Astrological Lenormand (Grand Tableau) – Whats The Main Concern In Vivian’s Life Now?

12 Aug

Vivian wants to have a general reading. She is a professional and is married. I thought it best to do  a Grand Tableau because it gives a very good overview.  From my experience I find that using the “Every 5th Card Method” in a Grand Tableau can truly pinpoint whats important in someones life at the present moment that could cause great impact in the future.

I will interpret this in a story like manner weaving the  interpretation around the red bordered cards ie. Lady Card+Snake Card+ Mice Card+Garden Card+Letter Card+Bouquet Card+Star Card and Clover Cards. Of course taking into account other cards surrounding these red bordered cards.

Vivian is currently concerned about something, she’s worried and is at a crossroad (Clover+Woman+Road). With Clover being in the house of the Scythe it looks like  there will be a big obstacle to Vivian’s happiness, it also speaks of  conflicted situations. Lady Card being in the house of Whip it shows she is also having some form of disputes at the moment. The dispute and troubles could very well be caused by a rival (Snake). I will say that the rival is someone she doesn’t know (Snake+Book) and it definitely has something to do with matters of the heart (Snake+Birds+Heart). The rival is no ordinary lady but someone important and well known (Snake in the house of Star). It also seems like her husband has a sexual relationship with this rival (Man+Whip+Moon+Snake). This secret rival  has caused emotional turmoil and instability in matters of the heart (Book+Cloud +Fish+Heart), whenever fish is near the heart it always speaks about deep feelings and emotions.

Looks like this secret rival is also causing troubles and affecting her marriage. Her long marriage is being eroded slowly and is dying (Ring+Tree+Mice+Coffin).  Mice in the house of mountain shows that the troubles caused to her marriage is not small in fact its not going to be easy to eradicate. It also shows that this trouble has started taking place  a long time ago and the longer it is the bigger the impact on her marriage and love with her husband. I must say that her husband has got another love. This secret love is someone he met in his office (Man+Tower) but not someone working together with him. The Garden card in the house of the Book and Garden card next to the Tower card speaks of someone from outside meeting the man inside his office.

This secret relationship also involves pleasant and happy communication (Letter in the house of the Sun) and all done in hiding (Tower+Letter), this means to say that the husband is not only having a sexual relationship with Vivian’s rival but an emotional one too! Hmm, the new lady in her husbands life is younger than he is and also very clever and cunning (Man+Child+Fox). Looks like there is another man involved, a love triangle is seen here (Dog+Man+Child+Fox)..She could be a married lady.

Bouquet in the house of Cross says that all this wonderful conversation and communication (Letter + Bouquet) between the young lady and Vivian’s husband will be a cause of anguish and pain to Vivian for a very long time to come. Vivian’s tranquility and Serenity (Star in the house of Tree) will be greatly compromised and difficult to come by (Star+Mountain) and a rude awakening to her state of bliss will take place (Scythe+Star).

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