Combined Cartomancy/Sibilla(La Sibylle des Salons) in a Single Layout – Is Rosie’s New Man, Mr Zeck Good For Her ?

22 Sep

Hi friends, its been quite a while since I’ve posted anything here. A close friend, Rosie who just got a divorce have found someone new.  My friend is a well known businesswoman in our country. She wants me to see if this new man whom she just met as a business acquaintance. Using the La Sibylle des Salons cards I did a reading based on Chita Lawrence Detailed Reading Spread. The interpretation will be based on Cartomancy as well as the Sibilla meanings.

QUESTION: Is Mr Zeck good for Rosie? Whats his impact on her life?

Referring to the Cartomancy cards – A general overview of the reading shows predominance of  black cards. Only 4 cards are red and even that 2 of them are not good cards. Out of 15 black cards, 7 are Spades and they are heavy dark challenging cards!


Past environment – Non emotional influence: 9 of Diamonds/Gifts + 10 of Hearts/Waiting – The past was good for her. There had been positive changes in her finances and she became wealthy. Lots of socialization and indulgences. There was joy and a sense of camaraderie. Overall a senses of safety and security. There is also expectations for greater things and fulfillment.

Past environment – Emotional influence: King of Spade/Lawyer + 2 of Clubs/Faithfulness,Affections – This 2 cards denotes her ex husband of which the outcome of the relationship was not as she had anticipated. There were obstacles and disappointments.

Past – Path Taken ( Under Emotional and Non Emotional  Influences): 8 of Clubs/Anger + Jack of Spade/Dark Haired Young Man – There were frustrations and Impatience with troubles brewing at work and business problems.


PRESENT – This Reading onwards would be based on the Question Asked:

Present environment – Non emotional influence: 4 of Hearts/City House + 5 of Spades/Loss of Money – There is anger, resentment and frustrations for substantial financial loss and emotional pain.

Present environment – Emotional influence: Jack Of Clubs/Flatterer + 6 of Clubs/Enemy – This 2 cards is referring to Mr Zack. Rosie has to be very wary and careful of this man. He has ulterior motive and does not have good intentions.

Present- Path Taken ( Under Emotional and Non Emotional  Influences):

Position 1 – Consultants Subconscious mind/thoughts that influences actions/outlook:

9 of Hearts/Surprise – Subconsciously Rosie is being influenced by wanting to fulfill all her desire at whatever cost. Her past good luck and good fortune also plays a part in sometimes making herself feel invincible and able to get what she wants. There is good and bad with such an outlook. The good is it motivates and propel a person forward but the bad is it makes one too confident as as well as making one take risk, big risk (at times also carelessness) that can be detrimental in the long run. This makes her life full of surprises, some good and if not careful some unwanted surprises.

Position 2 – Consultants conscious mind – private thoughts motivating deeds: 6 of Spades /Inconstancy:

At the present moment now, she has to be very careful, although she wants to make positive changes in her life, clearing unwanted clutter etc but because her thoughts are not well balanced she could be heading towards some bad choices and bad directions. She must ponder carefully and see to the trustworthiness of people around her.

Position 3 – Subject or emotions discussed with people around consultant: 4 of Clubs / Important Revelation:

Looks like Rosie lacks objectivity in judging facts that is being said and discussed by Mr Zack. Lots of lies and deceptions are going around her…she has to be careful of Mr Zack!



Future environment – Non emotional influence: Ace of Club/A lot Of Money + 9 of Spades/Shock – The new project or whatever business venture with Mr Zack will bring great grief and anguish to her. Her financial situation will see changes for the worse…Big disappointment will be awaiting.

Future environment – Non emotional influence: 3 of Clubs/Hope + 8 of Spades/Weakness,Illness – Something bad is slowly manifesting without her realizing it, her hopes would be dashed and there would be great sorrow and pain. A poisoned atmosphere will cause her Pain.

Future – Path Taken ( Under Emotional and Non Emotional  Influences): 10 of Spades/Infantilism + 4 of Clubs/Trip to the Country –  A childish behavior of immaturity and trusting someone from a dubious background will bring great trouble and misfortune!

My advice would be that Rosie distance herself from this new man in her life because he is up to no good and will cause her great misery.

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