Oracle Of The Radiant Sun (Sun Year Spread – The Horary Reading) – Will Liza Meet A New Love And Marry Within The Year?

16 Aug

Liza a pretty 30 year old divorcee wants to know whether she’ll have luck in meeting a new love and get married within a year. Questions regarding timing I find it best to use the Sun Year Spread with The Oracle Of The Radiant Sun cards.

The Sun Year Spread for Horary Reading is literally a 12 card spread each representing the House system in astrology. Answer to this question is found by looking at the cards occupying the houses that relate to the question. In this case the house that is of concern shall be (House 1, House 5,  House 7, House 10 and House 12).

The Theme Of The Reading: CAUTION- MERCURY IN VIRGO : MERCURY – CHANGE , VIRGO – PERFECTION AND SERVICE; Here, its essence is orderly and systematic. This card indicates a need to carefully examine the pros and cons of starting a relationship or even thinking of marriage at this point in time before taking action. Liza must not rush into things just out of loneliness or a desire to be married. GOOD PLANNING IS THE ORDER OF THE DAY!

House 1 (Speaks about the questioner):ACHIEVEMENT- SUN IN CAPRICORN : SUN – FORTUNE , CAPRICORN – DUTY. PERSEVERANCE: This card in this position speaks about the commitment Liza has towards her work and business. Yes, she is working hard to fulfill all her duties and obligations. And is trying to rope in the help of influential people to help get new project and business or perhaps to help in her business restructuring.

House 5 (The Fifth House deals in questions about  love affairs): DISCRIMINATION-VENUS IN VIRGO: VENUS-LOVE , VIRGO – PERFECTION AND SERVICE: When this card is picked, it shows the need for Liza  to be ultra-selective, using all powers of discretion to attain her aims.  Perhaps a love affair with someone at work or someone she’ll meet in running her daily activities.

House 7 (For question about marriage, this house is most appropriate to look into because its about long-term partners, marriages): EXALTATION-MOON IN TAURUS: MOON – SECURITY , TAURUS – MATERIAL VALUES: The Moon/Taurus combination demonstrates that to feel good emotionally, one has to feel secure, and security for this personality means material well-being. Yes, Liza is going to meet someone that is going to make her very happy and she will feel emotionally secure because of his wealth. (Incidentally, yes she wants to look for someone with wealth).Nevertheless to see if this partnership will materialize into marriage and how it develops  we have to look at House 10 because it gives us a clue to our life direction and achievement and also has a bearing on our general development.

House 10 (Shows our life direction and achievement and also has a bearing on our general development): INDEPENDENCE-MOON IN AQUARIUS, MOON – SECURITY, AQUARIUS – PRINCIPLES, HUMANITY: This card here shows that the type of relationship Liza will have with this person  is very much in a mental whirlwind sort of way. If marriage is something Liza wish for with him, she should be able to accept the fact that this relationship can only flourish with the bond being more usually with the mind than with the heart. This card describes a relationship where feelings and emotions tend to be rationalized and thought over interminably. So yes, there can be mariage but it would be a different sort of relationship in the marriage with both partners being independent from each other.

House 12 (It speaks about whats hidden): DECISION-MARS IN GEMINI, MARS – ACTION, GEMINI – MENTAL AWARENESS: When this card is drawn, it indicates that Liza would need to make some brilliant moves and  quick decision, but bear in mind that speed is not the most important factor. Whats important is inventiveness and ingenuity thinking. No emotional or wishy washy decision if she wants to get what she desires.

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