Cartouche Oracle Cards (The Star Spread) – Will Lily’s Marriage Improve?

04 Aug

Remember my friend Lily? I did a Nostradamus card reading for her regarding problems in her relationship with her husband. You can find it here. Lily wants to find out if her marriage can get better? I decided to uose the Cartouche Oracle Cards by Murry Hope. Its an accurate oracle and hit you smack with no BS 😀 . Apparently, the archetypal symbols were taken directly from the monuments in Ancient Egypt, and the cards can be used for divination, meditation, healing and as magical talismans.

I ask the oracle using The Star Spread.

Anyway to ease things it looks like a 5 Line Spread here: 😆

Nature Of The Problem:No 17  Crook and Flail (Reversed) –

Its going to be difficult for Lily to improve her marriage because there is not enough discipline to change her attitude. No practical effort would be made to make her marriage better. Both husband and wife need to master their ego but with card 17 inverted in this position..looks like nothing going to change here. There is a lot of raw nerves here and that care has not been taken in speech and has cause hurt feelings.

Cause Of The Problem: No 18  Uraeus –

Because the relationship has suffered long neglect, looks like there could be more problem. The marital discord has not been wisely and properly handled. Something seems to be lurking quietly beneath it all..making it more difficult to improve the relationship. There is a crucial problem that has got to be actively seek out in order to erase or eradicate it. If this is case, its wise that Lily must take proper methods and beware of using methods which may create further disorder or distress in her marriage. Perhaps she should be more genial and caring so as not to cause further dissent. Could it be a 3rd person have entered her marriage?

Factors To Be Considered: No 4  Bast (Reversed) –

The goddess Bast is the patroness of cats, and she is depicted with the head of a feline and the body of woman. Bast is also one of the healing rays in the Cartouche, but she represents healing of the mind, or issues of the mind that can indirectly affect the body. In the reverse position it shows that there is mental anguish and unhappiness in this marriage. Another important aspect that Lily should take note is the coldness and carelessness towards her husbands feelings. Her attitude of take it or leave it and not wanting to nurture her husband with love and affection is obvious when Bast is in reverse position. This point should greatly be taken into consideration.

Advice Offered: No 6 Hathor –

Hathor as Patroness of Women speaks that Lily should use more of her womanly skills to make her marriage better. She must be more loving, nurturing, caring, well organised, well groomed, she must take more interest towards her home life and be a better wife.

End Result: No 21 Sphinx (Reversed) –

Sphinx in the reverse position denote that Lily will not learn her lesson. She wont  have the ability to face the challenges coming ahead in her marriage and that she will also not have the patience to want to improve her marriage. Lily could also be in the state of denial and does not want to keenly observe and do something to salvage the deterioration in her relationship with her husband. If she’s not careful, looks like there will be grave consequences to face. In this position, Sphinx reversed forewarns lily that without her active participation, her marriage will not improve it would perhaps get worse and deteriorate further. She cannot just sit back and wait for it to get better!

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