Oracle De La Triade Card Meanings

06 Aug

Beginning of the cycle. Beginning. Nine. Novelty.
The beginning,
the starting point, the innovation
All that is new, the initial A

Solitude. Cloister. Depression. Prison. Submission.
A closed place (cloister, prison, hospital, school, etc.)
Loneliness, the return to oneself, retirement
low spirits, depression, melancholy
captivity, vulnerability

God. Clairvoyance.
Lucidity, profound intuition, perspicacity
the eye which sees all and in all places
Clairaudience, providence, the divine one, the spiritual world
God, father, acceptance, harmony, protection, balance
a person close to nature

Deception. Traitor. Slander. Falsehood. Hypocrisy.
Lies, treachery, falseness
Scandals, duplicity, less than honest, bad faith
Lying to oneself and to others, hidden things
Bad judgement

Creativity. Fertility. Earth. Purification. Rain. Healthy.
Rain, ground, flood, streams and rivers
tears, femininity, the mother, fruitfulness
Purification, what is healthy, propitious
Rebirth, creation, intuition, dreams
adaptability, passivity, favorable evolution

Origin. The past. Basis. Base. Regression.
Roots, foundations
family origins, values bequeathed by the ancestors, ties to the past
Regression to the past, the base of the things
The solid base, the karma, balance and the frankness

Issue. A Way. Reflection. Discovery.
Doorway. The passage between two states, to pass from known towards the unknown
the mystery, the exit, the way, the opening, curiosity, opportunity
Knowledge to recognize opportunities

Fall. Annihilation. Loss. Madness. Magic. Mal. Darkness.
The lowest point, the darkness before the dawn, dark night of soul, interior darkness
night, destruction,
the fall, the loss, evil, black magic

Well. Honesty. Goodness. Scholar. Benevolent. Confidence.
Marks a time of gestation, transformation, accomplishment; receptivity, meditation
honesty, kindness, benevolence

Degree. Deal. Money.
Success, the goal is reached, good fortune, materialization of projects
realization, concluded business, new beginning on concrete and stable base
diploma/graduation, receiving a contract, a good bargain or arrangement found
successful negotiation, promotion, receipt of a raise or bonus money

Lover. Rival in love. Possibility. Injury. Doubtful morality.
Temptation, the dark side of a person, inner conflicts with base instincts,
an unstable and changeable person with anmal capacity
immorality, doubtful morality, seduction, attraction, possibility
lust, competition in love, danger, evil, prejudice

Seal. Contract. Pact. Reality. Build. Building. Approve. Name. Acceptance. Brand. Signature. Distinction.
Concretization, result, construction
approval, authorization, signed contract
that which is sealed, that which is secret
capacity, authority, alliance
honors, distinctions, an important social position, reputation, society life, the family name

Punishment. Sentence. Correction. Atonement. Supplier. Award.
The sentence, chastisement, condemnation
contrition, sorrow (deserved or not), remorse, repentence
regret, beg forgiveness, make amends, submission, be at the mercy of events, to be dependent on somebody or something, lack of self-confidence

Male. Humanity. Human. Boy.
The consultant, a man, masculine,
people, action, dynamism

Condition. Tenderness. Passion. Liaison. Attachment. Devotion.
Affection, love
connections, hope

Change. Act. Action. Activity. Progression. Move.
Dynamism, acts,movement
change of residence, to emigrate
regression,  independence,  instability

Force. Vitality. Power. Oblige.
Action, strength,
Going beyond onesself in all fields
Obliging, being obliged

Mathematics. Cartesian. Sciences. Astrology. Doctor. Knowledge. Educated.
Instruction, knowing, learning/teaching
Honing of knowledge, curiosity, workings of the mind
reflection, integration, rigid logic
Perspicacity, research, alchemy, sciences, medicine
Needing to refer to precise dogmas (beliefs, opinions…)

Pray. Recollection. Supplier. Priest. Church. Temple.
“Ask and it shall be given!”,  prayful meditation
priest, church, temple, rise in spirits
intermediary, enthusiasm, intense feelings
humility, modesty

Fault. Sin. Failure.
Not meaning what one says; saying one thing while doing something else
error, mistake
egotism, selfishness

Trust agreement. Baptism. Bless. Ceremony.
agreement, free will, divine protection
the age of maturity, autonomy, responsibility
coming of age, ceremony, baptism, water

Decision. Indecision. Decide. Thinking. Possibility.
Responsibility for one’s own choices, needing to make a decision, several possibilities offered
free will, relection, confrontation, indecision
hesitating to choose

Serenity. Tranquility. Harmony. Redemption. Relief. Detachment. Calm Supreme.
The peace of mind or of life, redemption or relief of sorrows
peace, calm
joy, balance, confidence

Money. Gambling. Bet. Fortune. Or rich.
materialism, rich fortune, profits, luck, gold
material values, abundance, profusion, prosperity

Female. Daughter. Ideal.
The consultant, a woman, the feminine, ideal
passive, sensitivity, emotions, unexpressed mystery and hidden feelings

Obstacle. Delay. Prevention. Difficulty. Unexpected. Ambush. Review. Work.
The test, difficulties, delays
unforeseen contests, examinations, trials

Question. Confusion. Request. Query. Destabilization.
Doubt, uncertainty, unsurety
questioning, pleading, seeking assistance
introspection, loss of confidence in oneself or in others, depression

Security. Support. Comfort. Upper support.
A human or divine protection, assistance,  facility
safety, stability in one’s life

Increase. Advantage. Access. Ascension. Mountain. Departure.
Increase, growth, the rise to reach something,
stretching, going beyond of oneself

