The Medicine Cards (Medicine Wheel Spread) – What I Need To Reflect Upon Myself

15 Aug

Hi friends. Its been awhile since I’ve done some introspection on myself. Today is the day that I’m pulled towards doing this for myself. With some quiet time for myself, I reached out to these powerful cards. I truly love these cards. Its full of wisdom and can teach us a lot about ourself.

The Medicine Cards is a method of divination to assist your soul to find its path through the medicine of animals. Each aspects of the animal has its own medicine to teach one in your life. Each part of creation has a distinctive place with in the Medicine Wheel all its own. The Authors have taken teachings from the Lakota, Aztec, Cheyenne, Choctaw, Cherokee and other tribes traditions to show us the doorway of understanding ones self with our connection to Mother Earth. Each card shows one animal with in the Dream Catcher with its name and number. Assigned to each card is a special quality that reflects that animal’s nature.

I’m using here the Medicine Wheel Spread, each of the four directions reveals certain things that you need to reflect upon in your personality. They also disclose how you are learning from yourself, from others, and from the animals. The card in the center is the Sacred Mountain or Sacred Tree position.

The East Card (Horse Card – The Chariot ) – The card in this position reveals where our spiritual strength lies, and indicates the direction our spiritual path is taking. It can also reveal the major challenge to seeing clarity in our present situation: The Horse is power, physical power and unearthly power. It’s suppose to enter darkness and find light that is useful to the need of others. With this card, it shows my path towards finding spiritual guidance and and be a message carrier and the carrier of wisdom. I should be able and willing to carry responsibility in a balanced manner. The major challenges to my life is always to be compassionate, caring, teaching, loving, sharing my gift, talents and abilities. These are the gateway to my spiritual powers.

The South Card (Swan Card – Grace) – The card in this position describes how its animal medicine is teaching the child within us, as our adult-self walks through life. It is what we need to trust in ourself and what we need to nurture in our growing process:  I must be willing to accept whatever the future holds as it is presented without trying to change Great Spirit’s plans. I must not fight the current of life. I’m asked to surrender and trust what is shown by the Great Spirit. Learning to surrender my body to the power of Great Spirit and have faith and show acceptance. Learning to accept the state of grace is something I must incorporate in myself. How true, I sometimes want to be in control of my life and my situations and yes, I do find it difficult to just let go of things and relax.  I find that I must always be in charge of my environment and worry when things dont go as I planed it. Gosh..these cards are so true 🙄 . So I’m asked to be one with all planes of consciousness and trust in Great Spirit protection. The Swan card says that I have the ability to see the future to surrender to the power of the Great Spirit and I therefore must accept the feeling and transformation of my life. I have to stop being a control freak and let go sometimes for me to find total peacefulness and contentment 😀 .

The West Card (Humming Bird Card – Joy)  – The card in this position gives us the internal solution to our present life challenges. It indicates where our goals need attention and how to reach the desired end.: With the humming card here, it shows that the internal solution for me to face my present life challenges is to have an open loving heart. I must always join people together in relationships. I must also bring out the best in people in all my relationships. I need to just relax with people and not be judgmental.

The North Card (Coyote Card – Trickster) – The card in this position teaches us how we may spiritually apply and integrate the lessons of the other directions. The Animal Medicine of the card appearing in the North is the key to walking in wisdom, knowing the teacher within, and connecting to the higher-self’s purpose and intention.: The Coyote card here speaks that I should always upheld truth and honor in all my dealings.  I must seek truth and incorporate all the other lessons from the other directions and not just take that which I like only. Balance is very much needed so that I do not focus on one extreme and leaving the other extreme. I’m asked to deal with all my lessons that I’ve learned in life sincerely and truly accept it for what it is. I must seek reality of all that pass through my life. Coyote is our mirror for the lessons we need to learn in order to walk a good sacred road.  It will hold up the mirror relentlessly until we finally get the picture.

The Sacred Mountain Card (Weasel- Stealth) – The position of the Sacred Mountain asks us to look at the present. In this position we are standing, in a sense, at the crossroads of the spiritual and physical realities. This card will therefore indicate how our spiritual and physical realities have melded to produce the ‘us’ of the present moment. Since all things evolve, tomorrow this ‘us’ will have grown in understanding and our card may be different. In accepting this omen of who we are in the present, we may then see what needs changing or modifying, whether we are balanced or upset, and if we need to enter the silence for answers. :  The Weasel card in this position shows that I’m at a good place in my life now.  Weasel is an incredible amount of energy, yet a difficult power totem to have. Weasel ears hear whatever is said. Weasel eyes see below the surface of a situation to know the many ramification of an event; this too is a rare gift. It never fail to give accurate account. My power of observation is very keen and people do try to size me  up but they soon know what I’m made of. It is said that we should look to the weasel to tell us the hidden power behind anything. I’m glad of this ability I have and I should build it further to reach greater heights in the future. With patience, humility and a desire to go further in the spiritual realm I hope to have more wisdom in the future.

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