Gypsy Fortune Telling Card (Grand Tableau) – General Reading For Ivan

17 Aug

My cousin Annete is concerned about her husband. She finds that he is acting strange, sometimes he appears very happy and sometimes he looks gloomy. To her he’s been a good husband and father and she feels her 40 years marriage is stable and solid. She’s puzzled and have asked him about it but he assures her that nothing is wrong with him. Annete requested that I do a reading for her regarding her husband Ivan.

I decide to do a Grand Tableau (I love this spread because its so good to use if we want to know the overall concerns about a person). This time instead of the Lenormand cards, I decide to use the Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards but taking into consideration the Lenormand cards house of The Grand Tableau Spread.

In the Gypsy Fortune Card, The Lover card is the significator card for men. Here I have drawn a red border for easy identification.Lets take a look at the four border cards first to get a general outlook of the reading. (Widow+Widower+Fidelity+Marriage), these four cards shows that the general theme of this reading is about an unhappy lonely  couple and issues about marriage and fidelity.

Ivan is having thoughts of sadness. There is something bothering his mind and he is sad (Sadness card immediately above Ivan). The sadness card sits in the house of The Ring of Lenormand Oracle. Perhaps he is sad about a committed relationship, could be his marriage. By knighting (Sadness+Malady+House), indeed Ivan is unhappy in his marriage and home. Making the Sadness card the focus, again by knighting we get (Sadness+Enemy+Marriage) and (Sadness+Gift+Baby). This combinations speaks about a new person as a gift in Ivans life that is indirectly an “enemy” in the marriage. By Reflection we get Sadness+Misfortune+Falseness+Message, this speak about loss of money by being conned and deceived into believing some financial scheme (look at all the cards around the Misfortune card). Ivan could have been lied to and decieved by someone he consider his friend. How do I know? By knighting the Falseness card I get (Ecclesiastic+Merriment). To me this combination always show some form of relationship in the community.

Ivan seems to be in loving communication with someone (Lover+Message+Love), and love sits in the house of Stork (Lenormand), this is a new found love, its definitely not his wife because by knighting the Love card we get Gift+Thief. This can mean that this gift in his life or new found love could actually belong to someone else. Furthermore by reflecting the Lover card we get Jealousy Card and this card sits on the Snake house(Lenormand). This speaks about him being jealous of his lover other man, perhaps she’s a married woman?. If we knight the Jealousy card we get Thief+Desire, bingo its true then that he is jealous because he desires something that does not belong to him. The Marriage card sits in the house of the Cross(Lenormand), the marriage is definitely undergoing some form of pain and anguish, if we knight the card of Marriage we get Love+Sadness, that means the marriage is depleted in love.

Finally I must say that my cousin Annete is either not wanting to face reality or she really is oblivious to whats happening in her marriage and her home life. So many things are happening to her husband and she remain insensitive to it until it reaches this level of troubles! This is why I believe in any relationship especially marital relationship we should never be insensitive to the dynamics of our relationship so that we can quickly spot whatever trouble and find ways to rectify the problem rather let it brew and simmer till it finally explode and take us my surprise!

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