Oracle De La Triade (Star Spread) – Kathy’s Boyfriend Feelings for Her &Their Relationship

06 Aug

To day I would like to share with you readers a reading I did for a friends friend. Oracle De La Triade is an unusual and powerful deck…one if my favorite deck and it gives deep accurate insightful reading. It is able to pick up a lot nuances in a situation that other cards might not.

A friend came over to have tea at my house. She brought along another friend of hers. This lady her name is Kathy wants to know how her boyfriend feels for her. She would like to know how he views her and their relationship. They have been with each other for 12 years. I don’t know Kathy personally and I don’t know her background. These cards are amazing, I’ll show you why?

Nature Of The Question: Card 6- Root denotes that This relationship is deeply rooted with solid feelings of love and affection. Its also a relationship based on previous ties.  According to Kathy, its true.

Basis Of The Question: Card 19 – Prayer shows that her boyfriend feels a spiritual love connection with her. There is intense feelings and the love is sincere. To him its like his prayers being answered.

Factors To Be Considered: Card 22 – Choice. This card shows that the man now feels he has another choice to consider. There are decisions here to be considered. I asked Kathy if this man is married or having another relationship. Kathy confirmed that he’s married and the marriage has a lot of unresolved emotional conflict. So that’s the reason for him to see his relationship with Kathy as a prayer being answered. He truly loves her and they connect very well. See how this oracle is able to pick out details accurately.

Answer To The Question: Card 21- Blessings. The answer to Kathy’s question is very obvious with the card here. This man finds his relationship with Kathy a blessing. There is true love and friendship. There is mutual trust. He is very committed to her and their relationship. To him his relationship with Kathy is positive and fulfilling.

Final Outcome: Card 12 – Seal. The outcome card is a good card. It shows that the relationship can lead to marriage if Kathy wants to. Feelings are well entrenched and links between partners are strong and stable.

Wow, I was so deeply touched after doing this reading for Kathy. This is a lovely relationship full of honor and sincerity and this man truly loves her. I asked Kathy why she has not decided to marry this man? According to Kathy,  she started the relationship with him at a time when her marriage was having some difficulties 12 years ago (She and husband were not seeing things eye to eye), but what happened was both she and her husband ironed out their differences and their marriage got better. Her relationship with the other continued and got deeper too but Kathy is not keen to leave her marriage and at the same time she cant let the other relationship go…..

Hmm..looking at the cards again I can say that Card 12 -Seal could also indicate that the relationship with her boyfriend could remain a secret pact and contract forever….

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