The Human Spread Using Modiano-Gypsy Cartomacie decks – The Intentions Of The Man(Madam Lims daughter’s new boyfriend)

21 Nov

This morning I received a call from Madam Lims daughter. Following her mothers request, I did a General Reading about her life yesterday. Please click here to read about it. Her mother informed her about my reading and she was intrigue at the amount of information I manage to gleam from the reading. Understandably she was very concern about what I found out. Of course there were element of embarrassment and some denial, but being a long time card reader I understand her feelings.  She ask me to help see the Intention of her boyfriend.

I obliged knowing full well that 99% of the time a woman or man in love will never follow good solid advice BUT need to learn their LIFE LESSONS and experience the PAIN. Regardless of whatever the card says or whatever they see and hear regarding the partner…NOT until when the nebulous cloud leave, and emotional scarring have taken place would they ever believe the “NOT SO GOOD” character of the beau!!  🙄 .

PS: Dont be alarmed that my cards look quite different. I have made alterations to the cards to my liking.

Question: What Is The Intention Of  This New Man In My (Madam Lim’s Daughter) Life?

Whats In His Mind:

He is feeling so happy at his unexpected good fortune of “getting” her especially after a spate of bad luck and misfortune. He is having financial problems of which he feels that he can “use” her for monetary gain.

What His Heart Feels/Desires But Afraid:

The heart is gladden because of a positive outcome of a conquest. After much “calculation” and “work” he finds that his effort has been well paid off. However he is afraid that she will get to hear of his mission!

What Shall Be Done? Outcome and Action:

What he will do is to show her some kindness, some gesture of generosity perhaps in terms of affection, love or buying some petty gifts….all calculated, cold and devoid of true feelings and emotions (Officer card next to Generosity card). If Madam Lim’s daughter succumb to his bait then all she will get is deep sorrow and much regrets.

What Is Shown, Said, Demonstrated and Known:

He shows that he desires her and their relationship (Jealousy card). He shows himself as a man who is able to restrain himself well (Prison Card). He shows his spiritual side (Priest). All in all he portrays himself as a Jealous lover, a well restrained and highly spiritual person.

What Is Hidden, Secret and Covered:

He is a passionate man and prone to have many lovers. There are other intimate sexual relationship besides what he have with her.  As a lover he is unreliable and inconsistent. Dishonest in his emotion and affection.

My advice to Madam Lim’s daughter is that she should truly find out her boyfriends background and not be so blinded by him. Otherwise disaster will strike her badly!!! (Incidentally she have only known him for 3-4month and yet she already feel close to him and thinking of marriage).  For her happiness, its best not to rush and be hasty regarding such important matters as marriage and partnership.

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