Gypsy Fortune Telling Decks + Cartomancy (2 Combo Deck Reading) – Is it safe for Ken to go to UK?

10 Aug

My nephew Ken, a surgeon, would be leaving for UK tonight. His mother and I are worried about it. With the spate of riots there we thought that its best he postpone his trip. But its not possible because he has a Viva (For his PhD) to attend to and the date has been fixed. To ease our worries I ask the cards.

I did a 2 deck (Gypsy Fortune Telling Decks + Cartomancy) combo reading using the Answer Spread.

Question: Is it safe for Ken to leave for UK? What can happen?


Column 1 : Indicate past influences, or the premise of the question: Conflict and tension in a Country (House + Anger). Regrets and sorrow in a relationship. Disunity and unhappiness, conflict of interest  in a union (3 of Hearts + Ace of Diamond). Yes all this speaks about dissent and tension in UK.

Column 2: indicate present influences, and answers the question: Ken’s visit to UK will bring sadness to him and some form of regrets (Visit + Sadness). This could be due to some form of loss or theft. He must take extra precaution and be vigilant and careful with his belongings (6 of Spade + 7 of Spade).

Column 3:indicate future influences, or contributing factors: There is nothing to worry about because his friends will see to his safety and wellness (Fidelity + Baby). Looks like he will do well for his Viva. He will find it easy to answer the questions asked and there would be good rapport with the examiners (10 of Clubs + 6 of Hearts)

I’m relieved by the answers given. Things would go smoothly for my nephew despite some mishap. The 6 of Hearts and Fidelity card as pivot cards give much hope that his visit to UK would be ok because he’s got good friends and good relationship with them.

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