Oracle De La Triade and Cartomancy (2 deck combo) The Tetraktys Spread- General Reading For Fey

07 Aug

I met an old friend recently. She was happy to meet me but I sense she is troubled by something. I offered Fey a 65 year old University professor if she would like to have a general reading done.

So I whipped out my trusted Oracle De La Triade cards and decided to use the The Tetraktys Spread. To further enhance the reading and clarify things I used  Cartomancy with the same spread.

Whats Most Important/Whats Bothering: Fey is having a lot of doubts. She is in a state of confusion and perhaps feeling depressed (Doubt Card). It can be something she heard or feel (5 of Diamonds). Something unstable or destabilizing is going on in her life.

Conscious/Unconscious Thoughts: She is disturbed by Something very important and close to her heart and soul (Ame Card) and has got to do with blessings in her life, an agreement of trust deeply connected to her heart (Blessings Card). Is there a scandal(7 of Diamonds)? Is there something not right happening that her unconscious mind wants her to know about? Something she senses but cant point a finger at. Looks like there’s another woman lurking in the background  that she doesn’t know about (Queen of Clubs). Another woman  has now come in between the agreement of trust that is close to Fey’s heart (Queen of Clubs + Blessings Card).

Situation/Problems and Actions: Mistakes she has made in the past has now created a problematic situation for her. This mistake is connected to her husband. (Error Card + King of Diamond). This could indicate relationship discord, relationship problems not tackled immediately but left unattended to and allowed to deteriorate. The error she made has now caused a new situation. She is facing or would be facing (if she is yet to find out) deep grief and mental anguish because her husbands wish or desire for something or someone has been answered ( Prayer Card + 9 of Spades). Yes the husband is keeping a secret from her (King of Diamond + 2 of Diamond). She obviously doesn’t know about it. The secret is well protected from her (2 of Diamond + Protection Card).

Impact Of Other Cards On Querants Daily Life: Her marriage and home life is unhappy (reversed Ace of Heart). There is lack of of communication between husband and wife (reverse Ace of Heart + Ace of Club). THere is stillness of emotions, the couple lack warmth and are emotionally cold with each other (Silent Card + Water Card). Misfortune and a major setback  has befallen Fey (Female Card + 4 of Clubs). A deep friendship has sacrificed her marriage (7 of Hearts + Sacrifice Card). This can point towards her husbands intimate friendship with another lady.

NOTE: Fey confirmed that for the past year she’s somewhat feel the emotional distance from her husband. She has her suspicion that her husband has found a new love but she is unable to actually be sure of it.

I have known Fey for many years. She’s nice person but difficult to communicate with. Quiet and can be indifferent towards others. Wish I can tell her that she must change her ways and be a more approachable person and not be so aloof..cause in the end her husband of 40 over years decide to move on, he too cannot tolerate coldness and aloofness any longer 😥 . Perhaps its because the marriage is in dire need of warmth and nurture. Even animal and plants need care and love for it to grow well…what more another living, breathing human???

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