Rainring Cards + Cartomancy (2 Deck Combo) – Fey’s Husband Thought/Feeling About Her &Their Marriage

08 Aug

Hi friends today I shall be doing another rereading of my friend Fey. The first one can be found here . This time based on her problem found in the first reading, she wants to know her husbands thoughts and feelings for her and their marriage. For this kind of question I felt it best to use an oracle that is designed to appeal to the Psychological aspect of the human mind, for this I find it excellent to use the Rainring Cards. You can get to know more about the cards here. I purchased the cards here. Please note that I made some slight changes to cards that I upload in this blog.

For added clarity I like to do readings with combo decks. Cartomacy although wonderful for pinpointing a physical problem and forecasting a sequence of events, are limited in their ability to divine the inner motivations, beliefs, and thought patterns that are the source for many of the problems we experience in our daily lives. For this reason, I use Rainring in conjunction with Playing cards, so that I can take a deeper and more detailed look at the psychology of a situation.

Background Of Reading: When I did a general reading for my friend Fey (here), we found out a pressing problem in her marriage. Fey than wanted to do another reading this time the focus is on her marriage.

Question: Fey wants to know her husbands thoughts and feelings for her and their marriage.

What’s It All About: Fey’s husband views her as a woman causing trouble and pain to him. She is “Dry” and cold (Queen of Spade). He finds her resisting his effort for emotional closeness and unwilling to resolve their relationship conflict. She is also not wanting to make an effort to improve their relationship (Resistance + Beauty). The husband also find it difficult to continue having a relatioinship with her because he always have to be very careful around her. He is wary of her (6 of Spade). Could it be because Fey has caustic tongue towards her husband?

Present State: Something has happened and changed things. This new situation should be a source of problem and worry to Fey (Jack Of Spade). This is closely related to the fact that her husband has now projected his desires of closeness and intimacy to someone else. Perhaps after 40 years of marriage and Fey resisted emotional closeness (Not wanting to change), he finally gave up hope and met someone else that he projected his love and emotions to (Projection Card). With this wonderful gift in his life (5 of Hearts), a gift that made him “Alive” and his hear restless, Feys husband is now doing a find balance. He’s balancing a competing force, a lover that he find loving and emotionally close to him compared to his wife who is aloof distant and cold (Balance Card). The interaction of Resistance and Projection would ultimately lead to a 3rd force ie a dynamic Balance for growth to occur…How True! He is now juggling with another relationship physically, emotionally and spiritually. Trying to find Balance in his life.

Culmination: Fey’s husband has found the love of his life and formed a beautiful union with her (Union card). In this wonderful new relationship, they are not only emotionally  committed but added with great sexual satisfaction and sensually he is greatly seduced by his lover (Combination of Union card + Sensuality card). Because of this he feels great anguish, disappointment and he feels frustrated as well as trapped in his marriage with Fey (8 of Spade + 10 of Clubs).

Look at how much detail and understanding of a situation we can gleam off from the proper combination of divination tools 😀 .

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