Tarot d’Eltynne and Cartomancy (Combo Reading) – Is Jane’s Husband Having An Affair?

24 Aug

Hi friends, A girlfriend of mine is suspicious that her husband is devoting his love to someone else. She doesn’t have any evidence but her gut feelings say something is not quite right. Jane wants to know whats happening in her marriage.

I decide to do a combo reading using Tarot d’Eltynne and Cartomancy. The Situation Spread would be best to use in this reading.

Past Situation: A new lady has entered the life of her husband (Queen Of Clubs + Birth Card). There is a secret relationship going on between them that is threatening Jane’s marriage (2 of Diamond + Nastiness Card). Jane’s husband is somewhat disapointed because he is vacillating and is unable to take action to move forward in the relationship between them.(2 of Clubs +Star Of The Man). Perhaps the Queen of Clubs is also in a 3 sided relationship?

Present Situation: There are troubles in Jane’s marriage. Apparently the relationship between the couple is deteriorating further with presence of this new lady, It looks  like there is strong bond between this lady and Jane’s husband (3 of Spade + Support Card). This scandal or affair is the beginning of a slow ending if not physical can be emotional endings between Jane and her husband. At present it looks like there is a lot of friction in their marriage, arguments and discontentment (King Of Heart + Fire).

Future Situation/Outcome: The blossoming love, sincere friendship and deep feelings between Jane’s husband and his lady love is a grave misfortune for their marriage (4 of Clubs + Beauty Card). It will bring great troubles and worries to Jane ( 10 of Spade + Star Of The Woman). its going to be difficult to break the relationship between her husband and the lady because they share a common bond of great understanding of each other, they have great intellectual communication and mutual love (8 of Hearts + Intelligence).

What Is Known: There is great anger and depression in this marriage and its affecting the bond of friendship between husband and wife (5 of Spade + Friendship Card).  There is causation and holding back of affection and breakdown of love (6 of Spade + Love Card). All these have brought changes for the worse and a gift of love outside the marriage was found (5 of hearts + Chance).

Unknown or Hidden Factors: The continued indulgence of Jane’s husband with his lady love is causing the marriage to suffer considerably through neglect resulting further emotional emptiness and bareness (9 of Clubs + Misfortune).  It looks like Jane’s husband is happy and having great pleasures and enjoyment with his lady love (King of Spade + Pleasure) and using great wisdom he is carefully planning and hoping for something to manifest (3 of Clubs + Wisdom).

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