Rainring + Mystischen Kipper (2 Combo Deck Reading) – Will Rita Find A Man And Have A Good Marriage?

11 Aug

A girlfriend of mine is currently going through some unhappiness. She just got her divorce and her business is not doing well. Money is not too bad a problem for her but after 20years having a man by herside, she finds life terribly lonely. Being a beautiful lady there are definitely men interested in her but not for marriage yet.  She ask me  to do a reading for her to see how things in the emotional arena would be for her in the near future.

Question: Will I Find A Man & Have A Good Marriage after this?


What’s It All About: How right the cards are. Yes, its about Rita having an interchange of communication challenging and being challenged with her husband (Interchange Cards+Main Man) in the presence of a middleman who listens and overseers it (The Stranger card+Judge). Rita is feeling depressed and her situation of loneliness is very much to do with her recent divorce.

Present State: At present she’s facing a lot of challenges and going through major life changes. Two Rainring cards of Quest here (Brown border cards) speaks of these challenges.  Her home life and personal are going through a tumultuous stage  and a major transformation are in store (Home+Raindance). But this changes are in fact very good for her if she embrace it well akin to clearing cobwebs in her life (Crossing+Pleasant Letter).

Culmination: Her premature commitment with the wrong kind of man (Meeting card+ False Person), someone who is deceptive and not being honest with her will bring her much pain and sorrow (Pain card) in her desire to build a new intimate relationship (Procreation). I would say for now, she should just focus on her children and her business because if she were to start any new relationship she would be taken advantage of and deceived by man that come into her life at the present time. This is understandable because after a divorce a lady is so lonely and she will easily fall in love with the idea of love without really seeing the reality of who the new partner is.

Its truly very sad if after one divorce and we remarry someone out of sheer loneliness and this kind of marriage is normally a marriage out of rebound, normally it bring misery and intense pain and is psychologically damaging to us. Rita should not be hasty in wanting to form another intimate relationship.

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