The Medicine Cards And Oracle Of The Radiant Sun (Combo Reading) – My Pathway In Life

19 Aug

The Pathway Spread comes from a Druidic system of divination and gives you overall information about your pathway in life. You are able to see your present pathway as well as where you have been, where you are going, what is challenging you, and what you have completed. This spread goes very well with the spiritual and psychological type of oracle. Here I shall use two systems together ie The Medicine Cards And Oracle Of The Radiant Sun.

My Past – (Coyote+Riches): In the past,  my focus in life was about fulfilling my ambitions and having the perseverance to to keep on at it and getting what I wanted. This is being shown by the Riches card (SATURN IN CAPRICORN). Combined with Coyote card it speaks about me using my ability to interact with people and adapting easily in order to make a success of the career path I chose.  Coyotes, as a species, are very adaptable, and they can pretty much survive in all sorts of environments including suburban and urban settings. But at the same time due to my focus at wanting to adapt and making myself well liked, immersed in reaching the top level of my career many a time I forgot to look around me at people who are backstabbers, pretenders and deceivers. Many a times I got fooled by them. All these are flaws in a coyote because of its behavior. Coyotes although very intelligent and cunning animals but they have several flaws. One of them is the coyote’s ability to sleep very deeply. This will allow the hunter to approach very closely before waking, if it is done as quietly then the hunter has the edge. Another one of these flaws is that it can be called out. The hunter will use imitation calls to either simulate another coyote invading its territory, or an animal which is injured and dying. Another weakness is constantly turning its head to look back when it is being pursued. When a coyote is shot at it will flee for a certain length of time, then it will inexplicably stop to try and measure the distance between itself and the pursuer. Yes, this is how I was, even when I sense someone or a group of people are conspiring yet I do not take immediate action because my sense of fair play and compassion get in the way. I find it difficult to take drastic action in weeding out these characters.

My Present- (Ant+Restlessness): How true and interesting! Combination of this 2 cards speak about me being someone who has natural curiosity and the ability to grasp quickly the essence of things leads to a restless existence and a need to constantly be on the move BUT yet at the same time I’m like an ant. I know I have to have the strategy of patience, to have stamina, scrutinize, and give away. Ants work together in a group, self sacrifice is part of ants, active community mind people, and planners, content to see the dream build a little at a time and know the sweet victory of reward. Yes, I’m at the point now in my life that I know I cannot just go along with what my desires are, I must not act to get instant true, like an ant, I have to self sacrifice so that the many people around me would continue to flourish and feed their families. Like an ant too I shows a trust in the universe to provide.

My Future – (Turkey+Exaltation): What a relief to see these 2 cards in combination! Looks like all my self sacrifice and dedication is worth it. Thinking about it, when we are prudent in knowing when we should sacrifice and when and what we should dedicate our resources to, most of the time we would definitely reap the rewards in the future. Turkey and Exaltation is a good card to have in combination because it speaks about getting the rewards in life and giving away or sharing it with others. With a Turkey totem, you have transcended self. You act and react on behalf of others. This act is not a sense of moralism or guilt, but a deep knowledge that all life is sacred. What you do for others, you also do for yourself. To have a Turkey totem is a true gift. Its gift may be spiritual, material or intellectual. Through giving to others you will you reach your own goals. How true…

The pattern or set of life lessons that is moving through my life now – (Antelope+Empathy): I must trust my instinct and not be afraid to take action. From the experience and knowledge gathered throughout out my life, I must have faith and strength in doing what I feel is the right thing to do. I have the right resources and knowledge to do whats best for myself and people dependent on me. However I must avoid discrimination and destructions of life.  Combination with the card empathy suggests that in my life right now I am more concern for the feelings of others than for my own emotions. By empathizing with others, I know that I can make decisions or do anything and it will be succesful because it will get the full cooperation from everyone concerned.   So whatever action I take I should not be afraid of failure if I truly can empathize with people around me.

The challenge I have conquered or the lesson just completed – (Owl+Drama):  I have now learn to use my power of keenness, silent observation to intuit life situation and the ability to understand others more easily. I’ve also learned alot about human behavior and human nature such as not to be easily deceived. Owl has amazing vision bringing the gift of insight. Combined with the Drama card, it speaks about using whatever goift and talent I have to assist others in life and not just for my own benefit.

What is working for me – (Raven+Ostentation): My desire of wanting  to go into my inner self and bringing out the light of my true self; resolving inner conflicts which have long been buried can bring about a greater change of consciousness. Combined with the ability to sense the value of things and make it grow as shown by the Ostentation card is what that is making things work for me. So I should keep on developing these abilities for me to reach even greater heights.

What is working against me – (Opossum+Power): Yes, how true! My great desire to want to be alone in solitary for hours on end and and at times unwilling to engage socially can be a problem. This is shown by the Opossum card. Combined with the Power card, it truly speaks about my nature of wanting to  seek solace to achieve emotional balance. My emotional well being is very important for me otherwise I’m prone to emotional outburst. This is why I tend to want to be alone often.

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