Oracle Of The Radiant Sun (Character Spread) – The Character of Sue’s New Beau

13 Aug

Met up with a girlfriend today. I have not met her for the past 5 years. She looked so radiant, I knew at once that she must be in love. Sue finally spilled the beans after much “poking” from me 😆 . After 6 years of being a single mother, finally she’s into a new loving relationship and they hope to get married by year end. I’m happy for her. Nevertheless she still wanted to know more about his character. I pondered awhile regarding which deck to use but finally I thought it best to use this type of question with the Oracle Of The Radiant Sun.

The Oracle of the Radiant Sun is a divination deck based on horary astrology – astrology applied to the moment a question is asked (not a birth time). This deck of 84 cards is divided into seven sets of twelve cards each. The sets stand for the Sun, Moon and five inner planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The cards within each set correspond to the twelve signs. So, each card is a unique planet/sign combination (to the left, Jupiter in Cancer). At the top is the sign number within the set. At the bottom are the planet and sign symbols and a keyword meaning.Yes, these cards would be perfect to study traits in a persons character.

What is the character’s motivation?:  (PRINCIPAL –  JUPITER IN SAGITTARIUS * JUPITER – GAIN ,  SAGITTARIUS – OPTIMISM, ADVENTURE ). With Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius, we see the perfect combination of planet and sign. This card says that her fiance have a strong desire to acquire as much education as possible and take advantage of opportunities for involvement in mature studies – which can lead to distinguished achievements. He is motivated  to enrich life is through broad, adventurous travel, both physically and mentally. A major philosophy or religion will form an important part of life for him, although this may manifest as psychology or politics.

What is his downfall (tragic or otherwise)?: ( STATUS – JUPITER IN TAURUS *JUPITER – GAIN,  TAURUS – MATERIAL VALUES).  Though the Jupiter Taurean’s ability to make money, he will be blessed at times by extreme good fortune, nevertheless he might have an occasional impulsive Jupiterian urge to blow his good luck on crazy bouts of excess and extravagance. However, if his love of material comforts becomes too excessive this would definitely cause fatal problems in the future!

What is his greatest asset?: (INNOVATION – JUPITER IN AQUARIUS*JUPITER – GAIN, AQUARIUS – PRINCIPLES. HUMANITY ). The interests of their fellow humans are important to people with this planet/sign combination, and a code of ethics that is universal has great appeal.  He will  gain a great deal through involvement with reforms, social organizations and good causes. He is also broad minded and always open to new ideas. As his concern for humanity at large tends to increase his popularity it wont be surprising that most of his life goals will be achieved with friends and in group activities.

What is his greatest challenge?: (ORDER – MOON IN VIRGO*  MOON – SECURITY, VIRGO – PERFECTION AND SERVICE ). He must learn to keep his emotions in check. He greatest challenge is to  makes it necessary that he keeps his emotions and all feelings on an even keel. At times when he try to seek this balance he can appear cold and detached thus giving an impression of  aloofness. Another challenge for him is to keep things in order and  being efficient in his day-to-day work procedures.

What is he looking for?: (DETACHMENT – VENUS IN AQUARIUS* VENUS-LOVE , AQUARIUS – PRINCIPLES, HUMANITY). He is looking for  a stimulating and sociable relationship that allows him adequate freedom, in not too traditional a way.  Plenty of intellectual stimulation is important for him. He dislike jealousy and over-possessiveness, and soon tire of romantic partners who seek to encroach on his social freedom. His taste is incline towards the unusual, with innovative art taking pride of place. Sexually he can be somewhat eccentric and promiscuous. In long-term partnerships, he is more likely to marry someone who has been a good friend for quite a while. I asked Vivian if he has an ex or still attached with someone, because if yes it can mean that he is trying to detach from his ex. If the answer is no then it would do well for Sue to understand his nature and not be clingy etc if she hopes to have wedding bells with him.

What should he do next?: (CHARITY – SATURN IN CANCER * SATURN – AMBITION , CANCER – NURTURING ATTACHMENT).  He should work for a charity or institution; a responsible post in which he is rewarded for good works; rewards for social work; foster parenting. Yes, how true these cards are because if we look at his greatest asset it is definitely in tandem with what sort of work he would be happy in.

NOTE: Sue confirms that this reading is spot on. I told her that she is very lucky to have met such a guy and to be happy she must know whether she can keep up with his outlook and aspirations. A good man but not an easy one to live with I must Say 😎 .

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