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05 Aug

I love the Cartouche cards. Its interesting and rather accurate. Some people swear by its accuracy but I find that most of the cards I use give good accuracy the only difference is it all depends on what sort of information are we looking for. In my opinion if you use the correct card for the situation you want to know about, you would surely get good accurate readings.

Here are the summary of meanings for the Cartouche Cards.

No 1 Osiris Egyptian Cartouche Card – Osiris
Father Figure – A Tree Stability, Wisdom, Honesty, Justice, Respect for those older and wiser, Philosophical matters, Responsibility, A Father Figure.
Osiris is the father and creator of the universe. The Osiris card represents safety and security. It is the father symbol to which one can turn for guidance and support, in things spiritual as well as in day to day life.

No 2 Isis Egyptian Cartouche Card – Isis
Patron of Mothers
Compassion, Esoteric Arts, Perseverance, Maternal Love, Nurturing.
Isis is the sister-wife of Osiris, the divine mother
Isis is not only the divine mother, but she is also the Patron of magic. All magical powers fall under the purvue of Isis. The Isis card indicates that help from above and beyond is availble to the seeker.

No 3 Horus Egyptian Cartouche Card – Horus
Patron of Families & Homes
Courage, Creativity, Balance, The Arts, Beauty, Family
Horus is the child of Osiris and Isis. The symbol on the Horus card is of the all-seeing eye. The Horus card symbolizes healing and family, creativity and procreation. It is an upbeat card, and can represent a person of great charisma. There are parallels between the stories of Horus and Jesus.

No 4 Bast Egyptian Cartouche Card – Bast
Patroness of Cats
Happiness, Intuition, Protection, Success, Devotion, Mental Healing, Generosity, Caution.
Bast is the sister of Horus. The Bast card speaks of mental attitudes of happiness and devotion. Bast is the patron of cats, so the grace and caution of the feline also is suggested by the Bast card.

No 5 Thoth Egyptian Cartouche Card – Thoth
Patron of Healers
Healing, Education, Fate, Karma, The Law, Education. Healing of the spirit.
Thoth is the scribe of the Gods and the Lord of Time. The Thoth card represents fate, karma, and education. Karmic debts are repaid, good luck comes around.

No 6 Hathor Egyptian Cartouche Card – Hathor
Patroness of Women
Patience, Courage, Nurturing, Astrology, Self-Assurance, Organisation.
Hathor is a goddess of beauty and power. The Hathor card signifies spiritual strength. Fortitude and power of one’s self-assurance are embodied by the Hathor card. Comfort and beauty, organization and good grooming are all associated with Hathor.

No 7 Nephthys Egyptian Cartouche Card – Nephthys
The Hidden One
A Seeker of the Truth, Spriitual Growth, Psychic Talents, Peace, Esoteric Arts.
Nephthys is the goddess of the secret home. The Nephthys card represents one who is secretive in their spirituality. It signifies a change about to happen, where the pupil emerges from the hidden study onto the academic scene. The person represented by the Nephthys card is shy, but on the verge of a revelation.

No 8 Ptah Egyptian Cartouche Card – Ptah
Patron of Men
Masculinity, Craftsmanship, Inventiveness
Ptah is the ancient Egyptian version of the freemason. The Ptah card signifies lessons learned, another brick laid in the foundation of knowledge. Ptah represents the hard work of a man who proves things only to himself. Skills and new technical knowledge fall under the scope of the Ptah card.

No 9 Anubis Egyptian Cartouche Card – Anubis
The Guardian & Protector
Protection, Diplomacy, Humour, Guidance.
Anubis is the hunting dog, a jackal, the guardian of the dead. The Anubis card suggests protection, navigation, and diplomacy. When one encounters a snarling dog, a diplomatic and careful stance goes a long way.

No 10 Set Egyptian Cartouche Card – Set
Opposition, Obstacles, Problems & Delays at all levels.
Sometimes called Sutekh, this evil deity dismembered his brother Osiris. The Set card represents obstacles. It can mean specific physical obstacles, or perhaps obstacles that are found within our own minds.

No 11 Fire Cartouche Card – Fire
Energy, Creativity, Loyalty.
Fire is one of the four basic elemental forces. The Fire card suggests energy and creativity. It is the application and motion of energy to move ourselves forward on our paths. The Fire card can suggest a purification, or trial by Fire.

No12 Air
Intelligence, Communication, Work & Business, Travel, Teaching.
Communication at all levels.
Air is the second of the four elemental forces. The Air card is about communication, memory, and travel. There is motion in the air card, of words, of facts and figures, or of one’s body.

No 13 Water
Change, Emotions, Flowing.
Water is the third of the four elemental forces. The Water card is all about emotions. It also is about spiritual matters and being in touch with the spirit that flows through us.

No 14 Earth
Money, Possessions, Work & Business Interests, Growth and Fertility.
Earth is the fourth of the four elemental forces. The Earth card is a sign of thriftness and practicality. It suggests conservation and of treating our surroundings with love and care.

No 15 Sirius Egyptian Cartouche Card – Sirius
Hope, Pioneering, Adventure, Physical Strength.
Sirius, the dog star, companion to Orion. The Sirius card indicates a pioneering spirit. Travel through space and time, strength and stamina, and a high level of awareness are all indicated by the Sirius card.

No 16 Lotus Egyptian Cartouche Card – Lotus
Peace, Meditation, Tranquillity, Unconditional Love, Beauty of Nature.
The lotus symbolizes, “as above, so below”. The lotus card symbolizes peace of mind. It can also suggest someone who is gentle and placid. The lotus card indicates contentment on all levels.

No 17 Crook & Flail Egyptian Cartouche Card – Crook & Flail
Disciplined mind, Authority, Mastery of the ego, Worldly Status. Represents authority of all kinds.
Crook and Flail
Symbols of leadership, the Crook and Flail represent discipline and authority
The symbols on the Crook and Flail card are the two implements held by pharaohs. The crook is the tool of the shepherd, used to catch stray sheep. The flail has incorrectly been interpreted as a whip. It is not. Notice how the three flagella are attached to the handle on an angle. The crook and flail card indicates someone in control, not only of themselves and their life, but also of the surrounding people. Here is an authority figure, following and enforcing rules.

No 18 Uraeus Egyptian Cartouche Card – Uraeus
Integrity, Wisdom, Soundness of judgement, Intuition, Strong Dreams, Mysticism.
The careful and wise handling of a situation. Cautiously wait until the time is right to strike.

No 19 Winged Disc Egyptian Cartouche Card – Winged Disk
Spiritual Guidance, Inspiration, Success.

No 20 The Twins Egyptian Cartouche Card – twins
Partnership, Integration, Marriage.

No 21 Sphinx Egyptian Cartouche Card – Sphinx
Strength, Patience, Secrecy, Observation.

No 22 Scarab Egyptian Cartouche Card – Scarab
Rebirth, Renewal, Adaptability, Acceptance, Change, Death of a situation.

No 23 Pyramid Egyptian Cartouche Card – Pyramid
Preservation, Initiation, Eternity. An initiation or test condition.

No 24 Ankh Egyptian Cartouche Card – Ankh
Emotional Love, Fulfilment, Understanding, Balance, The Breath of Life, Protection.

No 25 Buckle of Isis Egyptian Cartouche Card – Buckle of Isis
Fertility, Loyalty, Growth with a sacrifice.

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