationship Problem Why?

03 Aug

My friend Lily has been married 15 years but she finds that her marriage is dying a slow death. Her relationship with her husband is going downhill. She’s worried about her marriage and wonder what went wrong. They met each other while studying in the university and got married before graduation.. They are both professionals and earning well. Somehow there personal life sucks.

I thought it best to use The Cards of Nostradamus so that we can understand further the dynamics in their relationship. Its important to know how they are towards each other so that perhaps a solution can be found. The Comparison spread would be an excellent choice. I made this spread myself. With this spread I use 2 sets of cards.

Lets compare How Lily and her husband behave towards each other, their attitude and their personality. How does these factors cause problems in their relationship and their marriage.

Position 1: Lily Card 8  (Equilibrium) COMPARED TO Husband Card 67 (Contradictions) – Her husband is someone flexible. He is not rigid in his ideas, thoughts and demeanor. Perhaps he can be confusing at times and changing his mind and ideas very fast. Whereas Lily is a rigid person, not flexible always wanting to stick her gun no matter what. For her black is black and white is white. She cannot tolerate changes easily. So we can see here that in this aspect there would definitely be clashes. Lily may feel that her husband is too changeable. She doesn’t see things eye to eye with him. She may not even trust his perception on a lot of things. The husband may find Lily too inflexible, not fun to be with. He finds his wife intolerant to a lot of his ideas. He may find his wife abrupt and picky.

Position 2: Lily Card 18  (Fears) COMPARED TO Husband Card 7 (Progress) – Lily is someone too careful and fear lots of things. This makes her not wanting to make changes easily. She would rather stick to old ways of doing things, old methods rather than wanting to change and innovate. Her fear for the unknown and untried make her difficult to embrace changes. This add to her rigid and inflexible nature. On the other hand, lets look at her husband. He is a go getter. A leader, someone unafraid to try out new ideas, passionate in wanting to add variety and embrace changes with gusto! Perhaps he can even be quite impulsive. So here again we can see the difference in their outlook and this again will definitely mar their relationship.

Position 3: Lily Card 52  (Conflicts) COMPARED TO Husband Card 76 (Defense) – Lily is a cynical person. She does not give way easily. She frequently engage in a conflicting manner with her husband. If we look at her other 2 cards, we can easily say that she is not someone easy to be with. Too rigid nature, inflexible and this person is definitely non fun loving. How can you be fun loving when you have too much fear of new things and ideas?

Because of her nature of causing conflict and arguments can start easily with such a person..look at what happens? The husband would definitely have his defenses up. Perhaps Lily is always putting down her husband’s ideas or being sarcastic in their conversation. This makes her husband become defensive and in the end he refuse to have much communication with her. So this is one of the reason why with time thier relationship becomes cold and distant. This couple are not compatible in many aspects.

Hopefully this insightful reading can help Lily to compromise and come to terms with how she should react with her husband. I always believe that in order for us to have good relationship. its important for us to make changes with our self first then the other party would react more positive towards us.

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