The Personal Prophesy Layout – General Reading For Madam Tan’s Daughter On Impact of New Man In Her Life

21 Nov

Hi Friends, I’m sorry for not being able to keep up with my card journaling. Lack of time and Lots of distractions have been the main culprit.

Today I shall be sharing with you a reading I did for a friend who is worried about her daughter and apprehensive regarding the daughter’s latest beau. The daughter is a 44 year old divorcee with 2 children. A businesswoman who’s well known in the community. Madam Tan wants to know the present situation of her daughter now that the man is playing an important part in her daughters life.

I’ve decided to do a General Reading using the Personal Prophesy Layout which I got from the book “The Message: Your Secrets in the Cards” written by Deborah Leigh. I’ve used the Il Vostro Destino cards (made some changes to the cards after scanning dont worry if you see it slightly different than the original 😆 )

To help you understand the lay out. I’ve scanned a few pages from the book relating to the Spread.

Personal Prophesy Layout pg1

Personal Prophesy Layout pg 2

Personal Prophesy Layout pg 3

General Reading For Madam Tan’s Daughter On Impact of New Man In Her Life

The Present Atmosphere Surrounding Madam Tan’s Daughter:

She has to be careful and watch carefully(Stare All’Erta)  regarding the influence of the new man (Dark Young Man/Giovane Bruno) in her life. Because it can ruin (Rottura) her.

Self or Matters Most Important To Madam Tan’s Daughter:

Matters most important to her at the moment  is about her business transactions (Contratto D’Affari) and her expectations (Speranza) regarding her love affair (Amore).

Madam Tan’s Daughter’s Wish or Information Regarding Her Wish:

She will receive communication (Messaggio) regarding the delay (Ritardo) of whatever she desire to happen (Vittoria). In other words, whatever she wish for is not forthcoming just yet.

Matters Not Expected/Unforeseen Development:

Someone she trust and regard as a friend (Amica) is feeling very satisfied (Soddisfazioni) that he/she or they have manage to cheat (Imbroglio) her and is still presently cheating her.

Matters Expected/Plans In Progress:

Its best that she seek clarification (Chiarimento) first regarding something that is making her happy (Felicita) and not to believe everything she is told or sees.  She must find more information regarding the subject. She is advised to be prudent (Prudenza).

What Will Surprise Her?

She will be surprised that she finds comfort (Sollievo) in an intimate relationship (Matrimonio) with someone already married or in a serious relationship with someone else (Innamorato).

What Is Sure To Come/Fated Things:

She will be greatly distress and deep sorrow regarding some legal embroilment regarding money.

I advice Madam Tan to caution her daughter regarding the new man in her life. And that she should beware of employees or friends who are pretenders and is swindling her money or in her business. She must also look carefully after her business to see where is it at its weak point. Its best that she look carefully again into matters and plans that she wish to execute because there are major flaws of which she is still not clear about.

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