Lenormand Oracle and Oracle Ge and Cartouche Oracle and Tarot d’Eltynne (4 Deck Combo) – Why The Coldness?

05 Aug

Hi friends! Today I want to do a reading using 4 different oracles. This is to enable me to get a clearer understanding of a situation. From my experience with card divination, I find that each system will give insights to  a certain aspect and understanding of a situation. Some are better at the unseen dynamics of personality or character or politics interplay within the situation, whereas others will give a straight forward mundane sort of answer to it and yet another type of oracle would bring out more the spiritual aspect or the unconscious aspect of that particular situation.

Last night we had a get together at a relatives place. Me being someone who’s sensitive to the behavior of people around me, quickly took notice that my cousin and his wife was acting  a bit strange. They seemed a bit cold towards each other and that it felt as if they want to get away as much from each other as they possibly can. I’ve not met them for quite a while. This morning I decided to ask the cards about this strange behavior of the couple. I use 4 oracle card ie. Lenormad, Oracle Ge, Tarot d’Eltynne and Cartouche. Using  the 5 Card Line Spread. I ask the following question. I seldom use reversal except for cards that is less than 30 so as to encure that there would be enough meanings for each card and make better interpretation. In this case I always read the Cartouche card with reversals.

Question: I ask the cards the situation of my cousin’s marriage?

Position 1: The Path+Man+Enterprise+Lotus(reversed) – The (Man card) , this would indicate my cousin is disturbed, not at peace. His mind is fragmented and agitated (Lotus reversed). Looks like he has a decision to make and he’s at a crossroad. He has a choice now (The Path). The choice has got something to do with a relationship (Lenormand combination =Path+Ring), its an intimate relationship(Lenormand combination= Path+Ring+House). Its also a close friendship (Lenormand combination= Path+Dog). My cousin  also seem to be working on something (Enterprise card). Working on a new relationship perhaps?

Position 2 : The Ring+Gift+Inconstancy+Anubis(reversed)  – A surprise (Gift) has happened in the marriage(Ring). Is it a good or bad surprise? Gift card can denote a good wanted gift or can even denote an unwanted gift 😯 ! Hmm I must say the surprise or the gift is an unwanted one. The card (Inconstancy) shows that the change brought along with it instability to the marriage. As in the picture card of the Oracle Ge, the wind turns the weathercock and embodies our doubts as our environment pushes us around. Yes, it definitely symbolize a period of uncertainty in the marriage! With the card (Anubis) in reverse position denotes that the marriage is now open to being destroyed and going into troubled waters. There are issues with loyalty as well as hurt feelings. Perhaps unguarded speech have caused hurt feelings thus steering the marriage into these troubled waters.

Position 3 :House+Flute Glasses+Union+Ptah(reversed)My cousin is no more bothered with his unhappiness at home. The reverse (Ptah) card speaks about neglect and loss of interest about his home life (House card). He is rejoicing (Flute Glasses -Card 20) in a loving union with someone else (Union card).

Position 4 : Rider+Grave+Love+Fire – The change brought about by a new person (Rider) to the home or marriage (Lenormand combination =Rider+House) is about a new passionate, fiery (Fire card) love (Love card) and this has brought the emotional endings and death to the marriage (Grave card).

Position 5: Dog+Dove+Sterility+Pyramid (reversed) – The man (Dog) has moved away seeking peace and serenity elsewhere (Dove). Leaving behind (not yet physically but definitely emotionally and spiritually) a sterile barren unhappy marriage (Sterility card).

For matter of interest, lets look at the the 3rd row of cards. Among this 5 cards of the Tarot d’Eltynne we can see 1 Mercury card, 1 Saturn Card, 1 Moon card and 2 Venus card. The 2 Venus cards is important to take note because Venus speaks about matters of the heart and 2 Venus card can speak about 2 loves here. So there must definitely be a new love in my cousins life now V

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