Forgive. Confession. Excuses. Arrangement. End of argument. Truce.
The maturity of forgiveness, end of quarreling, to forgive
compromise, concessions, pardons,
restored confidence, re-established serenity

Order. Commander. Lead. Implementation. Revelation.
Law, order,
realization, pronouncement
rules, tradition, direction
a controlling personality

Wrong. Misjudgment. Hypocrisy. Chimera.
Appearance, deception, neurosis, hypocrisy, distortion
false directions, erroneous way, misjudgment
an inveterate liar, a double personality
a mirage, dream, improbable plans
escape, drug

Child. Raise. Grow. Home. Evolution. Seed.
Birth, the seed, germination, the uterus
To grow, growth, childhood, education
evolution, rebirth, the mother, the hearth

Teaching. Learn. Studies. Stage. Education. Training. Utility.
Knowledge, learning, mastering
initiation, teaching, education, studies
training courses, apprenticeship, formation, tools

Obligation. Force majeure. Destiny. Immutability. Only way out.
unfailing, the sole issue
the cause beyond control, immutability

Movement. Distance. Abroad. Holidays. Weekend. Exchanges. Communication.
Journey, travel,
holidays, a foreigner, foreign exchanges

Clarification. Illumunation. See. Clarity. Celebrity. Actor. Leading position.
Revelation, explanation, clarity
vision, truth, illumination, recognition
celebrity, actor, a person of high status in the public eye

Quarrel. Argument. Divorce. Trial. Justice. Authority. Military. Combat. Crime.
Cutting justice, lawsuit, authorities
combat, disputes, debates
conflicts, misunderstandings, damages
the weapon, a crime, a soldier

News. Letter. Project. Discussion. Listen. Understanding.
The clarification of a situation by a message oral, visual or written
To listen, the listening of others, understanding
comprehension, communication, intelligence

Suffering. Depression. Death. Loss. Disease. Misery. Wickedness. Great difficulty.
Unhappiness, a very difficult period in the life of the consultant
end of something, loss of something
death, sorrows, misfortune
disease, maliciousness
vulnerability, physical or moral mistreatment

Balance. Health. Healing. Judge. Measure. Diplomacy. Harmony.
mastery of interior duality, inner harmony
health, cure
equity, measurement, just judgements

Problem. Difficulty. Solitude. Empty. Absence. Isolation. Ease. Inaction.
The desert,  loneliness, a vacuum,
Insulation, passivity, inaction, sterility, aridity
Delay, a fatalistic person
The crossing of the desert, man confronted with himself


Solution. Opening. Closure. Discovery. Accomplishment. Instument.
The solution, exit, outcome, opening or closing
the key, achievement
The instrument

Accident. Chaos. Fire. Explosion. Break. Destruction. Revelation. Divine intervention.
Abrupt changes, upheavals,
anger, hatred
quarrels, breakup, thunderbolt, sudden revelation

Period. Limit. Year. Length. Hour.
Cycle, time, duration, limit, period of time
Continuance, patience, slowness
“The time is now,” “time’s up,” “it’s time!”
Change over time, inertia (winding down over time)

Self-giving. Effort itself. Monmentanée partial loss. Submission conscious.
Sacrifice, giving of oneself, concessions
transcendence, temporary relinquishment, going without
voluntary separation, renouncement, test
the effort on oneself

Stability. Long-term safety. Life. Existence. Conflict resolution. Exceeded contradictions. Perfection. Intensity.
Life, eternity, no limits, longterm surety and stability
perfect results, solution without conflict, the end of things (especially unpleasant things) intensity of feeling, fulfillment of aspirations, knowledge

Mind. Spiritual. Heart. Itself.
Soul, oneself, spirit, spirituality, release of the spirit
sublimation, idolatry, enjoyment, heart

Rival. Difficulty. Problem. Struggle. Threat. Mal. Demon.
adversary, competition, conflicts, difficulties
bad luck, threat, evil, demon, black magic, bad faith, spite, violence, destruction
serious illness, psychic disorders

Scripture. Paper. Book. Business. Commerce. Evolution. Involution.
learning, written communications
writing, administrative papers, books
the contract, professional career, businesses trade

Return. The recent past. Recall.
The return to the source, the need for reassement
to return, revert, to go or come back, to turn over, to regress
repetition, reappearance, recent past, recall
the cycle, the karma

Silence. Calm. Mystery. Rest. Prelude to revelation.
tranquility, quiet,
The prelude to a revelation, annunciation, mystery
Lack of communication, keeping silent due to listening

Reflection. Thinking. Autonomy. independence. Hermit. Mystique. Self-seeking.
thought, concentration
the hermitage, inner study, self-research
self-retreat, interdependence
wisom, acceptance, a calm and reclusive person
spirituality, mystic

Radical change. Disappearance. Mourning. Widowhood. Passage. Grave. Entity.
upheaval, transformation, rebirth, cease to exist, widowhood, death, the tomb, final rupture
end, passage, crossing the threshold, entity

Union. Meeting. Gathering. Assembly. Association. Marriage.
reunion, joining,
partnership, grouping
Complementary opposites, pairings

Brother. Sister. Partner. Safe person. Confidence. Integrity.
friendship, fraternity
best friend, guide
Integrity, profound exchanges, resemblance
Twins, pair

Outcome. Completion. Issue. Accomplishment. Purpose. End of a cycle.
The accomplishment (or the regression if it sets out again towards alpha)
the result, the exit, the finality, the ultimate goal
the way which leads to the goal, the illumination, the goal is reached
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