Symbolon Cards (Introspective Spread) – Esther Wants To Know Why Her Life Seems Moving Downhill?

09 Aug

I bumped into a friend recently. She’s a well known businesswoman in our community. Recently she went through a divorce and feeling lonely and dejected. She ask me to do a reading for her because she wants to know why her relationships don’t last long and a lot of things in her life is falling apart. She’s interested to know more about herself so that she can right what is wrong with her. This is very good attitude because usually our attitude, inner motivations and beliefs are the source of problems in our physical world, in our relationships and also in the choices we make. We are actually the product of our choices, our fate is not written in stone. We have the will to shape our destiny. That is why its very important we must truly know ourself very well.

The Symbolon Deck

Normally, I’m very reluctant to do such a reading for friends because I find it difficult to state the truth for fear of causing unnecessary embarrassment. Since Esther is adamant about it, I relented and reach out for the Symbolon Cards. The Symbolon deck can be viewed as a therapeutic psychological tool for self-actualization. Each card is like an archetype which represents a specific aspect of the personality — perhaps an element that has been repressed. When these elements are remembered and integrated into the present experiences of our conscious awareness, we can achieve wholeness of the self. That is the idea of this card set. Using The Introspective Spread, I sat out to help Esther.

The face I show to the world: THE MARIONETTE CARD – here speaks about someone showing the world a perfect appearance, “The Barbie Doll Syndrome”. A person who is trying to conform to an image. This person is being seduced  so perfectly that she’s unable to distinguish between image and reality. It speaks about someone who is not being true to herself akin to being puppeteered by her own world of make belief of who she is and then acting out the distorted image of herself.

The reasons why I assume this mask: THE DOOM CARD Esther is in deep fear of being powerless. She is unhappy and embittered about something hence she exude hostility and and she’s hard to appease. This could also be the reason why her relationship fails. Fear of being powerless make someone assume all kind of aggressive manipulative stance and this can cause ugliness of character.

What I expect to gain by presenting this persona:THE MOTHER CARD  Esther is frightened of feeling her own self. Feminine aspects of devotion, feelings, acceptance etc is not something she wants to face. She fears the feminine aspect of  her being because she sees this as a source of powerlessness. This I find to be very true in her nature.

What am I doing with my life?: THE TWO FACES OF EVE – This card speaks of two souls in one body. She is a having a role conflict, faced with a difficult decision of which she can’t make up her mind. A sacrifice is called for one way or the other, and this sacrifice is too great for her. She remain hesitant.  An indecision about what she truly wants out of life, who she truly wants to be only serves to repress the problem. The card urges her to acknowledge her indecision if she want to continue making growth within herself and make changes in her physical world.

Who I would like to be: THE INQUISITION CARD – She is now like the hypocrite who tries to prove his innocence by being intolerant and dismissive of other people’s ideas and beliefs. She believes in her own facade and pass judgment to others as if she’s a Perfect human. She assume an aura of all knowing and holier than thou attitude…BUT deep inside her she knows herself a fake. That why she yearns to be able to get rid of her facade and be a spiritual person and become more tolerant (of herself and others) and no longer feel compelled to prove that she is the only one who is fantastic and know everything.

What is preventing me from becoming this person?: THE CARING CARD – In her quest to exhibit a facade of perfection to the world, she has lost the nature of being caring and loving towards others. She has become self centered and have forgotten there is others around that need her sympathy and care. In actuality, its the small child within her who wants attention.She must start shedding off her self centredness and be more giving and caring of other peoples feelings and needs.

What opportunities am I avoiding?: THE QUEEN CARD – By remaining as she is now she lost having feminine power and strength. She lost her ability to form strong emotional bonds in relationships. She is unable to use her position in a friendly and loving manner, without false modesty, and without feeling the need to hide her borrowed image.

How do I envisage my life becoming?: THE FURIES CARD – No wonder she knows she must do something because she see her life losing it all, becoming paranoia, angry at everything and everybody. She sees herself being haunted by anger and extreme restlessness.

The real me: THE WARRIOR CARD – The main problem with Esther is the anger and aggression she has within herself. She fears facing her own demons within her and hide her true self instead of healing herself properly. Maybe she is ashamed of her flawed character or ashamed of herself in whatever way. Either its justified or not, she refuse to see reality as it is but hides it under a thick cloak of aggression…She doesnt want to confront her own cowardice.

What still needs to be assimilated into the real me?: THE JESTER CARD – She needs to truly seek  the original meaning of the word “freedom”. She must free herself of all the hangups that she feel ashamed of. She must stop hiding herself behind a facade and confront her fears. No goodness can come out of continued pretense and no reason to want to pull over other peoples eyes because all this would just finally act against her.  Humans must  work on every opportunity, every spiritual path, in order to grow from a situation.

 What needs to be taken away to be  the real me?:THE EGO – She lack vitality and joy. Her ego makes her unable to put her good energies to use.  She might be trying to compensate for her impotence and lack of power through dominant behavior. She need to ask herself where she can still find life. She must let go of her hungry desire for power, dominance, glory.

 The next step on my life journey. What I should bear in mind: THE CLINGING CARD – She must always remember to not be greedy and not make the material world as a protective wall seeking security (and in fear), became her own incarcerated slave. “Excess” plays an important role here. She should stop thinking, “the more, the better”, because this will only make her less flexible and trap her even more in the end.

I hope ESTER can accept what the Symbolon Oracle have uncovered and use its wisdom to prevent her life from finally going downhill with no light at the end of the tunnel 💡 .

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